More Stenciled Signs

I love, love, love the way this sign turned out.

We were invited to the wedding of one of my son’s friends. My son was/is in the wedding, but the rest of us were unable to go as we have company for the weekend. I still wanted to send a special gift. The registry looked like it was pretty well taken care of by other guests, so I decided to come up with something on my own.

More Stenciled Signs2

I used my Cricut and the fonts I had available to come up with my stencil. This actually took the longest to do.

Once it was cut, arranged and taped the way I wanted it…

More Stenciled Signs3

…I made up my sign board. I had measured the stencil, so I had a general idea of the size I was going for. Scrounging through the wood scraps, I found enough pieces for the front…

More Stenciled Signs4

and two braces for the back. I glued the braces and also connected them with wood screws. FYI: The sign size was approximately 19″ x 22″.

Once stenciled, I added two sawtooth hooks to the back braces and it was done.

More Stenciled Signs5

I didn’t think wrapping paper was going to work for this gift. It was too heavy and I was sure the paper would be torn around the braces before it got to the wedding. Out came my stash of upholstery fabric and a custom tote was made. I, of course, had to add a little bit of shabby yummy-ness to tie the handles closed.

More Stenciled Signs6

I made several of these signs as graduation gifts. The boards were horizontal door panels from a couple of old doors that were coming apart. I dry brushed the surfaces with flat white paint and made the stencil with my Cricut. The wire hanger is rusty baling wire.