Hanging Tire Flower Planters

Hanging Tire Flower Planters

Just had to share my husband’s latest trash to treasure project.

I can’t say that old tires are items that get my mind to clicking when considering new trash to treasure projects, but I kinda dig this idea.

I had a tractor tire for a sandbox when I was little and there was always a stack of old tires in the barn. I mirrored that statement into adulthood. When my husband and I moved to town, there was no need for the tractor tire anymore, but somehow the old tires followed us.

About a month ago my sister-in-law shared a photo she had found on Facebook that was the inspiration for this project. There was no tutorial or link to follow, but it seemed pretty easy to figure out.

Basically, my husband hung large hooks on the fence, drilled a few drain holes in the tires and added soil and flowers. Easy peasy! We took the rest of the tires to a place in town that recycles them.