Best Trash Compactors

The society has made it look like it’s the roles of men to take the trash out of the house. However, they, like women, don’t like dealing with large trash that you can hardly pull or carry. Getting rid of waste is something we can’t avoid yet we wish to avoid at all costs.

When you don’t have trash compactors, you will have to spend a few minutes organizing the trash. Also, for anyone who loves a pristine kitchen with the perfect ambiance, you must get rid of trash. This means that if you don’t enjoy taking trash out, you can invest in the compactors.Trash Compactor

They will reduce the trash to about 80% then this reduces the number of times you must take the garbage out. The good thing about them is further that they will get rid of the bad odor using the capsules.

What Is A Trash Compactor and How Does It Work?

Any home that wishes to reduce the waste should have the compactors. This is the solution for anyone who doesn’t like to take out the garbage every time. When you use trash compactors, the garbage literary occupies minimal space.

What’s even better is the fact that it makes it reduce the amount of waste in the landfills.

Heres how it works

When you place the trash in the trash compactor, the metal ram crushes the waste to small sizes. The formed trash is then deposited in the trash bags.

It’s easy to use because it has a few parts. For it to work, therefore, you have to switch on the switch. So, you will need to open the lid of the trash compactor. Then, put the waste in the bin. However, take the bottles and cans into the waste bin fast.

You also place them in the middle of the bin for easy crushing. Go on to place other large trash waste in the middle of the can before putting the tiny waste and leftovers. Take your time to load it because if you don’t load it right it, the sensor will alert you.Trash Compactor

Once it’s full, close the lid then switch on to start working. Some use this trash compactor to take the recyclables. In this case, you should load the plastics, aluminum, and any other cardboard product separate from leftovers.

This will make scraps that you may decide to sell. Always ensure you have other bottles lying on the middle part of the compactor.

  • Put them while lying down and ensure the waste is 50% full in the trash can. If you don’t want to develop bad odor, then don’t place food waste in the trash compactor.
  • The trash can is a straightforward machine that you can use, but then it’s also dangerous such that it may harm you. If you have kids, you should leave it unsecured.
  • They have the locking keys which you should use to lock it securely. This will further ensure its safe.
  • Check the limits of your trash compactors and don’t pass it. If you do, they will cause jams, and it eventually damages it. When filling the can, you shouldn’t use parts of your body to press the waste down.
  • Keep off the moving parts of the trash compactor.
  • The compactor is powerful, and you should therefore not use the extension socket with it.

Do People Still Use the Trash Compactors?

I know why this question is rising. Today not like the past, there are lesser trash compactors.

Back in the 19th and 20th century, there was very little trash because people loved recycling and they used every way to reduce waste. Soon, the manufactures began to package the different goods for the clients, thus increasing the waste to over 100%.

They then stopped using trash compactors. People began to take the garbage out for the collection by municipals. The trash compactors that were used in the past were larger and more complex. In fact, only the rich used them as much.

Today, the ones available at home are smaller and are noise resistant. Some claim that they are not green, more people have embraced them once again.

So, they use them in the kitchen. Nevertheless, before you buy one, you need to be sure it will meet your needs.

Things to Consider When Buying A Trash Compactor

Like any other appliance, you will need to know a few things when you intend to buy the trash compactors.

The type

Where are you planning to store the trash can? This is the most critical question to ask before you invest. You can have the under-counter types or the freestanding ones. So, the question is whether you have the space for the same.

Additionally, choose a portable one. It will let you wheel the trash to the garbage can outside or wherever you need to. Once you finish, you can again wheel it back.

Lets talk of the performance

Check the expected performance because it’s often indicated. They will show you the compactor’s performance in ratios. The most popular is a ratio of 4 to 1 this is where it will break the waste to the size of a single bag if you had four bags.

Of course, you would achieve more with such since you reduce the waste tremendously. It will occupy minimal space, but it will be heavier, so consider how you are going to carry it.

Additional features

The good ones will have the toe bar that you use to switch it on. Therefore, it’s a hands-free piece. The feature looks insignificant, but it’s quite ideal when your hands are full of trash that you wish to toss.

Some other ones have the air freshener systems as well as the charcoal filters that you may use to reduce the odor ultimately.

Product name Preview Capacity Product dimension Price


Krushr K012 Panel Required Recycle Compactor, 12-Inch 5.5 cu feet 22 x 11.9 x 31.9 inches
Household Essentials Trash Krusher Manual Trash Compactor, 40 L, 40 liters 13.5 x 16 x 15.3 inches
Krushr K018 18″ Recycling Trash Compactor with 8.6 cu. ft. Capacity 8.6 cu feet Check price
Joseph Joseph Intelligent Waste Titan Compactor 8 gallons 15.3 x 13.5 x 26.9 inches


GE Profile UCG1680LSS 15″ Built in Compactor 1,4 cu feet Check price
Gladiator GACP15XXMG Modular Garage Trash Compactor 1 cu feet 36.3 x 27 x 17 inches


Stainless steel trash compactors

1. Krushr K012 Panel Required Recycle Compactor, 12-Inch


Waste has become unmanageable for many people. So, most people choose to find ways to minimize the waste completely. Trash compactors make it easy to reduce the waste in the landfills. It’s worse if you have the items that can’t decompose quicker.

The trash compactors have been in the market for many years, but most people didn’t take them seriously to start using them. Thankfully, you have models like the krushr’s range, which are made stylish but also efficient.

It’s hard to get rid of the noise when another comparator is running, but this one operates quietly. This compactor looks good, and it offers a convenient solution for your waste. Its crush facility is sturdy and hyper, thus minimizing the waste.

It will reduce the waste making it 85% less. Therefore, you don’t have to take the garbage out as you usually do every day. Also, it will absorb about 5.5 cubic feet of the waste that you haven’t crushed already.

You should use it if you live in apartments and anywhere else where space is an issue. Also, you can have this compactor with the same features but different sizes.

2. Household Essentials Trash Krusher Manual Trash Compactor, 40 L,


Since most trash cans are left in the open for all people to see, manufacturers are making high-quality pieces today. This is one of the good-looking trash compactors in the market. It has used the high-grade stainless steel that is thick and durable.

It further has the fingerprint-resistant feature where it looks good and cleaner. You can easily wipe down the dirt, and you will never see a smudge on the exterior surface of the compactor. Even when it’s running, it remains quiet in operation.

The lid opens and closes quietly. Once it closes and you switch it on, then it begins to run thus reducing the waste to a bare minimum silently. It further uses a soft touch pedal to close and open the lid.

It further has a bag locking mechanism which keeps the bag in place so that it doesn’t slide in. The trash Krushr breaks down about 13 gallons of trash at a time.

3. Krushr K018 18″ Recycling Trash Compactor with 8.6 cu. ft. Capacity



This is another one of the few available trash compactors. It reduces all kinds of waste including plastic food packaging waste, food tins, and bottles, among others.

It works to ensure that you reduce the waste permanently, but you don’t use and waste energy. The essence of this compactor is to encourage recycling by giving you a single stop sorting of different wastes.

It’s designed to cater to the world-class plastics that you find in the global scene. It particularly caters of the packaging waste. Like other krushr compactors, it uses the hyper crush mechanism to work on your plastic. This makes sure they are permanently reduced.

It doesn’t need the use of energy to achieve the desired level of waste reduction. On average, it will reduce your waste to about 85% less. The brand is known to make high-quality trash compactors; thus, you can trust that the item is high quality.

It has customized bags that help to keep the compactor clean. Also, if you want, you can have a customized door.

4. Joseph Joseph Intelligent Waste Titan Compactor


While you may mistake it for a regular trash can, it’s not an everyday can. It’s a patent piece that is a hygienic compaction system that will let you reduce the waste to about 66% less.

For the reason that it reduces the waste, when you buy it, you don’t need to empty the garbage every time. You will further reduce the number of liners you use in the garbage bin. It normally has the replaceable carbon odor filter that keeps the bin smelling fresh.

The exterior surface remains clean and shiny because it has fingerprint-proof technology. This makes cleaning the exterior surface easy. The coating created is useful, and its hygienic and safe to use.

It will compact the waste in a very short while as it leaves your hands clean and the bin will further remain clean. This compactor is durable. It uses the foot pedal to open it, and it remains sturdy and able to stand about 20 steps per day.

It has the handy lid stay feature that will make the liners stay put. Even the changing of the liners is easy.

High-end trash compactors

5. GE Profile UCG1680LSS 15″ Built In Compactor


I love general electric products because they have been known to come up with all the best appliances. You would easily recognize it because it has a smooth face and without anything on the top part.

It, like most of the compactors above, has a toe pedal that you can use to open the lid. This keeps your hands free from holding the lid. It has hidden controls for easy operations. It works efficiently to reduce the waste to 75% less.

It’s powerful and uses the 1/3 HP motor to breakdown the waste to a bare minimum. Additionally, it has an antijam feature to make it keep operating smoothly over a long time. It’s simple, yet it will perfectly fit in with your kitchen décor.

It’s great although it doesn’t have the odor control, which makes it hard to keep within the house when you have had the waste over a long time. For this reason, you will need to change it frequently.

Best portable

6. Gladiator GACP15XXMG Modular Garage Trash Compactor


This is the most portable type of trash compactor in the market. With its wheels, you can compress the trash on whichever part of your house. It’s not heavy and has a 1 cu feet. It uses the 1/3 HP motor to break down the waste.

It will reduce the waste making it 75% less. Also, its rugged tread plate design makes it durable and gives you a hammered granite finish. The feet paddle will help to open the lid and thus keeping your hands clean and free to operate on other things.

It further has an antijam feature that keeps it running, thus making it reliable and convenient regardless of the load you wish to reduce. It minimizes the amount of trash and therefore reduces the number of trips to the curb.

Installing the Trash Compactor

Notice that with minimal skills you can DIY the trash compactor. But you need to know the following.

· Which location

Like any new appliance in your home, you will need to know where you intend to place it. There’s no restriction as to where you should put it if you have space and an electric outlet.

If you are still creating a new house, then you can take time to create the space for the compactor.

· You will need a circuit breaker

Trash compactor like most refrigerators needs a circuit breaker. It protects you from electrical accidents like fire outbreaks. You should have the 115V for the trash compactor.

· Install it

Unpack the new trash compactor and let’s begin. Remove the remaining waxy residue using a soft cloth and water.

Remember to protect the beautiful floor surface since the feet might damage it. Often, people use cardboard.

Now attach the power cord to the end of the compactor.

Also, take the time to adjust the foot pedal following the floor area. Use the pliers to tighten the compactor leveling feet.

Plug it in the socket once you are done. Then, push it to a position ready to work. Always leave the knob in the off place when you are doing this.

Finally, you are ready to use it. Enjoy the service.

How to Use the Trash Compactor


What Can You Put in A Trash Compactor?

Although it’s a machine that’s meant to deal with the waste, it won’t work with everything.

You should only put the following in the container

Recyclables: that includes the bottles, plastics, cardboard, cans, among others. While some compactors will work even on your glass, you should check the manual to confirm that it can handle the type of glass you have.

Dry food waste: we have garbage disposals to handle the food waste. But you can put the dry food waste in the trash compactor to compact it. Remember its dry leftovers and foods not wet.

Don’t put the following

Oils: the oil will leak, so don’t put it in the compactor. It also causes mechanical damage that may end up costing you highly.

Meat: do not throw away fresh meat of any form into the compactor. Don’t also throw in the left-over meats let the garbage disposal handle such.

Explosive and aerosol sprays: they can easily explore again, causing damage to your appliance and sometimes even fire accidents.

Liquid: although it’s said not to cause any mess, it will spread on the compressed waste and making it soggy thus hard to handle.


Whats the most important feature to check when buying the compactor?

When you are going to buy new trash, compactor check its compactor force. The maximum force is often 3000 pounds.

The odor management system is a win for the best compactor. The reason is that since you compress the waste, you will keep it in the bin for some time. Therefore, it should contain methods to manage the odor using the carbon filter.

If I have the garbage disposal is the trash compactor necessary?

Yes, they take on different roles. Garbage disposals work on the food waste only, trash compactor, on the other hand, works on the recyclable waste.

Whats the Cost of The Trash Compactor?

There’s no clear set price for the trash compactors. The cost of the trash compactors varies depending on different features. It can range from $150-$2000.

This is, therefore, an investment that you should think of. If you want one that will crush even more trash, buy other expensive models.

The $150 ones are inexpensive and such don’t use electricity to run them. They use a handheld paddle. For that reason, you can only compress the waste based on how much garbage you can press.

There is also middle-level price: such are often 15 inches height, and they can be built-in or free standing. They have visible and sometimes hidden control.

The expensive ones: they have compartments to handle the recyclables and non-recyclable separately. They are going to offer you a quality service.

While the cost is high it’s worth having in every home as it will reduce the waste we take to the landfills.

Important tips

There are tips of consideration when working the trash compactor.

Let it do the work

If you aren’t using the handheld paddle, you should never help the trash compactor with the work. Allow it to work on the garbage. If you force the trash down, you could easily cause mechanical damages.

Remember to turn off the compactor

If you want to operate the trash compactor, remember to turn it off from the plug first. Don’t begin to handle and fix it before you have switched it off.

Handle the garbage bag with care

If you wish to remove the garbage from the trash composter, you should do so with care. This will help to ensure that the sharp items don’t poke the bag or you.

Fire triggers

You can put cigarette remains, cigars, and candles. But make sure you have totally extinguished the fire before throwing it in the compactor.

The weight is an illusion

While it will reduce the volume of the waste, it doesn’t reduce the weight of the waste. Therefore, don’t let the garbage overfill such that you are unable to remove it from the garbage disposal. Maintain a manageable waste weight.


The trash compactor is useful in any homestead, yet it’s often a high-end buy. You should, therefore, be careful to do proper research before you purchase. Confirm its operation force and its appearance to make sure it fits your house.