Glass Insulator/Bed Spring Candle Holder

Glass Insulator/Bed Spring Candle Holder

I’ve seen these candle holders before, but my bed springs have never been ones I thought I could use. That wire is almost impossible to cut through. At least that is what I thought. This past weekend I was out with my husband and we spotted one of these candle holders. I mentioned why we couldn’t do it and he let me know how wrong I was.

This project definitely passes the “Tim Allen Grunt” test. You know…that test that implies your husband will help make it, or will enjoy the finished project because it is a manly-man craft. As close as we are getting to Father’s Day, I think this is a winner.

These are the springs and the glass insulators I started with. See the tiny top portion. The insulator won’t fit in there so cutting a bit off is required. In steps The Man with his appropriate power tool…an air compressor angle grinder. Actually, it doesn’t have to be a grinder powered by an air compressor, but that is the kind we have.

My husband has gotten metal particles in his eyes more than once. Even with safety glasses. Live and learn. He now uses full eye goggles with edges that seal to the face. Because of metal flakes flying through the air, I didn’t take pics of the cutting process. I just didn’t want to get close enough for a pic.

He cut down the spring about an inch or so from the top. The cut wire end was then manipulated with pliers…done by a visiting (male) friend). See? This project is a male magnet! He widened and tucked the cut wire end under the next row of wires. It held firm. No glue, welding or wire required.

The glass insulator was then set inside the top opening. We pushed the insulator down enough to catch the wire of the bed spring in a groove in the glass. This will keep the insulator from falling out.

I only had one of the bed springs shown on the right. This bed spring wasn’t as much fun for The Man. It didn’t require any power tools. The insulator was simply set inside.