Insinkerator Badger Vs Evolution – Which One Should You Choose

The oldest garbage disposal brand-InSinkErator has seen massive evolution. The Badger series is the oldest, but today we have the evolution series, which is an excellent improvement to the badger one.

Notice that both of the disposal units were made to serve different markets.

With this article, we show you the different capacities of the two. We want you to know upfront, though, that the evolution series offers you a lot more options than the badger. It came as an improvement for the badger.

This is not to say that the badger is not the best; it is a high-quality item that serves under different circumstances.

Insinkerator Badger Vs Evolution

The Badger

There are different types of badger disposal units, but they have almost the same feature. So let’s check out the one below to break the general features down for you.

InSinkErator Garbage Disposal, Badger 5, 1/2 HP Continuous Feed,Black

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This is an easy appliance to use, but it’s also small, thus space-saving and ideal for those that have limited space. If you have existing InSinkErator hardware, you will find it easy to install. It features easy swap disposal that you can install by yourself.

It’s affordable yet compact in design. The one reason people love the badger series is that it features some of the cheapest options for the brand. The best part is that it’s further reliable yet durable for use.

Also, it has galvanized steel for the grinding components. This stainless steel type enhances its durability. Whether you are on a budget or you just have a small space or a few people, it will serve you. Bottom line, we all have a reason to find only the best garbage disposal.

The badger disposal will give you the perfect cleaning experience while making the process fast. You will, therefore, maintain the ideal environment.

Insinkerator Evolution Excel

InSinkErator Garbage Disposal, Evolution Excel, 1.0 HP Continuous Feed

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This is the best garbage disposal line for this brand. It’s a powerful tool that grinds at 1 HP, and it further uses the multi grinding levels to make sure it delivers a smooth grind. Of all the powerful disposal units in the market, this is one of the very best ones we have.

It uses the quick lock mount system, which makes it easy to mount even by those who are beginners in this field. The best part is that this tool is compatible with all other InSinkErator models.

Therefore, you will only need to swap it in if you are changing the disposer. You just need to twist off the old before you twist on the new one.

This appliance is great because it can handle both sturdy and soft wastes. Buying the disposer means you won’t have clogs and jams. The best part is that it will handle large amounts of garbage. Here, you won’t have to put aside the chicken bones and the rinds as you do in other disposers.

It’s a durable option with all the stainless steel grinding chambers. Although it’s costly, you will notice that it’s all worth the cost.


Of course, they come from the same brand-InSinkErator. Thus you expect it to have some similarities, as you would see below.

  • Quick-lock sink mount

Naturally, the mounting process is easy, especially when you are out trying to swap the old InSinkErator for the new version.

You will only need to twist it a little bit to get rid of the old one then twist it again to attach a new one.

  • They don’t come with power cords

Although brands like Waste king bring you the disposal unit with an attached power cord, the InSinkErator is different. You have to buy the power cord on the side. This is the same situation for all the various InSinkErator garbage disposals.

But lucky for you if you had an InSinkErator brand previously. You will not need to buy a new one. You can use the power cord you have.

  • They are pricey

Although you may say that the badger series is cheaper, it’s never as cheap as say the Waste King brand products. In comparison to other brands, the InSinkErator happens to be a costly model. And this is regardless of whether you are talking of the badger or the evolution series.

  • The splash guard

You will find that some brands have removable splash guards but not the InSinkErator one. You can only remove the splash guard once you remove the garbage disposal from the sink.

While it may have its advantage, the disadvantage is that when the splash guard is damaged, you may have to buy a whole new garbage disposal.

  • They have a hex hole

Jams are inevitable with almost any robust or less powerful garbage disposal. Lucky for you, the InSinkErator disposal unit comes with a hex hole to ease the unjamming process.

This gives you a leeway to use the Allen wrench to manually unlock it.

Let’s understand these models better

The InSinkErator evolution series

The model comes in two forms; have the excel and the essential ones. One primary attribute of this brand is that they deliver the highest performance. So if you want a disposal unit that will serve you for a long time, then you should choose it.

You will notice that they have some of the very costly types in this category, but it’s all worth the dollars you spend on this set.

  • Check its design

On the outside, the tool looks so much like a regular garbage disposal. It’s not as large as you would expect it to be. It will still grind a lot of waste at a time because it has over 34 oz capacity.

  • It’s the quietest pieces

The appliance will operate quietly since it offers sound seal technology. It allows for the anti-vibration technology to deliver a more silent grinding than most other disposers. If you are after a quiet operation, then you should choose the InSinkErator evolution.

In fact, the one thing that stands out when you compare the evolution series to the badgers is its quiet operation.

  • It also uses the two grinding chambers to make sure it grinds the waste to the finest pulp. This is ideal if you are looking to prevent clogs. Basically, you will rarely experience clogs.
  • It further has an auto-reverse system to stop the potential of jams. But you can also use the Allen wrench to loosen the clogs if there are any.

Insinkerator Badger series

This is ideal if you are looking for a medium to low price garbage series. It’s one of the most excellent options you could ever use.

The badger comes in a dark grey color, and it looks so much like the other types of disposal.

They give you a 2-year warranty to make sure you can trust the brand.

Notice that it will break down all the waste; thus, you can never experience clogs. Even though it’s not as powerful as the previous one, it will work for you if you have a small group of people. If you have a home sewage system, then it will serve you without causing clogs and jams.

Well, if you expect the quiet disposal unit, though, this isn’t the best choice for it. Compared to other InSinkErator brands, the badger is noisier.

But like all the other InSinkErator disposers, it features the use of premium steel to make the grinding components. The product is, therefore, corrosion-resistant, and you can never affect it when you use the heat damage.

And like we said, you won’t need to call a plumber instead install it by yourself as it is a step-by-step process.


By now, you can agree with me that there’s a massive difference between the two models.

Garbage disposalEvolution seriesBadger series
The dimensionThey are largerSmaller in dimension
The costA little priceyCheapest for this brand
The noiseSound seal technology, which means it’s much quieter.It’s not as quiet
The grinding levelsIt allows for the multi grind for finer waste to make sureIt can grind ones and still deliver a p[owerful pulp.

The grinding technology

The way the disposer grinds the waste determines whether it delivers a powerful grind or not. Well, the way the two InSinkErator models grind is different. The evolution series grind the waste on multi-levels. It takes 2-3 grinding levels to deliver a more liquified option.

On the contrary, the badger series doesn’t grind in levels. It delivers a single powerful level grind and breaks down the waste to a fine pulp.

The difference though is that if you expect the badger to break down to a fine pulp, the evolution series breaks it down to an even finer pulp.

This is the most significant difference between these two. Also, remember the different types of evolution model disposer grinds wastes on different grind levels.

The power

This brand uses induction motors, and often the speed ranges between 1725-2000rpm. This is much slower than many other brands. Nonetheless, you will find the badger working on ½ HP while the evolution delivers a grind of about ¾ HP – 1HP.

But they both work at 120 volts, which is way low energy to make sure it never affects your electric utility cost.

Sound seal technology

This is the only brand that has made it possible to grind waste while maintaining a perfectly quiet environment. That’s the main reason why it’s still a winning brand for most households. But don’t get it mixed up; you will only have a quiet operation if you have the evolution series.

The badger series, on the other hand, has a standard sound seal technology. This means they are just as noisy as the other brands. So if you want a quiet operation, you should choose the evolution series.

The grind chambers

I’ve noticed a few complaints about the badger grinding chambers rusting quickly. Well, rest easy if you have the evolution series because ti has stainless steel grinding chambers that never corrode quickly.


This is one of the most critical aspects of any buyer’s mind. We all dream of finding a product that we can afford, but it also maintains durability. The badger is often cheaper, but as you can see, you will have to compromise on a few pointers.

The evolution series, on the other hand, is costly, but worth it all since it offers better features.

The warranty

This brand offers a lesser warranty than its competitor waste king, but it does extend a more extended period for the evolution series than it does the badger series. The warranty years for the evolution series go to 7 years, but the badger goes to 3 years at most.

Of course, if you have a longer warranty period, then you would choose it over other options we have.

The dimension

The badger is smaller and designed to fit those with smaller spaces under the sink. But evolution is significant and with the ability to take on massive capacity waste. So you should only choose it if you have a large family and a large space to keep it.

Sometimes you will notice that it serves even the large industries, so you get to choose the perfect size for you.

Basically, the significant difference between these two is always power. This means that the power is higher when you are using the evolution series than when you are using the badger series.

You will further enjoy the durability of the evolution series. It has all the most durable parts as the badger one.

So why is the badger series much more popular?

The reason could be that the people buying it have smaller spaces and they are also on budget. Also, it’s more readily available than the evolution series.

Nonetheless, if you want a better quality appliance and you don’t mind spending, you should invest in the evolution series. It will also serve you for a long time since it’s also durable.