Best Garbage Disposal Cleaner Of 2019

The garbage disposal is vital to keep your kitchen smelling fresh because it gets rid of the food waste right in time. But without cleaning it after a couple of days, it will soon release the foul smell to your kitchen. Remember, it deals with waste.

Since garbage disposals are a must-have, you should know how to take care of them to maintain an ambient environment. When you first get it, you are grateful for an appliance that has not only made your work easy but also keeps the kitchen smelling fresh.

best garbage disposal cleaner

Well, this won’t always be the case. With time the disposer will begin to smell. You would expect this because the waste build-up will form bacteria that then cause the foul smell. Also, such bacteria can damage the seal.

Although most manufacturers don’t advise you on how to clean them, cleaning the waste is quite easy.

Why You Need to Clean the Garbage Disposal

The garbage disposal is just like any other appliance that you must maintain. Without cleaning it you risk damaging it sooner. The cleaning is part of its maintenance.

It will smell

The reason why we use the disposer is that we dislike the smell produced by food waste. Also, it reduces the weight we carry to the trash can keeping the environment clean.

However, if you won’t clean the garbage disposal, it will begin to smell, making you unable to stay in the kitchen.

It can cause health hazards

Bacteria love anywhere they can breed and feed. But some bacteria cause hygiene-related hazards to us. If you leave the garbage disposal uncleaned for too long, the bacteria will form a breeding ground. Ultimately this will affect the humans in the house.

The seals

If you leave the dirt on for too long, the dirt damages the disposer seal. When the seal is damaged, your garbage disposal begins to leak, and this is a whole other maintenance issue to deal with. Instead of waiting to damage it, clean the garbage disposal.

Build-up can lead to clogs

This is still a machine like any other, and if you don’t get rid of the dirt, they will soon clog the drainage pipes. When this happens, you end up spending a lot more than you should. Cleaning the disposer makes everything flow down with ease.

Product name Preview Scent Ratings Price
Glisten Disposer Care Foaming Cleaner Lemon scent Check price
Plink 9013 Garbage Disposal Cleaner and Deodorizer Lemon,


Simply fresh scents

Check price
Garbage Disposal Cleaner and Deodorizer Check price
Glisten Disposer Care Foaming Cleaner Lemon Check price
Grab Green Naturally-Derived Tangerine with Lemongrass Check price
Sani 360 Garbage Disposal Cleaner Lavender Check price
Affresh W10509526M3 Disposal Cleaner 3 Pack Citrus Check price


Best Garbage Disposal Cleaner

Best all-round cleaner

1. Glisten Disposer Care Foaming Cleaner, Lemon Scent, 4 Use


Of all the cleaners, this is one of the very best to use no wonder it’s one of Amazon’s choice. The essence of this foaming cleaner is to care for the disposer. With just a little bit of the form, it cleans the grunge and gets rid of the bad odor.

It will go deep to dissolve the buildup that you find on the sidewalls, drain pipes, splash guards, and the blades. Furthermore, it’s safe for use even if you have a septic system.

Notice that even the package here is biodegradable. The company makes recyclable things that are ecofriendly. What’s more, it leaves behind a refreshing lemon scent. The scent will stick on for some time overpowering any former odor.

So, not only do you clean the garbage disposal with this foaming cleaner, rather you disinfect it as well. Notice that the product is safe to use in the house. It contains no damaging chemicals. Moreover, it’s easy to use as it comes in a premeasured packet.

Best quick cleaner and deodorizer

2. Plink 9013 Garbage Disposal Cleaner and Deodorizer


This deodorizer cleans, unclogs, removes build-up and deodorizes It. It contains no bleach or scrubbing agents. It contains no phosphates and any other toxic chemicals. Therefore, you can use it in any sink.

Furthermore, it works with all kinds of septic tank systems. It further has the lemon, orange scent to completely get rid of the awful lousy odor. Remember to use it regularly to keep breaking down the fats that sometimes cause clogs on the pipers or surfaces.

Here’s how it works: you drop the plink sphere in the sink followed by running hot water for 15 seconds. Easy right? You can do it even when you are in a hurry to catch a plane or bus. Thus, you have no excuse of not cleaning the sink.

Use it at least twice a week for effectivity. Just remember to run the plink with hot water, not warm water to easily breakdown all clogs.

On the downside, some clients complain that they don’t work as effective, especially if you have a large sink and garbage disposal. The content doesn’t go deep into the clog.

Best deodorizer

3. Garbage Disposal Cleaner and Deodorizer 


Recently a friend was asking, “must we always use enzymes for everything?” And I said yes, but why not?

Most of the deodorizer cleaners will cover the bad odor with an overpowering smell. Unfortunately, in a few days, the smell is back because you didn’t clear the root cause. For those who love shortcuts, this is the way to go. But for efficacity, take time to clean it deeply.

The deodorizer works differently. It breaks down the molecules in the odor to come up with another perfect smell. This is one of the best natural bio-enzymatic cleaners that is perfect for getting rid of foul odor in the kitchen sink, bathroom, or drains.

It comes with a total of 16 treatments that you may use regularly. In the end, it develops a deodorize scent in the drainage, and you won’t have the foul smell again. It’s a good choice if compared to other chemical choices.

It works effectively to break down the grease, fats, and oils. This, in return, ensure your pipes never clog, and it gets rid of all the gunk. They will work quite fast to deliver effective results.

Unlike most other chemical cleaners, this one works with your septic tanks without damaging the drainage pipes.

Best powder cleaner

4. Glisten Disposer Care Foaming Cleaner, Lemon Scent, 4 Use


Glisten is famous for making the best cleansers to keep the disposal and drainages clean. It will give you an even more powerful cleaning than most home remedies or brands. The chemical composition used makes it easy to go deeper for deep cleansing.

With the lemon scent, it will leave your kitchen smelling fresh for a long time. This is the easiest and convenient cleaner. It’s safe to use with the septic tanks or any other drainage. The reason is that it’s made with the natural ingredients.

It offers you a powerful bleach cleaning. There’s no much difference between this type and the bleach alternative one except for the fact that it cleans, scrubs and freshens. It does three parts of the cleaning all in one cleaner.

Best eco-friendly cleaner

5. Grab Green Naturally-Derived, Tangerine with Lemongrass


When talking about environmental friendliness, this is the best disposal cleaner to go with. It contains all the natural ingredients. That means that it doesn’t use any of the toxic elements like phosphates, dyes, and chlorine.

Everything about the brand and product is made for environmental safety. We are talking about the content inside as well as the packaging. So, for anyone who practices the green life, this will wow you over.

You can have it in different scents, but the most common one is the tangerine and lemon scent. It leaves the perfect scent, and yet it’s easy to use and its mess-free. Sadly, it doesn’t clean as deep as other brands. At least so many clients can attest to that.

The good thing is that it will maintain a great scent. Also, it tries to eliminate the clogs, though not as much as the ones discussed above do.

Best gunk and clogs cleanser

6. Sani 360 Garbage Disposal Cleaner


Since garbage disposals are the most used appliances in the kitchen, you should always clean them. If you can periodically clean them, you would remove the gunk grease and food waste odor. For you to do so, you need a good cleaner.

Sani 360 is one such cleaner and deodorizer. It will clean the disposal chamber, the splash guard, blades and all the other parts of the garbage disposal. You can use it in the kitchen sinks and bathroom sinks.

It features a formula and composition where you can deal with the different toughest gunk and clogs. It will even handle the bad odor from the garbage disposal. It makes a thick foam to the most hidden areas.

With this feature, it will find ways to get rid of the odor inducing wastes. It then deodorizes the garbage leaving you with a lavender scent.  It’s made using the essential oils for the perfect cleansing.

This type of cleaner requires you to spray the sink, clean it, and rinse it to give you a quicker and safer environment.

Best powerful cleaner

Affresh W10509526M3 Disposal Cleaner 3 Pack


I love citrus scent on any of the disinfectant and cleaners and that’s why I love this cleanser. This product is made to clean the gunk and clog as it gets rid of the bad odor.

It works using the foaming action method. With the foam, it breaks down all the buildup making everything flow with ease. It uses its scrubbing action to give your garbage disposal a powerful cleaning.

You can use it monthly or as frequently as you desire. It will keep the garbage disposal clean and with a citrus scent.

Garbage Cleaner Alternatives

While its best to buy the store-bought products, you don’t always have to, except when you are in a hurry. You can achieve the same results with some great alternatives. Some of the alternatives are already in your house.

You don’t always have to buy expensive products for the cleaning. Make use of the products at home but ensure its not chemical composition. Some of the chemicals can damage the septic tanks and drainage pipes.

Hot water and dish soap

This is the easiest method to apply. You only need to use hot water and dish soap. This will be of essence if you realize that the disposer has some form of odor. The hot water will go out to melt the clogs, grease, and fats.

These clogs, when released, will go down with the awful smell.

Here is how it works: add soap to the disposal and then run hot water into the garbage disposal and can cover it. Ensure the water covers the disposer to the upper part. You can do that by filling your sink with hot water first before letting it flow into the disposer.

In the process, it will clean the whole path of the drainage, thus getting rid of the waste remains.

The boiling water

I have done this to my blocked sink, and it works to release the blockage especially if there are tiny particles of food. You can do the same with the garbage disposal. Pour boiling water in the garbage disposal to loosen all the residue that is stuck on the surface of the disposer.


When all you are after is to get rid of the bad odor, then you should use any products that are made using the citrus. If you want to use natural products, then the citrus peels will work for you.

Here is how it works: cut the lemon peels into tiny pieces then run water into the disposer as you let it grind the lemon peel. You can further use the tangerine, grapefruit, or oranges.

Baking soda and vinegar

Vinegar is the perfect cleanser in most households. It will get rid of stains on your clothes and surfaces. Also, it will give your garbage disposal a powerful cleanse.

Here is how to work it: sprinkle the baking soda in the garbage disposal then follow it on a cup of white vinegar. You can also use apple cider vinegar.

How to Clean the Garbage Disposal

Naturally, the garbage disposal works to maintain the cleanliness of its chambers as it flushes out the waste and water off its surface. However, as earlier mentioned, with time, it forms build-up that you should scrub off.

Notice that we have highlighted various methods to use in the cleaning of the garbage disposal using the home remedies. Here is the easiest way though.

Begin by first turning off of the power to make sure it doesn’t cause accidents as you are washing it.

Next, block the sink drainage. The essence is to make sure it doesn’t release water from the drainage. Fill that sink with the warm water and add some of the dish soap. Then remove the blockage to let the water run into the garbage disposal.

Now use the scrub to clean the visible parts of the disposer. Focus around the drain. Remember you should never place your fingers next to the blades but scrub all the parts you can see.

Next, put some ice into the garbage disposal. Push the ice down the garbage disposal then add a half cup of salt over the ice. Do all this while having switched off the power. Once you are done, run the disposal.

After that, if you need more cleaning, add ½ cup of baking soda to the disposal. Let the disposal sit for about an hour with the baking soda. Next, add a cup of vinegar and watch it bubble. Let it rest for another ten minutes.

Now finish off by running cold water in the garbage disposal and run the disposer too for the final cleaning. At this point, the disposer is clean. For additional cleanse, run a lemon in the drainage with the cold water still running. This will sort the odor problem.

Concerning the Odor

With the above cleaning tips, you should get rid of the bad odor. Cleaning the disposer is a breeze, but the best way to handle odor is through preventing it.

Never run the starchy foods and fibrous veggies in the disposer. These are some of the food that will lead to the foul smell.

Shield the disposer from clogs

The only way to keep the garbage disposal odor-free is to make sure that it doesn’t let the clogs formation. You can use the plungers to get rid of clogs before they become stubborn. Also, only allow the right sized waste into the drainage.

As you can see, there are so many products you may use for cleaning the disposer you only need to choose the single best one that works for you.


In this case, the best is Glisten Disposer Care Foaming Cleaner, Lemon Scent, 4 Use. It works to clean and at the same time, deodorize the garbage disposal. It, unlike most other types of cleaners, go for deep cleaning, thus ensuring no foul smell linger on.

For the best results with the garbage disposal, you should give it a powerful cleansing on a weekly basis. This will keep it free from clogs.