Insinkerator Badger 900 3/4 Hp Continuous Feed Garbage Disposal Review

Anyone who loves to cook should have a garbage disposal. The essence of the disposal unit is to speed up the cleanup process.

It also makes it easy to maintain an ambient environment even when you have just finished your food preparation.

Insinkerator is the founding brand of garbage disposals, and over the years, it has rapidly evolved to produce smaller units that can serve all the people.

The brand has many types of garbage disposals, and that gives you the chance to decide on the right one for you. Today we bring you the efficient and sturdy badger 900.

InSinkErator Badger 900 3/4 HP Continuous Feed Garbage Disposer

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It’s features

For the most part, you will realize that all other powerful garbage disposers occupy more space. Well, this one is compact to serve, even those with small space. Mark you; its small size still helps to maintain its efficiency.

Although it doesn’t occupy ample space, it will grind up to 26 oz of food waste. The good thing, therefore, is that you can use it to grind lots of food at a time. Albeit,  it doesn’t have to hold a lot of food at a time since it uses the continuous feed method.

High power motor

It uses the dura drive induction motor at a power of ¾ HP. With this power, it can tackle all the different kinds of food wastes, even the hard ones.

If you have about eight people in your house, this gadget will serve you right. Also, if you want a strong disposer to grind the wastefully, use this disposer.

The material

This unit is durable just because it’s made using sturdy stainless steel. All its grinding components impellers and the body are made using stainless steel. This means that it won’t corrode easily, but it also grinds smoothly. The unit is quite useful.

If you expect to stay in the house you are over a long time; then you should use this durable option. In fact, it will make it easy to grind all the hard wastes. Also, it never corrodes quickly.

Noise level

One thing that is common with the different garbage disposals is that they tend to be noisy. But as you probably know, the InSinkErator is one of the best garbage disposals.

Also, it has the best sound seal technology. If all you need is to have noise-free disposal, then you should use this product.

They are easy to install

If you want the one garbage disposal that will allow you to mount it fast, then this is it. You can use the quick-lock and mount method.

For this reason, you don’t need a plumber to do the work for you. Nevertheless, you should make sure you follow the guide to the latter to make sure you install it right.

It comes with the splash guard

The problem with most disposals is that they may spread dirt if you aren’t careful. Well, this one has a splash guard to prevent that from happening. You won’t even suffer from backsplash.

It has the warranty

The fact that it gives you three years warranty makes it ideal because then it’s an indicator to you that it’s a great product.

Just make sure you don’t mishandle it. You should make sure you follow read the warranty policy, though once you receive it.

The pros

  • This product is durable to serve you over a long time. It also has durable stainless steel impellers.
  • It’s an InSinkErator product; thus, you can be sure about its effectiveness.
  • It allows you the quick lock mount method.
  • It features the use of a dura drive motor, which will last long.

The Cons

  • You will have to buy the power cord on the side.

Why should you choose it?

The price

Although we mostly know that InSinkErator garbage disposal is one of the most expensive choices, the badger series is never quite expensive. Also, the quality is not the same as in the evolution series.

So before you go buying the disposal, know the needs you wish to fulfill, then you can find out if they match your needs.

It’s easy to fit under the sink

It’s one of the compact size disposers that will fit in the small spaces. So for those in apartments, you can use this choice.

Also, if you would love to store other things under the cabinet, you can deal with this disposer since it doesn’t occupy too much space.


Typical of all the InSinkErator garbage disposals, the item is quiet. Made using a sound seal insulation, you won’t even know it’s working, yet it delivers a powerful grind. Even though it operates quietly, it’s not as quiet as the evolution series ones are informed.

It’s a continuous feed

Notice that the appliance uses the continuous feed method; thus, you don’t have to keep the waste within the disposer waiting for it to get full. You can keep grinding as long as the switch is on.

The factors to consider before you buy it

Most of these points we have already tackled in the previous paragraphs. But we will highlight them here as well.

The capacity

Remember, the number of people you have in the house will determine whether it’s ideal for you to use it or not. You shouldn’t overuse it, but neither should you underuse it.

What’s your reason for buying it?

Know why you are buying this gadget. This will show you how much waste you wish to dispose of with it. And the type of garbage you want to be disposing of. Some may be too hard for it to handle. But often the ¾ HP can handle a lot.

What’s your budget?

It’s good that this brand isn’t as expensive, but before you go choose it, know how much you are willing to spend on it.

Well now to my review

I like to talk about this garbage disposal because it’s the one I have. I love that it’s affordable. It will grind all the different kinds of food waste. The best part is that it has served me for more than two years now.

You will notice that the appliance is corrosion-resistant because it’s made using stainless steel. I must praise it also for its efficiency. Although I’ve used mine for three years, it has never clogged, which shows you just how great it is.

I further found it easy to install, considering it was my first time installing a disposer.

The only unpleasant thing is I had to buy the power cord aside. Other than that, this is a great disposer.

Being a verified buyer, I can assure you that in buying this gadget, you will have made the best decision.