Americana Desk

It’s Spring!

Well, sorta. The calender says it’s spring, but Mother Nature can’t seem to make up her mind. Last week we actually had 80 degree weather. This week…not so much. In fact, snow is being forecast for the weekend. Ugh!

Oh well, I’m moving forward. Spring usually means pulling old treasures out of the barn for restyling and that’s what I’m doing.

This desk is what I pulled out when the weather was warm(er). It was unfinished and it had a few structure issues hardly worth mentioning. They were a quick fix.

I decided to go Americana, so I painted the entire desk blue. I thought the paint was navy blue, but it turned out to be more royal blue. No problem. I planned to age it.

I traced the writing surface of the desk on paper, then traced my crafty version of an American flag on the paper. When I was happy with the layout, I retraced the flag on the desk.

Then I painted. Painter’s tape helped keep the stripes crisp. A stencil was used for the star on the blue field.

Sanding distressed the desk surface and edges, and pecan stain aged the desk.