Best Collapsible Trash Cans (Garbage Cans For Camping)

If you have a house with a yard, you will most likely have larger trash like tree branches. For that reason, you will need a larger container. However, often the cans are never that large except for collapsible containers.

These kinds of containers have large openings that will allow any type of trash to fit. Besides, since they have larger openings, they are more convenient to store any type of waste. Although they are collapsible, they never occupy much of space.

There are different sizes, colors, and shapes of these trash cans. Also, they are versatile to allow you to use them in the bathroom, bedroom, kitchen, and yard. You will even use them in the garage.

Reasons Why You Need Them

They are easy to store

As long as you don’t need them at the time, you should store them. So even when traveling, you can use them to store some of your valuables. But keep it clean.

You should fold it when you are not using it. And you will use the loop and hook strap. Most of the ones you buy will have the snap-lock feature. This makes it easy to store the trash containers. So, when you need it, you can loosen the straps.

They are flexible

These bags are not only meant for use when you need to store trash, but you can also use them as laundry baskets. Other people buy those that are made using vinyl. Such types are leakproof.

If you can get the vinyl one, then you can use it as ice and beverage containers. I mean, I have seen some people even use collapsible trash bags to store clothes.

They are portable

They have great handles to make it easy to carry them when transporting them. They are portable trash cans and still convenient when you are using them in transit. You can use them in parties and other significant events.

For those who love outdoor activities, you can use the trash cans as they will carry large your necessities for the trips.

Yard cleaning

It will help when you are cleaning the yard. Remember to buy only those made using high-quality materials. They are also lightweight making it easy to carry around the yard when clean.

They are often tear-resistant, making it easy to handle the weed and lawns clippings.Best Collapsible Trash Can

Things to Consider When Buying the Collapsible Trash Containers

The size

Even though the collapsible trash cans are large, they vary in size. How big you want them is up to you to decide. Depending on what you are buying it for, you will know the best size suitable for the role. You can find even the kind that will fit 33-gallon bags.

It should have the plastic base

You shouldn’t rub the trash bag everywhere. A nice plastic shell will stand all forms of rubbing. What’s more, it will not wear out quickly.

The material

If you are going to use it outdoors, you should buy the ones that can stand the rapid changes in the environment. If you want the one to use indoors, it’s okay to use easy material since it won’t be affected by the harsh climate.

Collapsible trash can for camping

1. Stansport Collapsible Campsite Carry-All/Trash Can

Stansport Collapsible Campsite Carry-All/Trash Can

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Do you love camping? Do you sometimes wonder where to keep all those necessities before you go out for the event?

This is one of the best campsite trash cans that you can use to carry your necessities and then when you reach the destination, use it for trash. It will help you to keep the place clean and tidy. We all love mess-free environments, and this is the solution to a mess-free situation.

Also, if you don’t go for camps, you can use it for the backyard barbecues. It’s made using the polyethylene fabric that won’t tear easily. It further has the web straps to make the carriage of the goods easy.

You could also use it to store some of your favorites: like towels and toys and my all-time favorite balls and toys for your kids. Some people use it even for carrying laundry. It’s lightweight and portable yet you can compress it to 3 inches.

You can also keep the top part closed with the zip covering the top part. It’s not only tall but wide enough to fit almost everything you need.

Easily collapsible trash can

2. Camp Chef Collapsible Garbage Can

Camp Chef GCAN Collapsible Camping Garbage Can (Black, 26-Inch) (Pack of 2)

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The other most popular collapsible trash can is this one. Not only is it budget-friendly, but it’s also effortlessly easy to collapse. When you come with it still packed you won’t know how big it is. But when you open it, 35 gallons of waste can go in it.

For those who love camping and tailgating, this is the best choice. It has a zipper lid which will keep the waste within the garbage can, and odor is also locked in the box.

It has a spring-loaded set up with a dual handle carriage to make it easy to move it from one part of the yard to another. It has durable polyethylene which can stand all the different environments.

You can use it for RV too, and the bag remains collapsed when you aren’t using it.

3. Coghlan’s Pop-Up Trash Can

Coghlan's Pop Up Container Pack

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The trash can will collapse much faster, making it flexible and easy to use. You should collapse it when it’s not in use to make it even portable for your outdoor events.

It then has the grommets to keep the trash can rooted on the ground, especially on windy days. Since it has the zippered lid, it keeps the garbage odor within. It also has a clear lid pouch that will allow for more trash in the can.

It has a capacity of between 29 to 14 gallons. It further has the carry handles on both sides of the trash cans. It’s made using the 600-denier polyester. This enhances durability, and considering you won’t have to chase the garbage bag; you can put it outside.

Are you going camping, fishing or hiking? Maybe you need this bag that will serve you greatly once you are out there.

10-gallon collapsible storage

4. Fiskars Kangaroo Collapsible Container Gardening Bag

Fiskars 394040-1001 Kangaroo Garden Bag (10 Gallon), Green

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It doesn’t matter the kind of cleaning you are taking on around the yard; this collapsible trash garbage will serve you. Are you pulling weeds, picking glass clippings, or picking the kids toys? The trash can will serve you best.

Once you finish using it, you can fold it to 3 inches thus saving on space and storage. It further has a spring on the inside that pops out when you are ready to start using it. Also, it has a strong and sturdy handle that makes it easy to carry.

It will make carrying and unloading it an easy job. The kangaroo design collapsible garbage can make it easy to carry waste. It further gives you a lifetime warranty, which is an assurance that it’s a high-quality product. With the capacity of 10 gallons, it can cater for a lot within the house.

13-gallon collapsible storage can

5. Garden Depot Pop Up Leaf Trash Can 13 Gallon Easy Storage

Garden Depot Pop Up Leaf Trash Can 13 Gallon Easy Storage, Collapsible Polyester Bags That are Space Saving and Convenient Ways of Disposing of Leaves and Trash

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You can have the pop-up trash can in whichever material, but this one is made using polyester. It’s durable, and it has the handles to help in transportation. You can use them when you have different party events.

You can use it for light carriage and not any form of heavy wagons. If you are keen on what you keep in the trash can then it will last longer. It has a 13-gallon capacity which is sufficient for all levels of carriage.

Also, it has the toggle buttons at the bottom and the top of the garbage can to keep it secured down when in use. This will keep it safe from the wind blows. It comes without stakes, which means you will need to purchase them.

30 gallons collapsible trash cans

6. Oswego 30 Gallon Collapsible Camping Trash Recycle Cans

Oswego 30 Gallon Collapsible Camping Trash Recycle Cans (Olive Green, 1)

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This is mostly preferred for the family size carriage. With a capacity of 30 gallons, it will carry almost all the essentials you need. The trash can will work best if you are going to a camp. You can also use it for laundry and collecting garden waste.

The trash can has the zippered lid that makes it seal the trash within the can. In the process, it keeps off further dust, dirt, rain, and camp critters. Once you are done with it, you can fold it down to an inch level.

It has three handles for easy carriage and another one at the bottom. All this makes it portable. It’s lightweight and durable having been made using polyethylene. It’s further water-resistant and sturdy.

This is your portable solution that will keep the waste dry, and you can use it for recycling in the campsites. It has the lid that you close with the zippers to keep off the rain and dust.

7. Jardineer 30 Gallon Pop Up Trash Can


Jardineer 30 Gallon Collapsible Garden Bag/Trash Can - Reusable Leaf Bag - Pop Up Yard Waste Bag Container/Leaf Bin

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This one works as a garden bag, and it has the two handles for easy movement. The handles are double stitched to make it safe to carry the waste. It further has a release buckle clip to hold the trash bag in place, thus making its storage easy.

Made of oxford canvas fabric, the trash bag will stand all the different weather conditions. It’s made using the spring steel wire. The material used to make it is the polyester fabric that is sturdy and water-resistant.

This fabric doesn’t tear easily. It further has the PVC on the inside, which makes it leakproof and load-bearing. That makes the gardening process easier because you can keep some of the necessities in the bag or use it for the trash.

It also has the spiral spring spine that’s flexible, and you can use it for opening the garbage can easy. It will easily pop into the cylinder, and it does so without a fuss. The bag is flexible, so you can use it for various reasons including keeping the kids’ toys.

45-gallon collapsible trash can

8. GloryTec 3-Pack Collapsible Garden Bag 45 Gallons Each

GloryTec 3-Pack Collapsible Garden Bag 45 Gallons Each - Heavy-Duty Gardening Container - Comparative-Winner 2018 - Reusable Trash Can for Leaf, Lawn and Yard Waste - Premium Bagster

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While they are designed for weed and leaves, they can serve you for other roles in the household. You can use them for laundry, outdoor garbage, camping, and various other needs. This is one of the largest kinds of collapsible trash bags, yet it’s quite comfortable.

The set is sturdy in construction and therefore durable. It comes with three handles to make it easy to carry. The top part has two handles, and the bottom side has one handle. The handles are so safe, and they can’t ever tear off.

They will also provide better enforcement. It has 45 gallons, which makes it such a wide garbage bin. When you need to store it, you can collapse it to make it easy to store. It also has a Velcro closing, which makes it even more secure.

It has a metal ring on the bottom and the opening which gives it a stable foot standing. You will receive three bags with a single purchase.

Collapsible trash car can

9. iBayx Waste Bins Car Garbage Can Foldable Car Trash Bag 

iBayx Waste Bins Car Garbage Can Foldable Car Trash Bag Organizer Universal Traveling Portable Collapsible Pop up Leak Proof Car Trash Can

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This is a compact and foldable car trash garbage can. You can use this in the car if you travel for prolonged hours, especially. It will keep the car clean and tidy at the same time. You can never throw trash all over the vehicle anymore.

It has large storage, therefore, you won’t have to empty the trash can frequently. It also has a liner on the inside that is leak proof. All the garbage liquid is retained within the garbage can. It further has the elastic, stretchable straps that you use to collapse it.

Also, you can use the straps to hang the garbage can in the car. It holds on tight and steady even when you go to some of those bumpy roads. That’s to say that the garbage won’t fall off the container.

It will occupy minimal space while giving you a full garbage space. And it will provide you with the oxford cloth lining. This makes it easy to clean it when it gets dirty. You can use only water to scrub and wash it.

You don’t have to use it in the car only; rather you can use it at home too. If you wish to use it in camping, you are free to do it too. It’s easy to store, squeeze, and shrink it.

Small trash bag

10. Zone Tech Universal Traveling Portable Car Trash Can

Zone Tech Universal Traveling Portable Car Trash Can - Black Collapsible Pop-up Leak Proof Trash Can- for Garbage to Organize Car, Waste Basket Bin, Rubbish Bucket

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Its picture may mislead you. It looks large, yet it’s a small piece of a garbage bag. So, it’s leakproof which makes it ideal for any part of the house but mostly the car.

When you have liquid bottles you are afraid would drop in the bag, don’t be. The leakproof surface has you covered.

If you spend most of your time on the road, you need this garbage bag. It will take very little space, but it will serve you thus keeping your car clean. They are convenient if you love throwing garbage while in transit.

It’s durable since it’s made using the material that’s all about longevity and durability. It’s further durable since you can use it for the garbage and also to store the toys.

For recycling needs

11. Camco 42895 XL Collapsible Container

Camco 42895 XL Collapsible Container-22 X 28', Green

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If you love most outdoor activities, this is a suitable collapsible bag for you. Also, use it as a yard waste container. It has three handles where the third one is at the bottom to make it easy to lift the waste.

It works great as an outdoor or yard waste container. The fact that you can collapse it easily makes it portable and easy to store. You can use it for up to 39 gallons of trash. It further has a durable liner that keeps it safe.

RV collapsible trash bag

12. Stormate Collapsible Garbage Bag Holder

Stormate Collapsible Garbage Bag Holder - Thetford 36773

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This is a versatile garbage can that you may use everywhere, including the RV. I like it when camping because of its construction. It can take a large capacity of the garbage yet you can fold it down when traveling to reduce the luggage.

It will hold up to 13 gallons of waste from the kitchen or camp activity and still looks beautiful. The lid will help to keep the sight of garbage within it and the odor too. The lid offers you a sanitary experience.

You can use it outdoors or indoors. It features a steady material that’s leakproof and durable. It comes with the bag holders to make it easy to move it from one place to another.

Where Can I Buy the Collapsible Trash Cans?

There are various shops to go to, but I like online stores because they show you the various choices available. You can get the collapsible bags from Amazon, eBay, Walmart, among other online shops. In addition, with a proper search, you can find them in the hypermarkets.