Best Garbage Disposal Splash Guard (Splash Guard Replacement)

One of the most used appliances in the kitchen is the garbage disposal, and for this reason, it wears out fast. Since the food goes through the splash guard and into the garbage disposal, the splashguard wears out quickly.

Garbage Disposal Splash Guard

If you want it to last longer, you will need to keep it clean and handle it with care. However, when the time comes, and it wears out, you can always buy a new one and fix it on the garbage disposal.

Waste King Stopper and Splash Guard
  • Removable garbage disposal splash guard and sink stopper
  • Compatible with EZ Mount garbage disposals: Waste King Legend Series, Waste King Gourmet Series, Whirl away, Sink master, Bone crusher and...
  • The splash guard is designed to minimize splashing from inside the food disposal during operation

If you have ever used the garbage disposal you will know just how essential it is. But without a splash guard, your continuous feed garbage disposal won’t work.

Heres How to Replace the Garbage Disposal Splash Guard

  • Safety

Always remember to stay safe. Therefore, you should turn the circuit breaker off. Also, never handle the garbage disposal when you haven’t first turned it off. It may begin to run as you are working on it, and this will cause accidents.

Next, unplug it from the power source below the sink to be sure that no power is going through its parts.

  • Removing the garbage disposal

You will need to remove the garbage disposal form the sink only then can you change the splashguard. So, follow the process below.

  • Remove the drain lines

Also, remove the drain pipes from the garbage disposal sides. This’s easy to do as you unscrew the screws when you turn them in a counter-clockwise direction. You can then remove the other parts by hand.

  • Go on to remove the garbage disposal

Use the flat screw to push to loosen the garbage disposal once you loosen it. You should do this once you have loosened the three screws. Once you finish, your food disposer will detach from the sink and fall off.

  • Removing the splash guard

When you have the garbage disposal on the table, you should see the flappy rubber gasket that prevents the seeping back of the waste into the sink. It also blocks the debris from flying back to the sink.

That’s the part to remove. Often the removal part is the easiest, especially when it’s worn out. You will need to wipe it out or tear it out. You can further replace or snap the new one with ease. But first,

  • Cleaning and maintenance

Use your flashlight to see whether you have parts of the splash guard into the disposal. You should also check for any other foreign object that may have fallen into the garbage disposal. You can remove it at this time too.

  • Now replace the splash guard

As we had mentioned this shouldn’t be a difficult process. You should have bought the right splashguard but especially make sure the size is the same. If you don’t use the correct size your garbage disposal will leak.

When you have the correct size, slip the garbage disposal size into the garbage disposal.

  • Reconnecting the garbage disposal

Once you have the new splash guard on, you can reattach the garbage disposal to the sink. You can use the car jack scissors to hold it in place as you mount it. Tighten the three bolts on the mounting assembly.

Finally, reconnect the drain lines and the dishwasher lines. You can redo the previous steps you took when you removed it.

  • Switch it on

Finally, plug the food disposer on then go and switch on the circuit breaker and you are ready to start working with it again.

Universal Garbage Disposal Splash Guards

1. Garbage Disposal Splash Guard/Sink Baffle

Essential Values Garbage Disposal Splash Guard (Sink Baffle), Aftermarket Replacement Compatible with Insinkerator Disposals and Most Universal 3 1/2 inch Sinks | Measures 3 1/4inch

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The good thing about this garbage disposal splash guard is that it won’t break your bank account. You only need to spend a little money to have it protecting the water and waste food from backing into the sink.

It will fit most standard and universal garbage disposals except for the Insinkerator, whirlpool and waste king types. At 3¼ inches it fits most universal sinks. It’s a rubber type of splash guard that will allow the passage of both the food and waste into the disposer.

2. Maxdot 3 Pack Garbage Disposal Splash Guard Sink Baffle

Maxdot 3 Pack Garbage Disposal Splash Guard Sink Baffle Cover Disposal Replacement Waste Food Disposal Part for Kitchen

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With less than $10, you receive three pieces of splash guards. They are both the right size whereby you have the outer ring being of 3-1/8 inches. The inner side is 2-3/5 inches which makes it easy to fit it right.

Therefore, you should mount the garbage disposal in the sink then place the splash guard over it. This makes it easy to seal in tightly. It features the use of rubber, and that’s oil-resistant so it will keep the dirt off.

Its further wear resistant so it has a strong adhesion that makes it a long-life product. It’s easy to remove and clean when need arises. Also, it makes the hopper chamber an easy to access part of the disposer.

Both its installation and removal don’t need you to use different tools. The best part is that it can work on varied garbage disposals

3. Garbage Disposal Splash Guards Topspeeder Food Waste Disposer

Garbage Disposal Splash Guards Topspeeder Food Waste Disposer Accessories Multi-function Drain Plugs Splash Guards for Whirlaway, Waste King, Sinkmaster and GE Models - Guard Measures (4 pack)

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Anyone who cares for the environment knows that we need to choose all the best products that won’t affect the environment. This splashguard is one such item. It’s the best material that’s heat, wear-resistant, durable, and with the strong adhesion.

It’s a universal product, and for that reason, it’s mostly easy to use and clean. You can use it to replace the damaged old and misplaced splash guard. You will find it easy to replace the processing hopper. It’s easy to install the rubber splash guard.

Also, it’s compatible with most of the garbage disposals. When you use the rubber material splash guard, you can be sure that it’s more flexible. Some people use plastic material which is weak.

Garbage disposal splash guard 3 inch

4.  Whirlpool 4211615 Splash Gasket

Whirlpool 4211615 Splash Gasket , Black

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The genuine whirlpool splash guard will serve you if you have the whirlpool garbage disposal.

It’s made using rubber, and it works best to keep the food waste from backing into the sink. Since it has a strong adhesion, it will serve you over a long time. It’s never affected by heat or corrosion.

Additionally, it’s easy to install as you don’t need to use any tools and gadgets for the installation. It will protect the disposer from the backing of the debris.

5. Waste King EZ Mount Garbage Disposal Stopper and Splash Guard

WASTE KING Moen 1025 AMC Kitchen Products EZ Mount Garbage Disposal Stopper and Splash Guard, Black

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This comes from one of the most popular garbage disposals. People trust it mostly because it’s from a brand that has made a name for themselves. The essence of the splash guard is to guard the disposal against splashing the food waste.

If you have the EZ mount garbage disposal, you can use this splashguard. So, even when you don’t have a waste king garbage disposal, if you use the EZ mount method, it will work. The material that makes it is the neoprene, and that makes it durable.

The good thing is that its neoprene stopper will seal your sink completely when the need arises. You can use it to collect enough water in the sink when you like to soak something or even clean the sink and the disposer.

Thorough cleaning the garbage disposal is essential occasionally. This will keep the odor at bay as you get rid of gunk and buildup. The fact that the splashguard is easy to remove makes it easy to clean.

6. Insinkerator SMG-00 Gasket, 3.25-Inch Diameter, Black

InSinkErator SMG-00 Standard Mounting Gasket, Black

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This Insinkerator splash guard stops the splashing of the waste back into the sink. It keeps the dirty water contained in the disposer. This disposal features a standard replacement that you make using the rubber gasket.

It’s easy to install, primarily because most Insinkerator brands use the quick-lock mount method. You only need to slip it into the garbage disposal making it easy to replace. It uses rubber material which means it’s durable and long-lasting.

When it comes to Insinkerator, cleaning is easy and fast, but it’s even better when you have this splash guard as you don’t have to clean the splashed waste.

7. Podoy Disposal Splash Guard Garbage Stopper 

Podoy Disposal Splash Guard Garbage Stopper for Compatible with Black Rubber Quiet Collar Sink Baffle QCB-AM Evolution

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Another garbage disposal splash guard that will work with the Insinkerator type of garbage disposal is podoy. However, you can use it in other garbage disposals as well.

You don’t need to hassle installing them since like the one above with the quick mount method you can easily install it. It’s good that it takes you a few seconds to install the splashguard. They prevent water and food particles from the frequent splashing of waste.

8. Xgood 4 Packs Garbage Disposal Splash Guard

Xgood 4 Packs Garbage Disposal Splash Guard Sink Black Rubber Stopper Baffle Disposal Replacement Waste Food Disposal Drain Stopper

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This features a smaller size of splashguard for those who have small sinks and garbage disposals. It features the use of rubber and a good quality rubber that is oil resistant and wear-resistant making it a durable piece.

The product is easily removable, and equally, you can easily replace it. This splash guard will give you the way through the hopper of the disposal unit. You can use it with most regular sinks.

Benefits of Having A Splashguard

Every part of the garbage disposal no matter how tiny it is, the disposer parts have to make the grinding process a smooth process. Some of the benefits it has included the following.

  • Noise

The way it’s designed is such that it gets rid of the noise completely. When the disposal unit doesn’t have the splashguard, it will make so much noise. The splash guard somehow muffles the noise.

  • Prevents splashing

Since the continuous feed disposal doesn’t have a stopper to lock the disposer top, it uses the splash guard to avoid the splashing of the water and food particles.