Jean Seam Wreath Tutorial – How To Repurpose Old Jeans

When you craft, don’t you just hate to throw away even the tiniest scrap? I decided to use my considerable scrap pile of jeans to craft a jean seam wreath.

Since the seams are harder and thicker than the fabric of the jeans, using them in sewing projects is next to impossible. A project using a hot glue gun was my easy answer.

Jean Seam Wreath Tutorial step1

I cut all the flat-fell seams and hems from my jean scraps. The flat-fell seams are usually the inseam of jeans. They are the easily identified seam that has two parallel top stitching lines. Be prepared to cut a lot of them.

Jean Seam Wreath Tutorial step2

Each seam was then cut long enough to wrap around the thickness of a foam wreath. I hot glued them around the wreath, mixing the colors and shades for random design.

Jean Seam Wreath Tutorial step3

Ouchie Tip: To prevent burned or blistered fingers, keep a bowl of ice water nearby to dip your fingers in if they get hot glue on them…not that that has ever happened to me. ?

Jean Seam Wreath Tutorial step4

The flowers were made from jean hems. Each one was cut 6 inches long, rolled up and hot glued to hold the shape.

The flowers were hot glued to the wreath.

Jean Seam Wreath

A variation of this project can be achieved with fewer jeans or their scraps. Simply cut the denim in 1/2-inch-wide strips. Attach them in the same way as the seams and the hems.