8 Best Garbage Disposal Switch In 2019 | Buyer’s Guide

If you are going to use the garbage disposal you need to have a switch as well.

Have you noticed that the whole process of operating the disposal is often a mess? I can deal with all the other messes except the one where you have the water splashing all over.

It poses dangers with electricity, especially if you are using the ancient disposal that you might already know. They are wall-mounted, and this may easily cause an electric shock, especially if you are handling them with wet hands.

In recent times, the air switch is gaining popularity because it’s a safer choice. You can also have the wireless switches and toe kick. All these are the options you may try or use.

What Is an Air Switch for Garbage Disposal?

Of all the switches available, the air switch garbage disposal is the most popular one. This is what you use to control your garbage disposal while handling the most challenging situation- the electric shock.

Garbage Disposal Switch

It works in such a way that your hands do not have to come to contact with electricity, thus keeping you safe from shocks.

It’s a push-button that you use to control the garbage disposal. It’s usually mounted on the countertop or the sink.

The air switch has three parts namely:

  • Air switch
  • Airtight hose
  • Power control unit

You connect the switch to the airtight hose on one side, and then the other side is connected to the power control. The item is operated using air pressure; thus, you don’t need batteries or electricity in any form. Therefore, they are safe to use in wet surroundings

So, here is how it works:

How Air Switch for Garbage Disposal Works

When you press the air push button, the air is released in pulses to go through the airtight hose and to the control unit. When the control unit is triggered, it powers the garbage disposal. Once you finish, press the switch on the sink again to switch it off.

When buying it, you should confirm that it has the right push buttons. Otherwise, you will end up buying not a compatible one. So, to install it, you should mount it on the sink or cabinet.

Is it a good idea to have it?

Traditionally, the kitchen disposal switch is set below the sink; you may also have other switches close by the garbage switch. This means that for you to reach the switches you must bend and some people are not fit enough to bend.

The sad thing is that you may cause unnecessary accidents from switching on the wrong switches. Also, if you operate it with wet hands, you risk causing electric shocks. Thankfully air switch is here to save you from all that drama.

You don’t have to bend since its mostly mounted on the cabinet top. For most people, the place where it’s mounted makes it accessible. So, when you press the button, then you make the control button begin running the garbage disposal.

In pressing it a second time, you stop it from working. Simple, right? So, for this case, you will never have chances where you pressed the wrong button to start running. The fact that you connect the electricity to the central control and not the button makes it the safest option.

You won’t have electric shocks with it too. So even if you forgot and touched it with your wet hands, you are still safe. Luckily, such switches work with almost all kinds of disposal, making it a good choice.

Besides, you need no electrician to fix it.

Another advantage is that it won’t add more noise during the operation. Because, unfortunately, the worst thing about the garbage disposals is the noise it produces. So, to answer your question, yes, it’s the best thing you can ever buy to serve you safely.

What is the right time to buy a garbage disposal switch?

Most items are becoming automated. But the garbage disposal must have a switch for your safety reasons especially, when there’s a clog.

You need a new switch when:

  • You know truly that your garbage disposal is in good condition but even when you press the switch, nothing happens.
  • You realize that for your disposal to switch on, you must press it several times.
  • When your garbage disposal is old, and you are replacing it with a new one.
  • When you want a safer option and are therefore thinking of attaching a new air switch to replace the old one.
  • You can change the switch if you want to change the position of the switch, to make it readily accessible.

Nevertheless, before you change the switch, confirm that the garbage disposal isn’t faulty.

Pros and Cons of Garbage Disposal Air Switch

  • It’s a safe option

You don’t have to worry about electricity because the air switch will not depend on the electricity. In fact, you can mount it even on the sink. Since it’s also readily accessible, you don’t have to bend or hurt yourself when switching it on.

  • It’s convenient

The air switch works with a lot of the garbage disposals. It further uses the regular power rating method.

  • It’s available in different colors

Most people like to use kitchen tools and equipment that fit well in their kitchen décor. The good thing is that this item comes in versatile colors. It comes with several colors to match your kitchen colors.

  • Easy access

Regardless of your height, with this air switch, you will start the garbage disposal with ease. This is because it’s mostly mounted on the sink or counter. The traditional electric wall switch requires you to stretch a bit to turn on the switch.

This is so ideal for anyone. No need to strain, press the button on the counter, and it begins grinding.

  • It’s stylish

Often, the air switch is stylish. All you need to do is choose the button that matches your home decoration. It will end up enhancing the kitchen style.

  • Since you are going to use it over the counter, it may corrode easily because of the change in chemicals used.
  • You have to use extra charges for this button switch when buying the garbage disposal.

Best Garbage Disposal Switch

1.  Garbage Disposal Air Switch, Sink Top

Here is one of the best single outlet air switches you have in the market. The air switch is easy to operate and install. It comfortably works with major garbage disposal brands. This is a great DIY item that comes ready with all the necessary tools you can use to mount it.

Your safety is paramount, and so the brand is a great piece as it allows you to exercise your safety. Made of stainless steel, the item is durable and corrosion-resistant. The button that comes with it is compatible.

2. BESTILL Sink Top Garbage Disposal Air Switch Kit with Single Outlet, Brushed Nickel 

This air switch features a solid brass construction, but it also has the nickel finish. The material used for the switch is more durable than the regular stainless steel. It’s anti-rust and waterproof.

The item fits any garbage disposals perfectly. Most of the famous brands work well with this air switch. You can also use it with the hot water dispenser or dishwashers. This style is safe for use than the regular wall mount type.

It’s easy to install since it has the power module that is not attached to the power cord. The whole package is space-saving and convenient for use. If you have the thick countertop, you can install this switch with ease. For most people, this is the best switch to have.

3. InSinkErator STS-00 Dual Outlet SinkTop Switch, Chrome & White

Here is a convenient option to the regular wall switch the best part is that it’s a dual outlet sinktop switch. This switch is air-activated to make it easy to mount on the sink or counter. You can use it for the instant hot water and garbage disposal all at once.

This is to say that it will control not only one appliance but two at a time. To make it easy to control, you have two buttons that control the two different items. You have the air hose that you can use to control the installation of the appliance.

The item is easy to install, and therefore, it will keep you safe from the rapid shocks. I like its design since it will add a touch of elegance to your sinks. It has the chrome and white finish to suit all the different kitchen décor.

This item makes it easy to clean, cook, and keep the kitchen clean with the help of the garbage disposal. It’s the most convenient since its located in a convenient part of the house to make it easy to operate.

4. Sink Top Air Switch Kit 

It features the use of aluminum alloy power module. It also has stainless steel buttons to make it durable and rustproof. You can mount it on whichever size of the thickness of the countertop since it comes in the long and short sizes.

It’s stylish, which means it will amp the kitchen design. Furthermore, it makes you quickly forget about the need to use the wall switch. You can use it even if you have wet hands and not have to endure a shock. You don’t need rocket science to mount this item on your surfaces

Remember, though; you shouldn’t pour a lot of water on the buttons as that will damage the tube and ultimately the whole kit. You have different colors to choose the best air switch.

How to Install the Air Switch

Identify the position to place the button

First, identify the best location where you intend to install it. You can have it on the sink or over the counter. Once you have identified the location, drill a hole, which is going to be the place where you mount the button.

If you intend to mount it on the sink, make sure it’s not situated right below the faucet. Even though it’s not affected much by water, soaking it with water can lead to its damage.

Bottom line, ensure that you can reach the button with ease.

Preparing the air switch

Remember, the air switch has three parts. Take one end of the tube and attach it to the other end of the push button.

Next, you can insert the push button through the hole you just made. Go on to tighten it with a plastic nut.

Finish up

Next, take the other end of the tubing and before attaching it to the control unit, confirm that the length you have is suitable for you. Cut the tube to shorten it if need be and then connect the remaining part to the control unit.

Ensure the tube is secure in both instances.

Plug-in the power supply cable into the wall outlet.

Also, plug-in the garbage disposal power cord in the unit. This step is critical, and you need a to make sure everything you do keeps the items safe.


Inspect everything to make sure that you have them in order on the main power supply then go on to test and find out if it’s working. If you notice that you attached something wrong, you can make the adjustments. Push it again to make it stop.

Wireless Switch

We also have one other form of garbage disposal that is wireless, which is even safer. Here what happens is that you attach the power module to the power supply socket. It’s not any different from the way you would connect the regular adapter.

So, it also has the socket where the garbage disposal is connected.

Press the button and let that activate the garbage disposal. Therefore, in this case, you can mount the push button anywhere, including the wall.

  • It assures you of your safety since the electric accidents are reduced.
  • The wireless switch is easy to install.
  • It further is cost-effective compared to other methods like air switch.
  • No corrosion cases are expected. The air switches usually corrode.
  • Generally, it’s not as good looking as the air switch is on the counter.

5. Sink Top Garbage Disposal Wireless Switch Kit

You can mount it wherever you wish, and you don’t even need an air tube. Moreover, you need no batteries, and you can use it even if you have wet hands without being electrocuted. This one works with the garbage disposal.

It shouldn’t have more than 1.5 HP. Moreover, you don’t have to spend a lot more money on the installation. You also don’t have to sweat trying to make a hole where you can install the button the way you do with the air switch.

You only have to stick the button wherever you find safe and easy. It can work even when you have placed it over 100 feet away. It comes in various colors, making it easy to work with your different kitchen decorations.

6. Didikit Garbage Disposal Wireless Switch Kit

Here is another style whereby you have the wall switch and a portable remote all at once. It works both as a portable remote and as a traditional switch. Therefore, you can hide it away from children or place it at a safer part that they can’t reach.

You don’t have to drill a hole on the walls to install it. You also don’t have to run wires on it that you don’t know how to use it. This gives it an edge when it comes to the installation.

Press the button to start it and set the timer to 30 or 40 seconds if you wish. With these settings, it automatically powers off once it’s done running. It further has a powerful signal that can range up to 200m outdoor.

Mind you; it will go through the sink even if it’s very thick. Its energy-saving and it’s also safe to use. Using it assures you that you will only consume very little power. It further works with powerful disposers, but its power should never exceed 1HP.

7. Garbage Disposal Wireless Switch Kit

For this, you also need no wiring drilling or damaging the sinks and walls. All you need is to plug the disposer, and you are ready to use it. You only need to glue the button anywhere that is dry and the parts that always remain dry like the cabinets and drawers.

You can also use it as a portable remote and thus place it wherever you wish. If your garbage disposal has a power rate that exceeds 1HP it can’t work with it. But if its a below the 1HP mark, regardless of the brand the wireless switch can work with it.

This is your easy route to saving electricity because it uses no more electricity than normal. This wireless switch, though made with the garbage disposal in mind, it can work with other gadgets at home. It’s the safest to use.

The Toe Kick Switch

This is another design of switch that is made by a particular company in the market called TOEKICKswitch. So, in this case, you use your toe to kick the switch and then it begins to run the garbage disposal.

8. TOEKICKswitch – Hands-Free, Foot Operated, Garbage Disposal Switch

So, this toekick switch mimics the air switch without the air. It has an electro circuit connection. Although it’s one of the switches we have, it can cause the electric shocks more than all the other types above. Nevertheless, it works to keep you safe with its design.

You don’t have to drill holes when you want to attach it like you do with the air switch.

Important Tips of Concern When Going to Buy the Switch

If you have been reading this, then you know that there are about three types of switches. They work effectively, but for the toe switch. They all reduce electric accidents. So, when you are going to buy one you need to be sure about the following factors.

Which one do you want?

The air switch, the wireless switch or the toeswitch? They are all effective in a way, but the air switch is more famous.

Which one is convenient?

Secondly, which one pleases you the wall switch or to the button mount on your counter or sink? It’s all about convenience when it comes to these questions.

Which color suits your kitchen decor. Whether it’s a wall mount or the button switch, they both come in different colors so you can choose which one works best.

Are you concerned about your kid’s safety?

Do you have children in the house? This will tell you whether you need more safety features and thus, a different switch.

What’s the budget?

Are you going to buy the whole kit a fresh or you need parts of it for the replacement? This will determine the money you spend on the project.


Once you know the above features, then you can choose an item based on the material used to make it. I love both the air switch and wireless because you can find those that are made using materials that will never corrode easily.

The hose length

If you are buying the air switch, you need to know how long the hose is because you don’t have to buy excess hose. Although, if you have a longer hose, you can set the button a little further. It allows you to cut it if you want.

How to Wire the Garbage Disposal Switch


From the discussed list, every individual has their personal preferences to the switch that suits them best. Most people prefer the air switch, which is quite useful although you have to mount it once you drill the counter.

On the other hand, I prefer the wireless switches because I have little nieces and nephews, so safety is essential.