Garbage Disposal Maintenance [DO’s & DONT’s]

A poorly maintained home depot garbage disposal is liable and will eventually break down in the nearest future. I have seen so many people treat this machine the way it comes – not very kindly. Apart from breaking down, the disposer can also clog your drains which could be a disaster and call for costly plumbing work.

For your disposal to perform at optimal rate, check out these major Do’s and Don’ts.


  • Always keep your garbage disposal clean. Send into it a little dishwashing soap and let the machine run for some minutes then pour some cold water therein.
  • Run your disposer at frequent intervals. Regular usage of the machine keeps it from rusting and getting corroded. Also, this helps it to get rid of small clogs.
  • Grind citrus fruit and send the juice into the equipment for a refreshing drain smell
  • Send in smaller pieces of waste to the machine. If there are big wastes present, don’t shove them all in; break them and send in parts.
  • Make use of cold water for flushing. Cold water solidifies grease found inside and as a result get it grinded by the machine.


  • Don’t grind glass, metal or plastic
  • Don’t grind cigarettes
  • Don’t send in non-food items; they will destroy the inner components of the garbage disposal
  • Don’t make use of hot water for flushing
  • Don’t grind combustible materials
  • Don’t grind materials such as onion skins, corn husks and celery stalks; they can jam the motor.
  • Don’t grind bones (fish bone can be an exception)
  • Don’t send in large amount of food waste at once
  • Don’t turn off the machine or water supply until you are sure that grinding is complete. A good practice is to leave the water running for a few seconds (or minutes) after the disposal might have been turned off
  • Don’t grind coffee grounds or fruit peels to avoid clog at some point.
  • Don’t put your hand in the machine in order to remove an object or sort. If need be, wear a protective hand glove.
  • Don’t cut off water supply while the machine is running
  • Don’t fix what you ordinarily cannot fix; call a plumber!

Garbage disposals are great kitchen equipment that an average home needs to take care of her waste disposer needs. If you have deiced to replace your disposer due to one reason or the other, check out my review of the best home depot garbage disposals around.

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