Garbage Disposal Installation

Assuming your kitchen has lost its wonderful garbage disposal to one problem or the other, you are likely to opt for a new garbage disposal installation. In most cases, you would want to purchase a new unit and have the old one disposed off.

Garbage Disposal Installation

While some people may have problems with installing a garbage disposal, it is a however very straightforward. It should not cost you much to replace your garbage disposal and here’s how to go about it:

  1. Prepare: Start by removing everything beneath the sink. Be sure to have all the necessary tools needed for replacing your waste disposer. Start by noting the features of the faulty one and then go to purchase a new unit in the market. You don’t need to do much work here as you can easily read the best garbage disposal reviews on this website and you also get links to receive great discounts (up to 60%) on each reviewed product. With the reviews you have here, you can easily make comparisons and remember, discount! discount! discount! No jokes…
  2. Remove the old product: Here, carefully use a screw driver to wedge loose the edge of the machine and remove it. Aside this, you just need to remove all the pipes that lead in and out of old garbage disposal. As soon as you have successfully removed the old unit, you can go ahead to dispose it properly.
  3. Installing New Unit: Now that you have removed the old product and gotten a new one set, it’s time to put a fresh new one in place! InSinkErator and Waste King products usually come with installation instructions. Now, fix it just like you saw the old unit. Viola!

These tips are easy to follow in order to ensure a successful garbage disposal installation in your kitchen. If you have made up your mind to grab a working garbage disposal, see these genuine household garbage disposal reviews.


Just in case you still don’t get the entire process, I guess a video tutorial will help. details it in the video below: