The Best Garbage Disposals to Buy in 2019

Garbage disposal is so popular today, in fact, almost all household in America have them. This is for a reason; they serve the most crucial purpose, which is to clean the kitchen.

I only bought mine because my house architect said I should. Well three years down the line and I can’t believe a life without it since it makes cleaning so easy.

Best Garbage Disposals

I like that there are many options available. From the high end to the budget-friendly options you can get the best disposal unit. With this article, we will show you some of the best options to choose.

But first,

The Purpose of The Garbage Disposal

Before you decide to install one, I will highlight to you some of the reasons why you need it. Like many other people I had my doubt as to whether we need it. Eventually, I realized that it’s valuable following the following benefits.

  • Reduces the waste

It’s the dream of every environmentalist to reduce the wastes. Our planet could use some TLC by reducing the waste we produce. The disposer gets rid of the trash you would dispose of in the landfills. So, it liquefies it and takes it down the drain.

Also, it reduces the waste you take out to the landfills and make it produce some of the best by-products. If your water treatment plant can handle the trash from the disposer then this is all a good idea. Of course, we could use some more energy, fertilizer, and recycled water.

  • Its time saving

While most environmentalists discourage the use of garbage disposal but using the compost method may take months and even cause health hazard when not cared for. The garbage disposal, on the other hand, grinds the waste immediately.

  • It protects the environment

At the end of the day, if the end product is not sent to the landfills, this is the best way to save the environment. You won’t have any more greenhouse gas production. This means you will have fresh air.

  • It grinds the waste fast

You won’t have to think about the waste as the disposer grinds it fast. The essence of the disposer is to keep the food waste out of sight. The grinding maintains a pleasant odor in the kitchen as well as keeping it organized.

  • Cleaning

Lastly, it makes cleaning the utensils in the kitchen easier. With this disposer, you won’t have to think of the process as it grinds the scrapes and you keep the kitchen looking and feeling fresh.

Are Garbage Disposals Worth It?

Well, this is a personal decision, but I’ll tell you one thing almost every house in the US has a garbage disposal today. Once you use them you will discover just how convenient they are.

Imagine how nice the fact that you can easily scrape out the waste food from the plate to the disposer. It further makes it easy to clear the food waste from the back. Of course, there are challenges that garbage disposal brings.

The city water treatment plants have to spend millions on the unclogging process of their drainages. This is mostly a result of people grinding the wrong things in the disposal. No wonder the municipalities and cities discourage the use of disposers.

They say that if you have to use the disposers, you need to be over the top cautious on what you grind. Also, you should observe the machine operation because it shouldn’t send the clogs down to the city drainage system. This is something that is proving almost impossible.

Don’t forget the fact that according to most people, it uses a lot of water but it also uses electric units. Do you know what that translates to? High utility bills.

Well, forget not the good sides of this gadget. You don’t have to wait months upon months for the food waste to breakdown. It grinds it to tiny particle and the when you take it to the water treatment plant; you can use the by-product for fertilizer.

It’s also making the environment appealing by getting rid of the waste in the landfills. Sadly, taking the food waste to the landfills cause environmental degradation. This is because the decomposition is quite slow when it’s mixed with other different waste kinds.

Garbage disposal further gets rid of the bad odor that comes from the regular garbage can. Your kitchen will maintain its perfect smell. Those are the few reasons why we advocate them even though more people are against them.

Unfortunately, the environmentalists say that it’s doing us more harm than good. They say that not many city water treatment plants can handle the waste from the disposers. They, therefore, end up taking the garbage to the landfills and this is even more hazardous.

So, you can see why most people are asking whether it’s a good investment. There’s a clear division as to whether we should have it or not. And mostly we live that to the individual decision

When Was the Garbage Disposal Invented?

John Hammes in 1927 saw the need to help his wife with the cleaning in the kitchen. He founded the first garbage disposal, and he did it in his basement workshop. Almost 100years later we still have his company – Insinkerator and more brands came up.

His dream was to have a gadget that shreds the food waste to the tiniest pieces then send them down the drain instead of into the trashcan.

What Size and Horsepower Garbage Disposal Do I Need?

It all depends on the number of people who live in your household. It also depends on how powerful you want it to grind.

  • 1/3 HP is the weakest, and it serves just two people
  • ½ HP it’s a little more popular, and it serves at most four people
  • ¾ HP it’s powerful and grinds some of the solid food wastes like chicken bones. It serves at most 8 people.
  • 1HP is the most potent disposer for house use. Some people even use it for commercial reasons. It will work for 8+ people.

You will have the manufacturer suggesting to you the number of people the potential garbage disposal serves. Other factors that determine the size include the space where you will keep the disposal.

Note that before you go buying the disposer, the size is quite vital.

Types of Garbage Disposals

There are two different kinds of garbage disposals. The continuous feed and the batch feed. This is another one of the essential features that you should know of before buying a disposer. The significant difference between them is its mechanics but also the price.

Continuous feed

This is the most popular kind in the market, and for that reason, it’s often cheaper.

The name suggests its mode of operation. It runs as long as you switch it on. It will grind the waste as you keep adding them. In this case, therefore you can throw the trash in piece by piece. It makes it easy to clean the trash as you are cooking.

They are the easiest to use yet convenient in keeping the kitchen clean and fresh smelling. You will need to hook them on the power switch during installation, so be sure to call a professional if you need one.


  • It will help you maintain a clean and organized kitchen. You won’t have to wait and take the food waste to the compost a little later; rather you can put them in the sink once you finish.
  • Various brands make the continuous feed style of disposer. More people prefer them to the batch type, and that’s why they are quite popular.
  • It’s quite convenient to use by anyone, even the beginner.


  • They can cause accidents because it grinds continuously if the switch is on. Sadly, you may accidentally put your hands in, or even the utensils fall, it will start to grind. This is damaging to the disposer and you too.
  • It uses a lot of water. Unlike the batch method, here it needs water before you start grinding, during grinding and after grinding. Be sure to try and control the water use or else you will pay a lot.

Batch feed

The difference between the continuous feed and the batch feed disposal is in operation. This kind of garbage disposal only runs when you cover it. So, you must fill its chambers, add some water, cover it, and then turn the machine on to grind.

Thus, if you are concerned about safety, this will be the best choice to go by. There are rare chances of objects falling into the garbage disposal. You will also never grind your hands since it only operates ones you have the stopper on.

It’s the best way to save energy because you only grind the waste when you need to. It further is excellent since it uses lesser energy and water.


  • The stopper protects you from the accidental grinding of wastes. It’s the safest option.
  • It saves on power and water. The cost of water and energy can be quite high when you are using, the continuous feed garbage disposal. Luckily you don’t have to spend all that money on the two.
  • It’s efficient if you have a small family because you can use it to grind the little waste once you finish. A large family will have a lot of waste, and it will take you longer to grind the waste.


  • Unlike the continuous feed, this is inconvenient. For some people, it beats the logic of having a garbage disposal.
  • It’s more expensive than continuous garbage disposal.
  • It further takes a little longer to grind the waste, especially when you have a lot of waste.

Best Brand Garbage Disposal

There are many brands today, and it all depends on what you are looking for in the garbage disposal. It happens that you can have all the features you would love to in a single disposer.

The two common brands namely Waste King and Insinkerator are the oldest but yet the best and unbeatable. There are also more recent brands that are winning souls over as you will see below.

Waste king

This is today the most loved brand of disposers. It has seen rapid evolution and not only is it cheap, but it also delivers with ease. The brand offers more energy efficient disposers. It further caters best to its clientele especially, since they provide the most extended warranty.

The waste king brand has come up with the latest legend series that meet almost every market demand and at a lower price. They will give you the best disposers, and you will rarely hear people complain.

One feature that makes it the best is that it comes with the power cord attached. Thus, you don’t need to cater to the electrical parts of the disposer. It will further occupy a small space no wonder it suits most modern housing styles.


This is the oldest brand in the market; in fact, it’s the founder brand. Invented almost 100 years ago by one John Hammes the Insinkerator disposers have served the US for ages. It, like the one above, keeps improving.

Today we have the evolution excel which has even better features. There still exists no quieter disposal than the evolution excel and other Insinkerator disposers. Most of the powerful disposers are from this brand.

While you will part with a little extra coin, you will always agree that its worth every other coin you spend on it. If you want the cheaper versions of the Insinkerator, you can buy the badger series though it’s noisy.

Kitchen aid

This brand has been famous for the mixers and blender in the kitchen. It has served you with the best kitchen appliances and only recently did they begin to manufacture even the garbage disposals.

Its primary focus is on kitchen items, and since the disposer is also used in the kitchen you would expect the KitchenAid brand to make the disposer.

They make their disposers to grind the waste smoother following two stages. They offer you a quiet grinding and yet it’s not only speedy but also powerful. You can have all the best features you want in a disposer if you will spend a little more.


Another brand that is getting quite popular is the whirlpool. They venture in manufacturing the home appliances. I have seen this brand in existence for ages. People use brand disposer, especially when you are a beginner, I using disposers.

The best part is that the units feature the use of the most durable materials-galvanized steel. It utilizes just enough power that you use to grind food scraps.

The Pros and Cons of Garbage Disposal

I believe when you use the disposer, you will soon realize that it’s a tool, we all need at some point in life. So, here’s a breakdown of the pros and cons of having a garbage disposal


  • Hygiene

For anyone who loves maintaining a clean environment, maybe using the disposer is the best way. Well if you do prepare food in the kitchen, you will know that prepping the food will turn into a mess within just a few minutes.

Sadly, even when you are eating dinner, it gets messy sometimes. Well lucky for you the disposer is your mess friend that clears the mess and in a few minutes. Keeping the waste in the trash can especially in the kitchen trash can call for bacteria to attack.

So, using the disposal keeps your kitchen smelling fresh but also safe from intruders and good looking.

  • Its convenience wins the soul

This generation loves things that work fast, and that’s what the garbage disposal does for you. It turns your food waste to something of value in a few minutes. It will further keep your surrounding tidy while reducing the time you take to clean.

If you want a tool that will get rid of the waste from your kitchen and dining table, you will have to invest in the garbage disposal.

  • The environmental care

The environmentalists are arguing against it but let’s be real if your city caters for the waste by-products this can make the best option. Not only do you recycle the water, you also make fertilizer and energy from the gasses produced.

  • They can work anywhere anyplace

The disposers will work with all the different sewer system even the septic tank system. If you wish to use it with the septic system, you need to invest in a septic compatible disposer.

They will work with even the municipal sewer system. However, you must confirm that the municipality can handle the waste.

  • They are cost-effective

Of course, with the different and unique features, you will need to pay extra, but the good news is that the disposers will cost between $50-200. The secret to increasing their lifespan is in using it right. Disposal units will last for more than ten years when you take proper care of them.


Now, the same way it has its pros, it also has significant drawbacks.

  • They need you to care for them a little more

While they will serve you, caring for them is inevitable. You should know what you put in, run extra water in when they are grinding and avoid clogs. While they serve you, it will take an easy mishap to cause too much damage to it.

The manufacturers and marketers make you believe that you can use it for all the different food waste but you can’t. If you, for example, dispose hard food you will damage it. Never discard any nonfood item.

Even its cleaning is absurdly hard. Because you can’t use any bleach, you have rather you have to use the select cleaning agents.

  • It works with just a few foodstuffs and calls for a lot of maintenance

Well, you would think that like a trash can it will dispose all the different kinds of food waste, but no it doesn’t. There are select food wastes that you can throw in it. It doesn’t dispose a lot of the food waste.

When in operation you have to use a lot of water; otherwise you will experience clogs and jams every other day. Maintenance of the disposal is key to its prolonged lifespan.

  • I hate the constant clogs and jams

This gadgets clog and jam a little more frequently than they need to. If you accidentally drop bones or other foods it can’t dispose you will soon jam it. On the other hand, clogs occur even when you care for it.

This many clogs and jams may lead to the disposer breakdown.

  • The municipal water treatment plant

Using the disposers strain most water treatment plants. From frequent pipe clogs to sometimes no way to get rid of by-products, it’s all a challenge. The whole treatment process is further expensive.

  • The odor

Most of the times, you will deal with the smelly odor when you have a disposer. Sometimes even the deodorizers won’t kill the smell. This is mostly a result of the deep clogs. It can be frustrating when you are in a house with a smelly disposer.

Garbage Disposal Comparison Table

Product nameHPThe best featureProduct dimensionPrice
Waste King L-1001½Small size5.25 x 5.25 x 12.75 inCheck price
InSinkErator Garbage Disposal, Badger 5½Small size7 x 7 x 13 inCheck price
Waste King L-80001Best price value8.5 x 7.48 x 15.98 inCheck price
KitchenAid Continuous Feed¾Best high end14 x 13 x 10 inchesCheck price
InSinkErator Evolution Compact Garbage Disposal¾Best perfomance8 x 8 x 12.12 inCheck price
Waste King Knight A1SPC Garbage Disposal1Best commercial9 x 9 x 15.9 inCheck price
InSinkErator 76006, Gray¾Best septic system14 x 11 x 16 inCheck price
General Electric GFC520V½Best GE garbage disposal6.7 x 6.9 x 15.1 inCheck price

Best Garbage Disposal

Best small space disposers

1. Waste King L-1001 Garbage Disposal with Power Cord, 1/2 HP


Thanks to the disposer’s EZ mount system that makes it easy to mount and lock in any kitchen sink. One advantage of this brand is that it comes with everything you need to install the disposer. You won’t have to spend extra coins on the power cord.

Its splashguard makes it easy to operate without splashing the waste on the floor. The advantage is that when you want to clean it, you can remove the splash guard for easy cleaning. It further makes it easy to collect items that drop in it.

The waste king brand finely grinds down the food waste, which makes it easy to use it with the septic tank. Remember it has a high-speed motor even though it has ½ HP. This means that it will jam lesser than other disposers.

This disposer is not only small houses. The good news is that it can fit in the tiniest apartments, but it’s also budget-friendly.

2. InSinkErator Garbage Disposal, Badger 5, 1/2 HP Continuous Feed


The badger series has been in existence for ages. While it’s not one of the oldest disposers, it does operate for you. If you have a small house, you could use this disposer. The series is generally reliable and easy to install.

Its space-saving and compact in design. The best thing is that its internal parts feature the use of galvanized steel. Its dura drive induction motor will give it a powerful grind. With the motors, it caters for every food scrap that you let into the disposer in a few seconds.

This type is affordable, yet it serves over a long time. It’s also great when you wish to use it daily for daily cleaning. Most of the clientele have all the positive review to tell you about the disposer.

Best price value

3. Waste King L-8000 Garbage Disposal with Power Cord, 1 HP


Here is one of the best price values for money. Compared to other brands, the L8000 features are good compared to other disposers that come at the same price.

This low-profile kind of disposer has a solidly built body that makes it durable. Its stainless-steel grinding components make it a durable piece. It further grinds the waste with ease.

It’s one of the easiest to install using the EZ mount method. You won’t even need a professional to fix it since it comes with the power cord already attached. You, therefore, need no electrical expertise.

If you have a large family, this will serve you best. It has a high horsepower of 1HP and the high rate per minute grinding ability. For this reason, it rarely jams, and it’s one of those disposers that have reduced sound during operation.

It will even work with the septic tank. Don’t forget the fact that its energy efficient. Imagine all these great features for a cheap $129.

Best high end

4. KitchenAid Continuous Feed Garbage Disposal


If you are looking to install a high-end kitchen, you will need a matching high-end disposer, and this is one such disposer. Coming in at a ¾ HP it can grind almost all kinds of food wastes including the hardest ones.

It further has a large grinding chamber which allows you to use it even when you have a large family. It comes in at 40 ounces which serves the large grinding capacity. What’s more, it uses the continuous feed method of grinding, thus, allowing it to grind large amounts of waste.

It’s one of the best disposers because it smoothens the waste a lot more than other disposers following its two-stage grinding levels. It also comes in with a sound seal technology for quiet operation.

If you have an open kitchen, you can quickly grind the waste without disrupting the guest’s conversations. It features the stainless-steel body making it a durable piece. Once you use it, you won’t want any other disposer but be ready to part with some money.

Best all-round performance disposal

5. InSinkErator Evolution Compact Garbage Disposal, 3/4 HP Continuous Feed


It can handle a lot of waste yet its space-saving, and therefore, you don’t have to worry about your small kitchen. It will further last longer since it’s made using the alloy stainless steel. It’s a sturdy construction that is further corrosion resistant.

It’s one of the few disposers that has a leak guard method to stop any form of leakages and thus corrosion resistant. The disposer is highly durable, and with its sound seal technology, you will hardly know it’s in operation.

The ¾ HP dura drive motor gives the food waste a powerful grind. It further uses the two stages to grind the waste. It will, therefore, handle even the toughest food. It also has the quick-lock method to mount the disposer on the sink.

So, for anyone with a large family and looking to use powerful disposal. It also comes with an antivibration feature that will make it grind your waste quietly. In case you need to reset it, you can use the reset button down below.

Best commercial

6. Waste King Knight A1SPC Garbage Disposal with Power Cord


The waste disposal for the industrial setting should be as powerful as it can get. Coming in at 1HP and 2700RPM to grind a lot of waste as well as some of the toughest scraps. This disposer further has a sturdy body made of stainless steel.

It’s stainless steel swivel impellers reduce the jamming possibilities. It has the grinding chamber made of glass-filled nylon. This covers the frequent corrosion in the disposer. It’s a useful feature considering you will use it frequently.

You don’t have to grind it in different stages because it uses the high RPM for a power grind. It delivers very smooth grinding experience. It uses the silencer technology to offer silent operation.

Like most other waste king disposers, it’s easy to install although it uses the 3 bold mounting methods. It’s a trusted unit mostly because it offers you a lifetime warranty.

Consider the fact that its mounting assembly further compatible with the different brands like Moen and Insinkerator. However, the disposer fits your commercial settings as opposed to home use.

Best septic system disposer

7. InSinkErator 76006, Gray


While many disposals work with the septic tank systems. This garbage disposal is particularly fitted for a septic tank system. Although it’s highly-priced, it’s going to serve you best and not cause the septic system damages.

It will allow the natural flow of the food waste into the disposal drainage system and to the septic tank. You know the worst problem you may have is when you need to use the disposer, but you have a septic sewer system.

Don’t worry, with this disposal unit; you will easily keep disposing of waste just the same way the municipal sewer handles the waste. It comes with a ¾ HP and 2 levels of grinding to smoothen the food waste even further.

This means that it will grind even the most stringent foodstuffs with ease. You will rarely hear of jamming or clogging. You will also grind quietly like other Insinkerator disposers. It also uses the quick-mount method for installation making it very easy to install.

Even those on the farm, if you have enough water, you can use this disposer to reduce the waste. It will cost you a little extra, but it’s worth every penny.

Best GE garbage disposal

8. General Electric GFC520V Continuous Feed Disposal


The general electric company is one other brand that is great when it comes to making the garbage disposers. This one can serve up to an average family. It features the use of stainless-steel material together with the dual swivel impellers.

They are jam and clog-resistant mainly because of its high speed of grinding. With its splash guard method, it will make it easy to crush the waste. It has the EZ mounting method that makes it easy to install the disposer.

It offers the direct power connection making the whole installation process a swift and easy one. It’s convenient to use, especially when you have a small house. However, it will handle a few extra people when you have a family.

How to Select Garbage Disposal? (How to Choose a Garbage Disposer)

Once you have the few best suggestions to choose, you need to know how to choose the right garbage disposal.

  • Space

For me, the very first thing to check is your space size. You should never buy larger disposal than the allocated space. Most of the garbage disposals will fit under any sink. But always be sure by taking the measurements of the under-sink area.

Often the disposer will show you the dimensions, and therefore you can use it to guide you to buying the disposer. The guide of the garbage disposal measurement will make it easy to compare it with the kitchen sink.

  • The garbage disposer size

The way you get to know the size of the disposer is using the horsepower size. The smaller sized disposer often also has more modest size horsepower.

1/3 HP makes the smallest sized disposer while 1 HP makes the largest. Depending on the size of your household and the number of people you live with, you will know the right fit for you.

There are instances when the smaller size is better, but there will also be instances where the larger one is best especially when you have a big family.

  • Durability

The durability of the brand you are choosing depends on the material used to make it. For you to know the exact material used, you can read the product description. However, you can also only buy one from a famous brand. With that, you can never get a raw deal.

  • Limited noise

Sadly, this is one problem that you might have to cope up with. Most brands except the Insinkerator haven’t yet worked on the noise factor of the disposers. Luckily, most others are trying to seal the noise using a different methodology.

Only choose the ones that operate quietly.

  • Price

You can find a disposer at almost any price it only maters the amount you wish to invest in it. You can get the disposal unit for as little as $55, but you can also have the high end one’s going $200+.

  • Features

You will need a few features to determine whether the disposer is a good one for you.

Does it have the power cord?

While some disposer will require that you buy the power cord aside, some come with the installed power cord, making the installation process a breeze.

The covers

If you are going to buy the batch feed, you will need it to have the cover. You should buy the one with the cover already.

The grinding stages

Brands like Insinkerator comes with more than one grinding stage. It’s all about liquefying waste. If your disposal unit has a high RPM then it doesn’t need the different levels of grinding. However, if they have a low RPM, make sure it has different levels of grinding.

Reset button

Most brands come with the reset button to help in the restarting of the disposer in case of the jam.


Is garbage disposal necessary?

While some people believe it’s necessary, it’s not. You can survive without it.

If you follow the dos and don’ts of garbage disposal, then it will last overages. It will also work for you if you know how to care for it.

Mostly this is a question that only you can answer.

You can instead use the options below.

  • Strainer

When you have a filter, you won’t have the drainage blocking because it only lets in the liquid and not the solid particles. The strainer is further cheaper than buying garbage disposal, and it doesn’t need a lot of maintenance.

  • Compost

If you can compost, this is a way better option according to most scientist. The same way you separate the waste to put in the disposer, you can divide it and put them in the compost can. Nowadays, there is even the electric compost to hasten the process.

  • Keep the kitchen clean

If you are a clean person, with or without the disposer, you will still be okay. Just keep wiping out the dirt and taking the waste out to the outdoor trash can.

Is it bad to run garbage disposal without water?

Yes, it is bad. Water is essential for running the disposer. It acts as a lubricant for the blades, cools off the motor when it gets overheated but also makes the waste liquid quicker.

The water will wash away the waste as it gets rid of the bad odor that comes from not cleaning it.

You need water to run the disposer and plenty of water at that. Otherwise, then the waste may clog on the plate surface. It’s no wonder garbage disposal doesn’t work when you have limited water supply.