Easiest Garbage Disposal Repair & Fixing Tricks

Okay I have to admit this one… My little kido “Jeff” actually taught me most of the information I am about to share with you here. In fact, I knew nothing about garbage disposal repair and would always call on a plumber to come over to my aid. Little did I know I was paying so much for most of the time.

Prevention though, is better than cure. I implore you to read my garbage disposal maintenance update so you don’t end up crying for your cute little piece of equipment after all.

Do I have to iterate? Okay let’s do this a half more time 🙂

Avoid at all cost putting grease into the disposal unit
Be careful of stringy vegetables going into the machine
Plastic, metal, glass and say… large bones should never go into the disposer
Avoid using harsh chemicals just in case you try to clean. Use lemon wash instead
Send organic matter only to the disposer.

Now you got your kids putting something that shouldn’t be in the disposal right into it, or you stuff in a little too much of food waste into the machine (always do it one at a time!!). Or say, you have stuck in a fork or knife and now the machine won’t turn on. Oh great! Most times, what you hear is a hum sound. Now let’s fix it, shall we?

Garbage Disposal Repair
Most disposals have a reset button somewhere at the bottom (often times RED in color). Now you should wait a few minutes after noticing the problem; hit the RESET button and then go ahead to turn the disposal on to see if it will work. Often times, it will!
Other times, it won’t! So the next fix works if you got some heavy material causing it to jam, unplug the unit from power and then get a long screw driver to loosen up the jam by moving it back and forth. Oh, did I forget something? Actually, you are to stick the screwdriver into one of the holes on top of the garbage disposal.
After several “back and forths”, once you can tell that the inside is free, plug back the disposal to power source, push the RESET button then power it on. Everything should work fine now. You just did your very own garbage disposal repair in-house!


Oh, really? Then it’s time to finally call on a plumber. I still believe if you are patient enough, things can work out but heck, you need your machine running as soon as possible so start by asking friends and family for professional garbage disposal repair plumber around your area. Make sure those guys you are hiring have proven experience.

We’re done with this episode my friends. Ensure that you share this info with friends. Be a life saver today 🙂