1. Linda Jung

    Thanks Candee, you gave me my, “LIGHT BULB MOMENT!!!”! I have a desk I have been wanting to pant and just keep putting it off. Now, because of you I know why! I never got down and looked at the underneath of my desk. And you took that picture! I’M SHORT!!! My feet dangle in all chairs and after a while my feet really start to hurt! I can’t reach the back holding the leg to the desk. So my lightbulb moment is to attach a copper pipe over a closet dowel, and make sure it fits very snug on the dowel. I’ll attach it to the side bar and another small piece of wood to the inside. Take the drawer out and screw the wood piece to the desk and another two screws to the dowel and ten the other side. Spray paint the drawer pulls copper too and WOW!!! Again, Thank you Candee. I don’t think I would ever seen what I was missing on my desk. I was about ready to get a kids desk!


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