7 Best Kitchen Composter (Electric Composter Machine For Home)

With the current trend where more people are looking for ways to reduce waste, composting is one of the best methods to handle household waste. It’s good for the environment since you recycle the waste to use it as fertilizer in the garden.

Nonetheless, composting calls for commitment from the party involved. Also, you must be patient to reach the desired results. If you aren’t managing the compost bin right, regardless of what you do, it won’t work.

In the house, the kitchen produces the most waste. Therefore, having a kitchen composter may well reduce the garbage you produce.

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What Is A Kitchen Composter?

One true thing is that kitchen waste makes the moist compost. They add more nutrients to the plants, thus improving the soil.

While preparing meals, you will produce waste. Normally, you take the food waste to the garbage can outside and then, send it to the landfills.

But a kitchen composter will help you to reduce the waste by recycling the trash in the compost bin. This entails the kitchen scraps.Best Kitchen Composter

Well although this is effective recycling and reducing waste method, not every kind of food is thrown into the compost bin.

Below are the kitchen wastes you can use in the compost as well as those you can’t.

You can compost

  • Any vegetable and fruit waste. This is inclusive of the rinds and cores.
  • Fruit and veggie pulp that you make from juicing.
  • If you have foodstuff made using flour, you can compost it. From bread, biscuits, pizza, doughnuts, crackers, cakes, and pasta.
  • Expired boxed food and spices.
  • Eggshells too, but you should crush them first.
  • Grains can come in all levels, but the common one in the kitchen is rice.
  • Coffee grounds and tea bags.
  • Corns, corn cobs, and husks.

You can’t compost

  • Dairy products and dairy, include cheese, yogurt, and cream.
  • Grease and oils.
  • Meat and meat waste like bones. You shouldn’t compost fish either.

Types of Kitchen Composter

There are different kinds of kitchen composters. They are made using different materials, and they all have their pros and cons.

Nevertheless, most people use stainless steel compost for kitchen waste since it will absorb the smell.Composter

In fact, you can almost improvise any bucket to make the kitchen compost if it has a lid. However, if you are looking for a more stylish design, maybe you should buy one. Below are a few types of kitchen waste.

· Plastic containers

These are the easiest to handle, and they are inexpensive. Since they are lightweight, they will make it easy to carry your waste from the kitchen to the compost pile. You can make it as large or small as you want it.

However, unlike the common stainless steel type, it retains the odor of the waste. The good thing is that they are the types that you literary don’t have to buy because you can improvise.

· Stainless steel containers

They are the easiest to keep clean than the plastic ones mostly because they won’t absorb the odor. Although heavier than the plastic ones, they are lighter than their pottery counterpart. They can come in as small or large types as long as they fit under the sink.

Most of the bins also come with carbon filters to keep the odor at bay.

· Compost crocks

These are the regular pottery cans with a lid that you use to keep the waste neatly in the kitchen until you are ready to discard it. Some of them come with filters that get rid of the odors, which allow you to keep the waste in the can for long.

Sadly, although they look so beautiful in the kitchen, they are usually heavy and will break if you drop them down.

· Electric composter

This one uses power to compost the waste faster. The good thing is that they don’t use so much potential with waste. Most of them will take in up to 5 pounds of waste a day. They will serve you if you live in a place without a yard.

Unlike the other kinds of waste composters, these are the most expensive to use.

How to Take Care of The Waste

There are different methods to use when handling kitchen waste. But you can choose the following.

The use of Best Kitchen Composter

· Keep it in the bin

With this, you will need to use the compost pails. These bins you can either buy or improvise. Some people also choose to devise containers. So, this is all a personal preference. You can have plastic, stainless steel, pottery, or even microbial bins.

· Freezing

Some people decide to freeze the trash. Therefore, you collect the waste in a bucket until it’s full. But instead of letting it start decomposing and thus smelling you freeze it. In the freezer, you maintain the waste structure, and it won’t feel.

· Use the biodegradable bags

You can use biodegradable bags for the process. You should use it to line the containers. Notice that in the presence of moisture, the bags will also decompose as well, which therefore makes it unnecessary.

· Vermicompost compost

A worm compost bin is ideal for anyone without a yard as it will take a shorter time to turn the waste into a worm cast. You can buy small vermicompost and deposit the kitchen waste in it once the composter is full.

· The traditional compost

If space is a non-issue for you, then you can create the conventional compost. Just make sure the compost has a lid to keep it safe from animals that destroy it. Also, burry the food waste deep into the compost pile to ensure you allow it to

the temperature needs to be composted.

But why kitchen compost anyway

· Going green

For anyone concerned about the environment, you will know that the right food scraps can be recycled to form plant fertilizer. In the process, your landfill isn’t filled with waste. In some instances, the waste will even create the energy you can use in the households.

Without proper care for the environment, we risk becoming an extinct generation. We are therefore called upon to take part in waste reduction.

· Be organized

Something as little as kitchen composting will make you keep the kitchen organized. The reason is that now you won’t have waste clutter lying all over the counter. You know what to keep where and if you hate clutter as I do, you won’t hesitate to buy a kitchen composter.

· To reduce waste

More than anything when you compost the kitchen waste, you reduce waste. It will only be a matter of time before you realize that you and your family are producing very little waste.

When this happens, you contribute very little waste that’s taken to the local landfills. And this keeps your surroundings safe. The climate and nature are not affected.

· Time-saving

Kitchen waste is the one that contributes more waste than any other room in the house. If you begin to compost, you will reduce the number of trips you make to the garbage bins taking the garbage into the garden.

· Make fertilizers

Often you are forced to buy fertilizers for your plants, but with the compost, you can make the organic and safe fertilizer for the plants.

This is like your plant’s food which will nourish them. It will take only a short while before you can notice the difference in your pants.

Best Kitchen Composters

Product namePreviewMaterialCapacityPrice
Third Rock Compost Bin for Kitchen CounterRustic vintage1.3 gallonsCheck price
Abakoo Compost Bin Kitchen ComposterStainless Steel1.8 GallonCheck price
Mountable Kitchen Compost Bin by Zero Waste TogetherPlastic2 gallonsCheck price
Polder Kitchen ComposterSilicone1 gallonCheck price
Chef’n 401-420-120 EcoCrock Counter Compost BinCrock ceramic0.75 gallonCheck price
iTouchless EcoWise Compost Bin, Kitchen Trash CanStainless steel1.32 gallonsCheck price
Food Cycler Platinum Indoor Food Recycler and Kitchen Compost ContainerPlasticCheck price

Stylish composter

1. Third Rock Compost Bin for Kitchen Counter

Third Rock Kitchen Compost Bin Countertop – 1.3 Gallon Compost Bucket for Kitchen – Small Compost Bin – Compost Bin Kitchen Counter - Countertop Compost Bins for Kitchen Includes Charcoal Filter

View on Amazon

Even when it comes to compost it’s best to have stylish ones. It will maintain the perfect design while reducing waste. The container features rustic vintage material that looks stylish in the kitchen.

You further need no garbage liners with it but if you wish to use them then go for the biodegradable types. It has removable inner pails for easy cleaning. This countertop compost allows you to pile the food waste in it and then use the lid to keep off the flies.

It has a filter that keeps the container smelling fresh. It further has a carbon steel powder coating, and its lid is stainless steel. This bin is easy to use, and the material design is supposed to serve you over a lifetime.

Taking care of it is a breeze because once you empty it, you can wash it with warm soapy water. Always replace the filters after eight weeks. If you have a friend who loves gardening, this will serve as a great gift for them.

The most durable composter

2. 1.8 Gallon Stainless Steel 304 Stainless Steel Kitchen Composter

Abakoo Compost Bin 1.8 Gallon Stainless Steel - Abakoo 304 Stainless Steel Kitchen Composter - 2 Charcoal Filter, Indoor Countertop Kitchen Recycling Bin Pail

View on Amazon

It’s made using high-grade quality stainless steel which is meant to last long. What’s more, you don’t expect drips since it’s made using a single piece and that gives it more strength and durability. Since the material is of grade 304, it doesn’t leach the chemicals into the compost.

This composter like the one above has a charcoal filter that will control the bad odor. The kitchen will continue to smell fresh, and thus, the compost bin can sit on the counter without causing lousy attention.

The good thing is that you can wash the filter with soap and water. It will complement the kitchen design and decoration. Also, it’s easy to clean because it’s molded using a single piece of material. There will be no waste dripping liquid between the connection.

This can also keep bacteria at bay, and it will hold up to 1.8 gallons of food scraps. It will save you the trips to the garbage bins or compost pile. With such a great design, you don’t have to hide the garbage bin under the sink.

The best space-saving composter

3. Mountable Kitchen Compost Bin by Zero Waste Together

No products found.

No products found.

For those who love mounting the trash cans on the walls and cabinets, this is one such composter that you can mount. Of course, mounting will save space, especially if you have a small counter and kitchen sink.

You have the mount and screws for the mounting in the package. However, if you like, you can keep it on the counter or under the sink. Made of BPA-free plastic, the can is easy to clean, and even though it’s a plastic make, it has UV rays protection.

You can further wash it in the dishwasher if you like. With its hinged lid you will have a tight seal that keeps it safe from intruders like pets and insects. The lid is microperforated such that even the fruit flies won’t reach it.

The lid allows for aeration and thus bad odor-free. Using its swinging handle, you can carry it wherever you wish to. From filling it to emptying the can, using the trash can is easy.

Best temporary kitchen composter

4. Polder Kitchen Composter

Polder Kitchen Composter-Flexible silicone bucket inverts for emptying and cleaning - no need to touch contents- adjustable lid for ventilation & airflow control, Gray / Green

View on Amazon

Here is another one of the best countertop composters. It’s used to store the waste temporarily on the counter. It can only carry one gallon of waste, and while it looks small, it’s enough for carrying the kitchen waste.

With a simple turn of the lid when covering the garbage, you choose the amount of air you let in. Therefore, you can reach a proper aerobic environment to ease the composting process.

It also has a clip attachment to hold the bin in place when you are transferring the waste from the trash can to the larger bucket. For cleaning, it’s easy to remove the silicone bin and then leave the rack on.

You should only use mild soap and warm water when you intend to clean. It’s lightweight yet portable and it looks simple but elegant.

The best crock composter

5. Chef’n 401-420-120 EcoCrock Counter Compost Bin

Chef'n 401-420-120 EcoCrock Counter Compost Bin Black and White 3.3 liter 1

View on Amazon

If you have limited space, this crock is all you need. It further has an oval opening on the top to make it easy to toss food scraps in. It goes on to blend with the kitchen décor while even brightening the room if need be.

Like most other composters, it comes with a filter to control the odor as it keeps the ambient environment in the kitchen. It looks small, but it can hold up to 3 quarts of kitchen waste. It also has a bucket that makes it easy to clean and keep the trash within the garbage can.

Made using ceramic, it gives the perfect environment for composting. You can even use plastic bags inside the bucket if you are looking for easier cleaning. Rinse the bucket with warm water and soap.

Best pest-resistant composter

6. iTouchless EcoWise Compost Bin, Kitchen Trash Can

iTouchless EcoWise 1.32 Gallon Compost Bin Container with Dual Deodorizer Filters and Stainless Steel Lid, Countertop Kitchen Trash Can, Odor-Stopping Power, Cream Color fits All Decors

View on Amazon

It’s large enough to hold up to 1.3 gallons of waste. Consider using it to collect the biodegradables from your kitchen and keep them in the container. You can then add garden soil for natural composting with ease.

It has a double layer of carbon filters that will absorb the bad odor. This feature, it prevents pests and even the different flies from getting into the can. It features a perforated stainless steel lid that is not only durable but also easy to clean.

The can is dishwasher-safe, and the lid is fingerprint-safe helping you maintain the shine. The handle allows you to carry the can easily.

Best electrical composter

7. Platinum Indoor Food Recycler and Kitchen Compost Container

Food Cycler Platinum Indoor Food Recycler and Kitchen Compost Container

View on Amazon

The electric composter is essential if you love composting immediately. It takes 3 to hours to compost the waste and reduces it to 90% of its original volume. Once the waste is broken down, you can immediately use it in the gardens.

You won’t have to deal with odor because it works immediately. This container is an odorless container that is environmentally safe. The good thing is that the end product is nutrients rich soil. You can begin using the compost in 3 hours.

The good thing is that it doesn’t misuse energy. Its filter monitoring system works to get rid of the bad odor. The food cycler’s inner surface is nonstick, which makes it easy to clean. With this composter, you won’t need to toss the waste. It works on it quickly and easily.

You can compost even bones, meat food, and citrus rinds something that the regular kitchen bin won’t do. It’s further automatic such that when it finishes composting, it shuts itself off.

Note that,

Although most traditional composts don’t compost meat leftovers and products, the electric compost will break down even meaty foods.

Also, you can add meat and dairy products to the bokashi compost that doesn’t allow the growth of bacteria.

Things to Consider When Buying A Kitchen Composter

Best Kitchen Composter

When you are going to buy the composter, there are a few things that you should consider.

· The lid

Without a tight lid, you will invite intruders into the waste can. Also, the lid keeps the temperature moist, thus making it easy to start decomposing.

· The material

As you have seen, different materials make the kitchen composter. You can choose whichever works best for you. Check the pros and cons.

Plastic: it’s light and easy to carry, but it absorbs the odor making it hard to clean.

Stainless steel: is easy to clean but a little heavier.

Pottery cans: they look beautiful in the kitchen, but they are quite brittle. They are also heavy.

· The size

There will be different sizes of kitchen composters. So which size is best for you? It all depends on the amount of waste you produce. Do you have a large family or do you love cooking?

How much waste do you produce in a day are some of the questions you should ask?

· The cost

It all depends on the kind of container you are choosing. If for example, you are choosing an electric composter it will cost you a little more.

· Space

Where do you intend to put the kitchen composter? If you have just a small space, it might be tricky to use a large composter. If you live in small condos, then use a small size composter and vice versa.

However, if you produce too much kitchen waste, then a large bin will work just fine for you.

How Does the Compost Work?

Remember, how you decide to handle your waste is what determines your end results. There are different methods as you have seen above.

· Buy a container

Before anything else, you will need a kitchen compost pail or bin. Without the compost bin, you won’t have anywhere to keep the waste. There are different types of containers as you have seen above.

You can either choose a container with holes or not.

The temporary containers need no holes because you will take the waste outside anyway. But if it’s going to compost in here, then it should have holes. It’s best to let the waste breathe.

· Keep the stinks off

There’s nothing so irritating as having your kitchen smell. Thankfully, some bins are designed to keep the stink off. Mostly, you only need to use the charcoal or carbon filter for the cans.

The way this works is that it keeps the bugs off and lets the oxygen in a while preventing odors completely.

· Now let’s compost

In the kitchen, put all the raw leftovers as you are cooking in the compost bin. Just be sure to use the list above. But don’t stop at that because you always need to mix the new waste with old waste. Use a spoon to mix it all up then let it sit on the counter or under the sink.

Give it time to compost or let it stay for a while before you take it to the compost pile outside.

Alternatively, you can grind the waste more using the food processor.

How Long Does It Take to Kitchen Compost?

There are so many factors that determine how fast you form the compost. It depends on the temperature it’s subjected to, and if you use the microorganisms to aid the breakdown. Also, how rapidly are you turning the waste?

If you subject the waste to the right environment, it should take you 4-5 weeks. Sometimes though it can take up to 3 months to be ready to use.

Wrapping Up

This article shows you that you don’t need to throw the food waste in the garbage can anymore. Instead, make some food for your plants. Also, if you can get the right composter, you won’t even throw away meat leftovers.

Soon your house won’t have waste to take to the local landfills, and that’s what we want.