My Freecycle Experience

Yes, I am an obsessed junking junky. I have local freecycle posts delivered to my email, but I had never taken advantage of the free offers until last week. The posting that changed it all was for a free “surger”. Yep, that’s how they spelled it. I have always wanted a serger. I have a mini Singer serger, but it really doesn’t cut it. It works like, and gives the same results you would expect of a toy.

After an email to the owner clarifying it was indeed a sewing “serger”, I said I wanted it. We set up a time to meet and she gave me the address.

The house belonged to the lady’s father-in-law. He had been in a nursing home for several years and the house had been closed and uncared for…WITH ALL THE STUFF STILL IN IT! They were going through things they wanted to keep, giving stuff away and trashing what was left. Their ultimate goal was to get the house ready to be sold at auction.

I’m not a wimp when it comes to my junking adventures, but I have to admit that I had a few pausing moments. But wait, I’m getting ahead of myself.


She showed me the serger. I was very excited…until I noticed there was no foot pedal or power cord. This started the hunt for these necessary items. The woman and I dug through boxes, under furniture, and inside closets and drawers. Everywhere I stuck my hand had mouse poop, shredded something, or both. Eewww! The house had no electricity. It was dark, dirty and hot. The dark only made sticking my hands into the shadows even more of an adventure.

We never found the pedal or cord, but I took the serger anyway. I’ll give it a few months. If I can’t find a match, I can find the trash as easily as she could have. So, this could have been considered a bust, but I did manage to find a few other junking treasures. I brought home two headboards, a box of thread and a few other crafting odds and ends. The headboards will be used to make benches. I also snagged a tripod for my son’s camera.

All in all, I figure the junking adventure was a success. I may not have gotten what I intended, but in actually going, I did score some great things.

Note to self: Keep wet wipes and hand sanitizer in the car at all times. (shiver)