More Graduation Decor and Inspiration

School Letter Decor Using Rulers

I’m trying to be super frugal with the decorations for my son’s graduation celebration because money will need to be spent on necessities like food and drinks.

A few weeks ago I shared my Rustic Ruler Star.


I still had rulers left over, so I decided to play with them. I wanted something to reflect the school…Winfield Vikings. A current school monogram has the “W” combined with the “V”. I decided to make ruler decor using this same image. Although some letters may be somewhat angular, I think just about any letter could be made with rulers.

I cut the pieces I would need for the WV and sanded them. Just like the star, I stained them with acrylic paint. I used blue to match the school.

The ruler pieces were drilled and attached with rusty baling wire.

I’m not making a lot of them…I’m thinking just a few to be placed here and there.

Which brings me to the really awesome inspiration of this post.

A few days ago when I posted about my balloon weights, Heather at Our Life In A Click posted a very nice comment and offered up the link to her daughter’s graduation party from last year.


Her party ideas are fabulous! Take a moment to click on her blog’s name and feast your eyes on her creativity. I will be stalking visiting her site frequently in the next few weeks to copy gather inspiration for my son’s party. Ours will not be as big or elaborate, but I can dream…

I’m going to dig out my old typewriter. The bike that is already in the yard will be repositioned for the party.

The Jenga blocks guestbook is genius and the scrabble tile display is adorable. Oh, and Yard Twister? Too cute!

And, and, and…I made copies of my son’s senior pics for a photo garland. I chose them instead of school pics because he had just asked me what we were going to do with them. I really didn’t have an answer until I saw Heather’s idea.

Thank you, Heather!