Garbage Disposal Buying Guide

Hello there! So you have decided to buy yourself a garbage disposal and you really aren’t sure what or which one to go for. Well, with this buying guide, I hope things will get cleared up for you and you can confidently select which unit to pick for your home or office. garbage disposal buying guide

When buying a garbage disposal, the most important factors to look at are the Horsepower rating, feed type and maybe durability. There are other factors actually but these three are considered the most crucial. Let’s examine this home depot garbage disposal buying guide together 🙂


Every garbage disposer unit comes in three varying horsepower ratings. Basically, more horsepower will give you more grinding power. As an expert, it is true to say that the horsepower rating of the unit you wish to pick should correlate to the usage it will receive. Here are the 3 major horsepower ratings for garbage disposals and what they are ideal for:

1/2 Horsepower Garbage Disposal

This type is ideal for minimal usage and recommended for people who live in Condos or an apartment that has a considerably low usage of the equipment.

3/4 Horsepower Garbage Disposal

This might be the most popular garbage disposer yet and is commonly used by single family homes. Its power makes it possible for it to serve a whole simple or single family living together in one home but make sure you don’t abuse the machine.

1 Horsepower Garbage Disposal

Any garbage disposal with power rating of 1HP is recommended for heavy usage. These machines are capable of serving a big family and can also be used in offices that have a lot of people in operation.


Should I buy a batch feed or continuous feed garbage disposal? – Let’s see the difference(s) between these two.

Batch Feed

A batch feed home depot garbage disposal simply does not have an automatic switch to turn it on for it to begin operation. They require a plug to be placed somewhere in the drain, which will be turned when the services of the disposer are needed. This process turns on the machine and once you’re done, you can turn back the plug to put it off.

Continuous Feed

This is the type we find in many homes and offices. They operate only when the attached switch is turned on and also allow for feed to be sent in continually while the unit is running. To operate, you have to first turn on the water and then the switch. You can now go ahead to feed the garbage disposal with waste until you are done and then you can put off the switch as well as the water.

A good rule of thumb is to find a garbage disposal that has stainless steel grinding chambers as they prove to be very durable. Also, you want to ensure that the unit you are purchasing can be easily installed into your kitchen or will you like to go through many hassles trying to install a kitchen equipment?

If you are really confused as to which garbage disposal to buy, a very good recommendation is the Waste King Legend 8000 unit. It is powerful and scores great grades in every other feature.