How To Easily Fix A Clogged Garbage Disposal

InSinkErator Essential 3-4HPWith garbage disposals present in almost every home today, some occurrences can frustrate any user and it could get really annoying when it gets to that point, no matter the brand – even if you have the best garbage disposal in your home. A garbage disposal getting clogged is a major problem of some products – although this can come from the part of the user not paying necessary attention to the disposer and will continue like that until the machine stops working.

What actually causes a clogged garbage disposal?

Clogs are mainly caused by the way of reaction of food waste to water or unavailability of water after the home depot garbage disposal has ground food and tries to send it into the waste system. After a garbage disposal is clogged, waste is often trapped in mass on the discharge side of the disposal. There are yet more reasons for the clogging of these machines:

  • Putting down items that are not food e.g silverware in the sink
  • Insufficient water
  • Large bones that are not meant to be ground in the disposal
  • Grease that liquefy and then later solidify at the end of the water pipe which then clog up the drain

Ensure that you run away from these things in order to avoid having a clogged garbage disposal which will demand a repair or even a replacement.

My Garbage Disposal Has Been Clogged. What do I do?

If you find out that your food waste disposer is clogged and itHome Depot Garbage Disposal drains really slow or not even at all, the issue may be coming from the drain trap which usually is as S-shaped or P-shaped plumbing line seen immediately after the disposal discharge area.

To tackle clog, simply disconnect the drain trap and remove it from the discharge area. See if there are obstructions or clogs in that region. If none found, then that means that the clog is present in the wall which calls for clearing the blockage with the use of a sink auger.

Here are three tips that will help you prevent future clogs from troubling your household garbage disposal:

  1. Make room for a strong flow of cold water and allow it to continue running for few seconds after you have turned off the waste disposer. This does the job of effectively flushing out remaining food particles in the area that drains your waste. The use of cold water is necessary so that grease can be hardened up for proper grinding by the top garbage disposal.
  2. Remember to always clear the sink of silverware and dishes before you put the disposal into operation
  3. Avoid food building-up inside of the disposal. Make sure that you run the machine immediately after you place food in it.

Follow these tips and you will save your home garbage disposal for an even longer period. In as much as you follow the guidelines diligently without allowing for exceptions. You’ll find out that you’d be saving money that’s supposed to be meant for repair or replacements.

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