Headboard Restyle to Country Chic Shelf

Headboard Restyle to Country Chic Shelf

I bought this shelf from a friend a few years ago. She said it was a headboard, but that’s not what I saw. I envisioned rows of hens tucked cozily in nests laying eggs. Okay, I didn’t really plan on putting chickens in/on the shelf, but that’s what it reminded me of.

After cleaning, sanding and securing a few of the vertical dividers that were floating kinda crazily above the middle shelf, I dry brushed the entire thing using white paint.

My stash of salvaged chicken wire was the perfect addition for the back of the shelf. The wire was also brushed with the white paint.

I moved the hangers on the back of the shelf because their location didn’t make sense to me. The way they were attached meant the headboard would have been hung with the long slanted side on the bottom. A slanted shelf headboard with a gap on the bottom and no back would have just frustrated me.

No problem. My vision had the slant on the top like a roof. Perfect for a stenciled country sign.