Top 7 Best Commercial Garbage Disposals in 2019

Garbage disposals are saviors in the household kitchen. They make our work easier and reduces waste. For a long time, we only used the garbage disposals in household settings. Today, we have powerful garbage disposal for commercial settings.

When you run a hospitality industry, you need a realistic way to discard food waste in an eco-friendly manner. For the US, using the garbage disposal is not new. Most homes have the garbage disposal installed under their sinks.

Similarly, we have them in the diners, restaurants, coffee house, and other large food establishments. The difference between the household garbage disposal and commercial garbage disposal is that the commercial one will handle heaps of food waste.

It can further run for hours since it’s a powerful machine. They operate using 1 to 11 HP. These garbage disposals aren’t at all fancy they only focus on the grinding job.

Types of Commercial Garbage DisposalCommercial Garbage Disposal

Consider that they are large and powerful machines no wonder they can handle large amounts of waste.

Garbage disposal with sink

You should install the sink when you are remodeling the kitchen. Unlike other garbage disposals that come as a single unit, this one comes in three. The garbage disposal, its sink, and a console.

Nevertheless, you should have your desired faucet ready together with an instant connection to the sewage.

The advantage of this type of garbage disposal is that it recycles the water. Therefore, it handles the water waste problem that most garbage disposals have. You will only use minimal water.

Garbage disposal without sinks

This is a regular garbage disposal. Most of the household food disposals are in this category. So, like the regular ones you know of, you only need to attach it under the sink especially if you have the large and bulky under sink space.

The trick is to find a garbage disposal that is compatible with the sink design.

The garbage disposals that have bins

This is another unique technology that after grinding your food waste, it separates the waste from water. So, it captures the dry food in a bin and drains the water. In most scenarios, the food waste that’s dried is your compost and fertilizers.

Things That You Can Put in The Garbage Disposal

The commercial garbage disposal is way powerful than regular garbage disposal. So, you can put the following in.

  • You can put in a lot of cold water to help in the grinding process.
  • Vegetables and fruits
  • Eggshells
  • Seafood
  • Dairy
  • Ice cubes
  • Meat
  • Poultry
  • Bread
  • Bones

What not to put in the garbage disposal

  • Cans
  • Glass
  • Latex gloves
  • Chemicals that are corrosive
  • Oils
  • Pineapple coat and other stringy, fibrous food.

What Is A Commercial Garbage Disposal?

This is like any other garbage disposal that you use at home. Only its larger and more powerful.

It’s the device that you install under the kitchen sink to crash down the food waste to tiny and manageable pieces. It’s powered by electricity to take care of the trash.

Once it’s broken down to tiny pieces, you can have it go through the drainage system. In the end, you get rid of the massive food waste while preventing the pipes clogs. With the garbage disposal, you can rinse the left-over in the dishes before placing them in the dishwasher.

7 Best Commercial Garbage Disposals

Product name Horsepower Revolution Per Minute Product dimension Price
Insinkerator SS-1000 Commercial Waste Dispose 10 HP 1725 rpm 17.5 x 17.5 x 23.5 in Check price
Waste King 1500-1 Commercial Food Waste Disposer 1.5 HP 1725 rpm 9 x 9 x 19.8 inches Check price
Salvajor 500-TVL TroughVeyor Disposal System food waste conveying & disposing sy 5 HP 33-1/8×34½×20½  inches Check price
Salvajor ScrapMaster Pre-flushing and Disposal System 5 HP 33-3/16×48×24½  inches Check price
Insinkerator SS-200-27 Medium Capacity Commercial Waste Disposer 2 HP 1725 rpm 14.2 x 14.2 x 18.5 inches Check price
Waste King 1000-3 Commercial Food waste disposer 1 HP 1725 rpm 9 x 9 x 19 inches Check price
Waste King 3000-3 Commercial Food Waste Disposer 3 HP 1740rpm 15.8 x 15.8 x 25.8 inches Check price


Best large capacity disposer

1. Insinkerator SS-1000-10 Large Capacity Commercial Waste Dispose


This one is designed to cover even larger places like hospitals, asylums, schools, big nonstop restaurants, and university cafes. With its 10HP and 1725RPM, it will grind meats and chunks of trash. It can cater for up to 3000 meals at a time.

Since it’s designed for large operations, it’s quite powerful, and it has the stainless steel grinding chambers that will not corrode easily. It also has the overload protection to shield it from mechanical damage in case of an overload.

Its cutting elements are made using the cast nickel-chrome alloy. It won’t corrode yet it remains sturdy in construction. It further has a lip seal that shields it from water damage. It also protects you from the loss of grease.

Budget-friendly disposer

2. Waste King 1500-1 1.5 HP Commercial Food Waste Disposer


Well, this is one of the lowest costing commercial garbage disposal. You can use it when you have a small establishment. It grinds the waste once using its 1.5 HP, and it runs at 1725RPM. This will deliver some smooth food waste pulp.

With its rugged design, it stands any form of grinding and shocks you may experience. The waste king 1500 has the permanently lubricating bearing. It further has the turntable which it uses to help in the smooth operation of the garbage disposal.

Its fan helps to cool the garbage disposal operation from overheating. Notice that although classified under the commercial garbage disposals, this one is not a high-quality one. Also, it only gives you 14 months warranty.

High-quality disposer with the water recycling process

3. Salvajor 500-TVL TroughVeyor Disposal System food waste conveying & disposing sy


This is a whole system unit to make sure you grind the waste to liquid form. The essence of this machine is that it has a water recycling process. It’s ideal for those areas or neighborhoods that haven’t yet embraced the use of garbage disposal.

With the motor power of 5HP, it will grind the food waste to a pulp. It uses pre-flushing technology using the recycled water to clear the scraps. In the end, you save on the water and sewerage costs.

This machine can use 70 gallons of water per minute, even though it only uses 7 gallons per minute. Being the powerful machine that it is, salvajor will rapidly get rid of your waste.

Also, its TroughVeyor has the design to cater for the large conveyor or flight dishwasher. The conveyors make space for you to wash the large dishes and soak the plates that are hard to clean.

The garbage disposal has stainless steel components that are corrosion resistant. It further has the thermal protected and enclosed motors. With the help of the quick opening drainage valve, it will release the waste to the sewer with ease.

Best disposer locality disposer

4. Salvajor ScrapMaster 5-HP Pre-flushing and Disposal System


This is yet another garbage disposal system that is for those areas where they don’t allow garbage disposals. Like the salvajor 500 TVL, it uses pre flushing technique to re-circulated water.

In the end, you reduce water waste and bills while saving sewage costs. Also, it uses only 7 gallons of water for the process to give it a powerful rinse. The food waste that you get from the dirty dishes is then ground in the food waste disposal chambers.

It lets you soak your hard to wash dishes in the collection trays as you take care of other chores. This means that no left-over food is thrown into the garbage can.

The Salvador machine though posing as complex disposal is easy to operate and only requires low maintenance. It aims at reducing the food volume to 50%. With the 5HP power motor, it works best in school cafeterias.

In addition, it uses the stainless steel components to keep it free of corrosion, thus enhancing the durability.

The best medium-capacity disposer

5. Insinkerator SS-200-27 Medium Capacity Commercial Waste Disposer


This is a medium capacity garbage disposal that can comfortably work when using it in hospitals, schools, and medium-size restaurants. It does its work with ease to dispose of the waste in a short while.

It has the stainless steel grinding chambers that prevent corrosion. With a powerful motor of 2HP and a running rate of 1725 RPM, it can grind most of the left-overs.

It has the triple lip seal that protects the motor from grease and water loss. It’s the best disposal compare it to other disposals. What’s more, unlike most other commercial disposals, it operates quietly.

Also, it’s energy-efficient, which generally make it appealing when you only have a medium size establishment.

Best small establishment disposer

6. Waste King 1000-3 1 HP Commercial Food waste disposer


When you have a small establishment, you wouldn’t mind using this waste disposer. It has a high speed of 1HP and 1725 RPM. It further has a dual voltage and 3 phases. If you wish to use it at home, it’s okay though it suits hospitals, cafeterias, and small restaurants.

It has the stainless steel grinding chambers and swivel impellers. The impellers work to reduce jamming possibilities. You will rarely hear of clogs with this disposer. Since it uses the continuous feed method, it has a splash guard to keep the waste within the chamber.

It uses the hush cushion to shield the item from contacting metal to metal. This reduces the noise to a bare minimum level. It features a sturdy construction yet it’s one of the cheapest commercial disposers.

Powerful waste disposer

7. Waste King 3000-3 3 HP Commercial Food Waste Disposer


In the commercial set up, waste king 3000 is one of the most effective disposers today. It has all the positive reviews to show you that you can take their word for it. Featuring a sturdy construction, the disposer is durable.

It has a 3HP power which you can use to grind everything from left-overs to tough veggies and sometimes even bones. It’s so powerful that it will handle the waste all day. It uses its stainless steel swivel impellers to grind it down to tiny pieces.

The swivel also has an anti-jam feature for the disposer. It further has a stainless steel undercutter blade to back up in case the blades break down. Also, the backup blades work on tough food waste.

Although the disposer is powerful, it has the hush cushion, which will help you reduce the noise. The cushion separates the metal from each other; thus you don’t have the metal grinding on each other.

Additionally, it has the splash guard that makes the disposer work without splashing the waste all over. It has the cast iron grinding chambers for effective grinding. Mind you; it uses minimal energy for grinding.

On the downside, it has a shorter warranty than most waste king disposers.

The Benefits of Having A Commercial Garbage Disposal

They will deal with heaps of food waste

Have you ever been to a large hotel kitchen or even school kitchen?

I have worked there, and there’s no doubt that with every hour the kitchen produces heaps of waste. Discarding this waste to the landfill can cause so many toxins because it’s too much to handle even when it eventually decomposes.

Powerful commercial garbage disposal is ideal for making the cleanup easy. Cooks in the large establishment may not know how to handle the waste when there’s no garbage disposal. When this occurs, the health hazard is inevitable.

The garbage disposals help the kitchen get rid of the waste as it comes keeping the kitchen fresh.


While we have places that don’t use the commercial garbage disposal, we can tell that it’s not the easiest way of disposing of garbage in the trash can. Not only is it tedious, but it also raises health concerns. Notice that using the trash can will mean you fill the trash bags sooner.

These bags are a cause of hazards. But when you use the garbage disposal, you reduce the waste that you have to discard in the trash can. It grinds the food waste to smaller particles and drains in the local sewage or septic system.


Every human being right now is looking for ways to maintain a proper environment. And using the garbage disposal, you reduce the amount of waste you dispose of to the landfills. You don’t have to use so many garbage bags for the disposal.

Additionally, some of the large establishments are using the waste to produce energy, thus making waste useful. Eventually, you do treat the sewage, and when this happens, the methane gas produced can be trapped to form bio-gas energy.

No more plumbing needs

Before the rise of garbage disposals, plumbers had a lot to do. We could accidentally drop of tiny pieces of left-over food into the sink and then when you run the water, it clogs the pipes. Today, a powerful garbage disposal won’t let the drainage pipes clog.

So, you don’t have to waste time and money on it unblocking the drainages.

Isn’t it just convenient?

Filling up trash bags will mean that in a day, you have to dispose of several bags. This means that you will go out every time to get rid of the waste. With a garbage disposal, the number of trips you make to the larger trash can or landfill is reduced.

It caters for the most waste in the kitchen establishment, making your work easier.

Your kitchen is free of vermin

While most people don’t know it, but a lot of trash in the kitchen or outside the kitchen can attract vermin. Since you are operating a food business, you must take care of your clients. In using the garbage disposal, you keep vermin off the kitchen.

They don’t have room to breed and cause health hazard in the kitchen. Using the garbage disposal means you immediately get rid of the food waste living the kitchen clean.


You don’t have to hire more personnel to get rid of the waste in the kitchen, and you won’t have to haul waste.

What to Look for When You Purchasing A Food Waste Disposal

Like the household garbage disposal, there are factors of concern to check when you are purchasing the garbage disposal.

The size

This is a question of the capacity you want it to hold in reference to the kind of sink you have. Considering this garbage disposal will handle large food waste you ought to ensure that it’s compatible to the sink.

Let the horsepower guide you because the higher it is, the larger the capacity.

Noise reduction

Commercial kitchens are generally noisy because of the different appliances in use. The last thing you want is another appliance to add to the noise. Often the noise is from the vibrating sinks and counters.

A proper quality garbage disposal uses the sound seal technology to reduce the noise to a humming sound.


The appliance depends on the horsepower to know the amount of waste it can get rid of. If you have a higher HP it will grind harder food waste but also a lot of food waste at a go. When you are using it for commercial reasons, the lowest HP to choose is 1HP.

The grinding chambers

These are the vital components of any garbage disposal. They are the ones that will breakdown the waste, and therefore you should be careful to choose disposal with the right material. Its durability and sturdiness are paramount.

The stainless steel is durable, and it will prevent rust formation. Also, you can choose the galvanizing steel grind components. They are durable, although they corrode faster. Alternatively, use the thermoplastic polymer, which is sturdy and doesn’t corrode easily.

Feed type

There are two kinds of feed type for garbage disposals. Batch feed and continuous feed.

The batch feed it the one that lets you fill the chamber to a set level then you have to cover it before it begins grinding. It, therefore, breaks down the food waste in batches. This method is slower than the latter.

The continuous feed is convenient, especially for the commercial disposers. You can operate it continuously as long as it’s switched on.

Grinding speed ratings

Also referred to as RPM. Between the HP and the RPM are the two most important power tools that work to grind the food waste. Revolution per minute (RPM) will vary with different garbage disposals. It starts from 1725 to 2800 RPM.

If you want your food to be ground down to the tiniest particles, buy the ones with the high RPM.


Most of the garbage disposals only problem is the jams. Sadly, most of the garbage disposals don’t have an anti-jam. If you can have this option, you will be lucky since it lets grind perfectly.

The warranty

A good garbage disposal will have a longer warranty. This is to say that the manufacturer believes in their appliance. Choose the one with a guarantee of more than six years.

The cost of a commercial garbage disposal

Generally, depending on the brand, the cost of a garbage disposal will vary. The light-duty garbage disposal will start around $500-$2500. However, the high-end ones and heavy-duty will cost you over $5000.

Best Alternatives to Commercial Disposals

For the commercial setting, the garbage disposal is ideal because it cuts the labor cost by over half. Sadly, a good commercial garbage disposal can be too expensive for some businesses. In such cases, you can use these alternatives.

A drain strainer

Although it doesn’t grind the food to minimize waste like garbage disposal, it will prevent the rampant clogs on the drainage. It never lets in the kitchen appliances, and no food particles go into the drainage.

You will only have water, whether dirty or clean flowing to the drainage. It’s a cheaper option if you are using the garbage disposal to prevent drainage clogs. But if you wish also to break down the food then this is not what you want.


This is one of the oldest methods of reducing waste or making use of waste. When you have a compost pile, you can use various ways to make value of the waste. You can even use the kitchen composter to get rid of the food waste.

Once the compost is formed, use it as fertilizer in the gardens. After all, those concerned about the environment know that we should reduce waste or recycle it. The process is time-consuming, but it’s the best compared to the garbage disposal method.

Make use of the recycling plants

Luckily some localities have invested in the recycling plants to make use of the waste. This means you sort the trush into the food waste and the recyclables. In taking them to the plant, you won’t have cases of clogging and yet the waste you produce is valuable.