Everything About American Standard Garbage Disposal

When you learn the importance of garbage disposal you will never work without it. Almost half of the housings in America have garbage disposals. The best parts are that most of the brands are within the country.

American Standard Garbage Disposal

One such brand is the American standard garbage disposal. You must have heard of this company, it’s been in business for more than a century.

However, you will hear about it when making faucets, toilets, sinks, and bathrooms.

Basically, the American standard garbage disposal makes the disposer quiet and powerful.

Features of The American Standard Garbage Disposal

For the most part, American garbage disposal will cater to almost all kinds of waste. But let’s check some of the features that define the garbage disposal.

  • Noise

While most garbage disposals are naturally noisy, this one is not noisy. Thankfully, most of the garbage disposals today are quieter. The American standard garbage disposal has an insulated shell to reduce the noise ultimately.

The motors and grinders sit on the turntable which keeps them from vibrating and consequently this reduces the noise. This is the way to limit the sound completely.

When you don’t have a turntable on the motor chances are that it will lose its balance as its grinding and start vibrating on the sink.

  • It’s installation

Often the garbage disposal comes with everything you need to install it. This makes it easy for even the beginner to install the disposer.

Unlike brands like Insinkerator that doesn’t bring along its power cord, the American standard garbage disposal does bring along the power cord. This not only cuts the cost but also makes it easy to install.

Another advantage is that once they have the power cord pre-installed, it gets rid of the need to electrify the disposer.

  • The dimensions

Often the garbage disposal from this brand will occupy a bit of space under the kitchen sink. It’s usually a little bit large, and this is what makes it undesirable for some people. If you have a small space it may not work that well for you.

  • It has a high torque

There’s nothing so fulfilling than having a disposer that will grind through anything. The disposer, in this case, works at 2700RPM, and this makes sure you can crush anything with ease. Note that you buy the disposer to break down the waste to tiny pieces and particles.

It makes it easier to flush the waste down the drain. The American standard garbage disposal is one such disposer that grinds even the toughest waste.

  • It has a stainless steel internal parts

Most of the internal components which include the impellers are stainless steel. The reason why this makes it one of the best choices is that it erodes quickly.

It further has the magnetic guard ring that’s around the internal parts, and the essence is to collect the cutlery that sometimes falls into the disposer. This enhances its durability making it last a little longer.

1. American Standard ASD-1250 Torque

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This is the garbage disposal with an enhanced life expectancy. If further has quality performance, which makes it one of the best disposers on the market. It uses the 3-bolt mounting system.

It has the removable splash guard which makes it easy to clean the disposer. It further uses the bio shield, which makes it easy to clean it. It also prevents bad odor since it stops the growth of microorganisms.

The best part is further that you won’t need the experienced electrician to install the power cord for you. You don’t need any form of electrical work.

Furthermore, it uses balanced components to reduce the noise and any form of vibrations. The balance makes sure that you grind the waste quietly.

Lastly, it has the silver guard to get ahold of the silver utensils before they fall into the disposer. Often the accidental utensils that go into the disposer are the reason for jamming.

If you have a septic tank system, you will need to use garbage disposal that is compatible with the septic system use, and this is one such kind.

2. American Standard High Torque 1.25 HP Kitchen Waste Garbage Disposer

American Standard High Torque 1.25 HP Kitchen Waste Garbage Disposer

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Another one of the best garbage disposers from this brand is this high torque type. There are a few things that make it one of the best disposers on the market. It has a high horsepower of 1.25 HP and 2700RPM.

It breaks down your food waste to tiny pieces making it easy to go down the drain. This disposer will serve you if you often grind hard food waste. It further has the silver guard to get a hold of your silverware when it goes into the disposer.

Also, the turntable helps to balance the internal parts as it’s grinding the waste. It offers a smooth operation of the waste grinding. Its one of the quietest disposers since it has the sound insulation to contain it.

Its grinding components are made of the stainless steel which keeps it durable. It also has a healthy body to stand the test of time. On the downs side its such a large disposer which means you can only use it when you have a large under sink space.

American standard garbage disposal parts

3. American Standard M962457-2950A FLANGE

American Standard M962457-2950A FLANGE & WASHER F/EZ METAL DRAIN Satin Nickel

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This is one essential part that you need for your sink before you can install the disposer. It’s the best disposer part you have. Its often going to be compatible with most of your sinks. But before you go out to purchase it, it’s crucial to ensure that it’s the right size.

It features one of the most durable and reliable pieces in the market. It’s made using metal to fit those with a tough lifestyle. Even when you knock it, you won’t damage it. It further has the best color that suits your kitchen decoration.

The flange is a reliable and high-quality perfuming product that you may use in the kitchen and bathrooms. It makes the American standard disposer work better.

4. Garbage Disposal Splash Guards and Stopper

Garbage Disposal Splash Guards and Stopper Set 4 Pack(3+1, Food Waste Disposer Accessories Multi-Function Drain Plugs Splash Guards for Whirlaway, Waste King, Sinkmaster and GE Models (3-1/8 Inch)

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Every once in a while, your garbage disposal will have the splash guard wearing out. When you need to replace it, you can use this piece to replace it. The set here is universal in that it features the use of the rubber.

It’s actually wear-resistant and strong with the perfect adhesion for any of the garbage disposal including the American standard one. Before you go to buy it though you should confirm that it fits your disposer.

I like that the splash guard is removable and you can, therefore, offer it a thorough cleaning to get rid gunk. This reduces the chance of bad odor. To attach it you need no tools. They are easy to remove and install too.  The splash guard will keep your food from going back to the sink.

As long as you have a standard sink, this stopper will fit. You even get three pieces of the splash guard for easy replacement when there’s need.

5. Sink Top Air Switch Kit Air Button for Garbage Disposal

Garbage Disposal Air Switch Kit, Sink Top Waste Disposer On/Off Switch with Aluminum Alloy Power Module (LONG BRUSHED NICKEL STAINLESS STEEL BUTTON) by CLEESINK

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This is one of the general air switches for the different garbage disposers. If you wish to install the air switch you may use this piece. This is made using the heavy-duty aluminum alloy together with the stainless steel press button.

This combination keeps it lasting long because it’s rustproof and you can comfortably use it on the sink counter. You can use it to complement your modern kitchen faucets, and this will make you get rid of the regular wall switch.

It’s the safest option since you can even use your wet hands on the switch without the fear of an occurrence of electric shock.

Its installation is so easy you should follow the set instruction that is also clear. But if you can’t do it yourself you can seek the help of a plumber.

6. American Standard M950511-0070A 10 FT EXT CABLE F/ MULTI-AC IP65

American Standard M950511-0070A 10 FT EXT CABLE F/ MULTI-AC IP65

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Although the garbage disposal comes with its pre-installed power cord, sometime you may have to install a new one. The reason for this is that it wears away. When this happens, you don’t have to buy the disposer afresh rather install the new power cord above.

Just make sure you use the right tools and procedure for the installation of the same. If you don’t, however, know how to wire the garbage disposal you can seek the help of your plumber. You should make sure you get it right; otherwise it won’t work.

Often these gadgets are meant for both the bath and kitchen use. So, you should check to see that its compatible with your garbage disposer.

The American Standard Garbage Disposal Pros and Cons

Of course, the disposer will have its pros and cons like most other disposers in the market.


  • The power cord

Although we have brands like the waste king that also come with their power cords, not all disposers do. The American disposer is one of the few disposers that comes with pre-installed power cord. This makes it even easier to install since you don’t need an electrician for it.

  • It delivers a quiet grinding

Most disposers are known to be noisy. But this particular one has its turntables to keep the grinding chambers balanced. This makes it grind quietly.  Of course, it may not be as quiet as Insinkerator, but at least it’s not among the noisy types of disposers.

It further has its inner parts being insulated to keep it from making the loud noise as it grinds.

  • It has a magnetic guard ring

One of the major problems about the disposers is that they let in the utensils and that causes jams. This disposer uses this tactic where it has a ring to attract all the metal utensils before they fall into the disposer.

  • It’s powerful

With a combination of 1.25 HP and the 2700RPM, the disposer will grind almost anything you have. It will crush even the bones and some of the tough veggies. You can further use it if you have a large family.

  • Warranty

It comes along with a reasonable warranty to cover for the easy operational mishaps you may experience.


  • It’s hard to clean

It mostly has the rubber splash guard, which makes it hard to clean. You may try to clean it, but that won’t keep it from the bad odor.

  • They have few options

While the America standard disposer specializes in designing various things, including the bathroom faucets and kitchen sinks, it has very few options for the disposer. This further means that it may be hard to get the spare parts.

Why Is American Standard Garbage Disposal Unique

Of course, the brand knows that for it to stand out, it needs to make some of the unique features. There are a few competitor brands, but with the following features it stands out among them.

  • The disposer is a high torque piece

Most of the disposers aren’t as powerful as the American garbage disposal. It gives you 1.25 HP and the 2700RPM. This is the perfect combination that not even some of the powerful brands like Waste King and Insinkerator deliver.

Of course, it’s not every day that you need powerful disposer. But if you have a large family, you will know the value.

  • It has the turntable

This it uses to balance the grinding chambers. The turntables, therefore contain the noise as no metal is grinding on another. Also, you have the inner parts insulated, and this makes it even quieter.

  • The magnetic guard rings

While the foreign utensils falling in the disposer causes of jams in most other disposers, the American disposer doesn’t suffer from this. It has the magnetic ring to get a hold of the utensils before it goes into the disposers.

This is one of the reasons why you would choose it over another brand.

But how does it compare to other brands

It’s true to say that it’s as popular as most other disposers. But I think it would be unjust to compare it with other disposers in the same price range. The reason for this is that the disposers deliver a more powerful grind with even better features than most other disposers.

Conclusion – Why Choose It

At the price setting of the two disposers above, the brand can stand out. This is because it sells some of the best units in comparison to other brands. Well if you feel that it’s too powerful for your house you can get a less powerful one.

How To Install The American Garbage Disposal