1. Sharon H

    Pretty cool! I’ve wanted one like this too. Are they going on your booth, and how much are you asking for them?

  2. paperworx4seniors2

    Hi there Cyndee Been while since I got post from you, good to see your post again, of course about something awesome. Think most of us have wanted one of those clock faces as you made, just the right rustic look for any style. Not sure where would hang it but something else would have to come down in living room. Will show this to hubs, see if he could make one and hopefully have a stencil that would work. Not talented like you to make own stencils. Do you have Cricut for stencils?
    How big, what circumference is your clock? needs to be big enuf or would look funny.
    Great job making your clock face, will you keep one or all go to your booth?
    How are you and family? Hope all well.


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