7 Best Plungers For Kitchen Sink And Toilet

It’s not every day that you should call the plumber when the sink clogs. You can release some of those clogs using a plunger. I know how much the clogs can be frustrating, but with practice, you can learn to unclog them.

sink clogs

These simple clogs occur in our houses every once in a while. It can be a sink clog or a toilet clog, and the tool to use is the same. There are plungers for the different openings of the house. You even have a plunger for the toilet.

Therefore, before you go purchasing the plunger, you should know a few things.

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The Categories of The Plungers

For you to understand this topic best, you need to know the different categories of the plungers.

The shower and sink plungers

The shower and sink plungers

For the most part, whenever we talk of plunger randomly, we mean one type that is common in most households. They have the rubber cup, and you can use them in the kitchen sink or the bathroom sink.

They suit the flat surfaces. In such positions, the plunger will create a vacuum to push air in the drainage or pull the same air.

You shouldn’t use it in the toilet because it won’t create the suction. It’s easy to create a pressured push of air to the clogged drainage, and this eventually releases it.

Toilet plungers

Toilet plunger

Sometimes you have to deal with the clogged toilet. While most people dread the job, if you have the right plunger, you can easily unclog it. They come in different styles. Most of the toilet plungers are also all-purpose. They fit any drainage.

The beehive plunger

beehive plunger

This kind is close in structure to the beehive. It features a rounded cylinder where the middle part is larger. With this structure, it will fit in almost any kind of toilet.

Before you can suction the air and push it in and off, you should push the plunger, so that it covers the whole drainage.



This is one of the most popular kinds of plungers that most people have in their household. They are meant to help release the toilet clogs. They mostly have slimmer cups to fit in the toilet bowl.

It’s not always easy to use for some people, but it works when you practice using it. Often such a plunger is made using plastic and not rubber. It will unclog the toilets or bathroom sinks better. Some people though use it in the kitchen sink.

Traditional flanged plunger

Traditional flanged plunger

This is very close to the common cup plunger style. It uses the narrow flange to make the perfect seal. It’s a little harder to use than the two types above.

The Best Sink Plunger

Universal plunger

1. Plunger for Bathrooms, Kitchens, Sinks, Baths and Showers

Luigi's Sink and Drain Plunger for Bathrooms, Kitchens, Sinks, Baths and Showers. Small and Powerful, Commercial Style 'Plumbers Plunger' with Large Bellows

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Although it’s listed among some of the smallest plunges, it will clear your blocked sinks whether it’s the kitchen, toilet sink or bathtub and shower sinks. It should take you a minimum of 10 seconds to clear the sink.Universal plunger

You have probably experienced slow sinks, right? Sometimes its usually a result of blockages. With this plunger, you can unblock it. Don’t worry if the bathtub is still full of water because it will maneuver the water and unclog the sink.

Remember to use a damp cloth though to create a seal and stop the loss of air. This will ease the unclogging process.

Push air to the drainage once you have the plunger in position. This should loosen the clog in a few. It looks like the traditional plunger, although its size allows it to push even more air.

It’s made using the recycled PVC. Thankfully, we can make some use of the recyclables. You should spray it with bleach once you are through with the plunging. It’s further easy to store since you can remove the head for the easy storage.

Its design makes it easy to unclog different kinds and shapes of sinks. It doesn’t matter if you have very small and hard to reach sinks because it will still work. So, it makes the plumbing needs vanish. Also, since it fits beneath the kitchen tap, it will work effectively.

Commercial plunger

2. Professional All-Purpose Commercial Power Plungers for Any Bathrooms

Professional Bellows Accordion Toilet Plunger, High Pressure Thrust Plunge Removes Heavy Duty Clogs From Clogged Bathroom Toilets, All Purpose Commercial Power Plungers For Any Bathrooms, Blue

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From the name, it suggests that the plunger uses optimum pressure to unclog the sinks. The essence of this accordion design is to work on stubborn toilet blockages. It even provides more of the concentrated power, thus making it easy to get rid of the deep blockages.

It uses the toilet water to deliver a mighty plunge and thus unblock the clog in a matter of seconds. Its design allows it to work on the blockage with ease.

It has no fold on the lip. This shields you from the splash as you are pumping the drainages. You can, therefore, stay sure that you won’t have the toilet water splashing on you.

Its design allows it to work on all kinds of sinks but, especially for your toilet. It will deal with all the different clogs. It can work on the kitchen sink especially the narrow ones. It features the bellow cup for the perfect unclogging.

It has 11 inches on the handle that is further absorbent but more than anything it gives you support when plunging.

Short sink plunger

3. LDR Handy Sink Plunger, 4-Inch Cup With 9-Inch Solid Plastic Handle

LDR 512 3110 Handy Sink Plunger, 4-Inch Cup With 9-Inch Solid Plastic Handle

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It’s ideal for the kitchen sinks, or sometimes the bathtubs and vanity drains. Since it’s a short-handled plunger, it can quickly go below the tap for an even better and stable plunging. If further has the 4-inch cup to push the water down the drainage.

Kitchen plunger

The cup is made using rubber, which makes it easy to plunge. Its handle is made using durable plastic. And if you use it carefully, it will last for years. Remember to run some water for the effective push. It depends on the water to unclog.

More so it has the lip which gives it the perfect seal for a steady push. Sometimes the cup will stick to the collapse position, but you can pull the cup open for it to release. However, if you use it several times and you still have the clog seek the help of the plumber.

Small plunger

4. Items 4U! Small Compact Sink Plunger with Ergonomic Handle

Items 4U! Small Compact Sink Plunger with Ergonomic Handle, 1-pack

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For the most part, if you don’t get the right plunger for your sink, you won’t effectively use it. This small sink plunger is great for kitchen use. Some of the kitchen sinks usually have the smallest space; therefore, some plungers are too large.

When you have this plunger, you can use it even if the space is so small. It’s a 4.5 inches high sink plunger. Also, since its tiny, it’s easy to store. Don’t underrate it for its size because it’s still powerful.

It comes with the level base, thus making it easy to cover the kitchen drainage. But it will fit even in some bath tabs and shower sinks.

Notice that it has a rigid design that makes it easy to suction the diving power. It will push so much air to the drainage that the clog has no choice but loosen. Even though it’s small, its handle is thick enough to offer a firm grip.

Stainless steel plunger with holder

5. Simplehuman Toilet Plunger and Caddy, Stainless Steel, White

simplehuman Toilet Plunger and Caddy, Stainless Steel, White

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If you are anyone who always believes in appliances from this simplehuman brand, you aren’t alone. For years they have made some of the best gadgets in the market. Of all plungers, this is one of the most stylish yet useful in operation.

The plungers rod is made using the stainless steel rod. It’s durable and a high-quality rod that you may use even when you have vigorous operations. It has the dome-shaped cover to hide the plunger cup on one side and keep the other side open for easy access.

It has a strong suction pipe that is made using a sturdy, flexible, and durable material. With such a cup you can use it in the kitchen, but sometimes people use it in the toilet. The good thing is that its design doesn’t allow for the water to splash on you.

Most of the plungers don’t come with their holders like this one, yet they need one. The steady holder is the reason to keep it durable.

The best value for money

6. Neiko 60166A Toilet Plunger with Patented All-Angle Design | Heavy Duty

Neiko 60166A Toilet Plunger with Patented All-Angle Design | Heavy Duty | Aluminum Handle

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The kitchen plungers are important because every once in a while, you will need them. Albeit that doesn’t mean you should spend a fortune on the plunger. Whenever you want a good quality plunger while spending just a little money, buy this type.

It will deliver your needs within a few seconds of using it. With the heavy-duty aluminum handle, it can stand even the toughest plunging duty. So, forget about the traditional wood handle on the plunger. We want this plunger to last longer.

Its cup is made using a reliable and durable rubber. The cup creates a tight seal on the lip area. Also, you won’t have to worry about splashing of the dirty water as you are plunging. It further never retains the dirty water within it.

The cup has the four-step hardcore suction pipe. It’s flexible to collapse as you are pushing air or water into the drainage but it will also regain its standard structure quick. You can use it for both the commercial and home use.

For storage, you can use the hanger. One thing you will never suffer from are bacteria on the handle that sometimes attack the wood type.

Best toilet plunger with a holder

7. mDesign Bathroom Toilet Bowl Plunger Set

mDesign Bathroom Toilet Bowl Plunger Set with Lift & Lock Cover, Compact Discreet Freestanding Storage Caddy with Base, Modern Design - Heavy Duty Gray/Brushed Stainless Steel

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Most of the toilet plungers don’t give you the storage. You have to figure out how to store them. The mDesign plunger comes to you with a secret plunger. With this cover, you can tack the plunger behind the toilet.

Although it’s designed for use in the toilet, you can use it in the bathroom sink, kitchen sink, and shower sinks. With such features, it can then remove the clogs. And once you finish using it, you can store it in the cover. This prevents it from dripping the waters on the floor.

With the long and narrow profile, the plunger works best in the modern toilets. The plunger is smooth and ridge free, which keeps it very clean both during and after the operation.

Since its narrow, it’s space-saving such that you can store it even in the small bathrooms. Whether you live in condos, apartments, or hostels, you can fit the plunger in and mostly at the back of the toilet. However, since it has a cover, you can place it in the open.

It features a quality construction of plastic handle and cup. The cover, on the other hand, is made using the stainless steel. Its further easy to use because the cup design will create a tight seal before you can start plunging.

Toilet Vs. Sink Plungers

Although some of the plungers are for the toilet, you can use some of them in the sinks. This can be confusing for many who don’t know the difference between the sink plunger and the toilet plunger.

The difference is on the design. You can tell the difference based on the shape.

The difference is that the toilet plunger has the bell-like rubber shaped cup, while the sink plunger has the cup shape. It, like the toilet plunger, is made using rubber.

toilet plunger

You can’t use the sink plunger in the toilet because of its wide cup that won’t create the tight seal. However, you can use the toilet plunges in the sink.

There’s further a difference in how they work.

For the sink: you place the rubber cup on the drain and create vacuum pressure. You then push the plunger up and down to push in a force of air. Next, you pull out the same air again. With rapid strokes for about a minute, you should loosen the clog.

For the toilet: the difference here is that the plunger has a flange to fit in the toilet hole. So, you put the plunger in the water and tilt it a little to let in the water. Next, begin pushing the water in and out. Do it rapidly but also gently and watch the clog loosens.

For effectivity, your flange should be free of air because it uses the water to create a strong suction.

Important Tips of Plunging

  • Go for the right plunger. As we have mentioned, you can have the plunger for the kitchen sink and toilet. Choose the right one based on your problem.
  • You can plunge at an angle, but that won’t create the pressure you need to plunge it straight.
  • Ensure the rubber cup is submerged in water before you begin plunging.
  • Use the suction seal and don’t break it when plunging.
  • Only use the right size of a plunger to cover the drainage opening properly.
  • Check that the cup and flange you are using are free of tear.
  • Thrust the air or water forcefully and continuously for a few seconds to loosen the clog quickly.

How to Use the Plunger

It’s almost inevitable that a homeowner will leave in their houses without needing to unclog some of their sinks. Sometimes, you even have to unclog the toilet. This is a job that not many love because they do not know how to make the plunger work for them.

But unclogging the drainages with the plunger is the easiest task in the house. The trick is to have the right plunger for the different problems. We have categorized the plungers above.

Universal plunger

Thus, you can’t use the common plunger to unclog the toilet. It wouldn’t work because it works on flat surfaces.

The way a plunger works is that it subjects different pressures to dislodge the clog. So, you place the bottom of the plunger to the surface where the drainage has the clog. You then use the pressure to unclog the drainage pipes.

Next, pull it by using the pressure to move the clog up and down thus softening it, in the end, it will be washed away with ease. If you know how to push and pull the plunger, you will unclog it quicker.

Before you start to exert pressure, you should make sure you form a real seal. Even if you have to use petroleum jelly to enhance the seal, do it.

To start, confirm that the drainage has no hair particles if it’s the bathroom and food particles if it’s the kitchen sink. Begin by clearing the drainage first. If you run the water and it’s still blocked, you can now move to the next level which is plunging.

Block the overflow

Sometimes the sink has an overflow which makes your work hard. Use a piece of cloth to cover the drainage opening. It will also help the plunger to create a seal, thus making it easy to create the suction. This makes the compression easy.

If you have the double sink though you should block the drainage sink. Next, begin the process of plunging the other side.

Position the plunger and pump

You need to have the cup covering the whole drainage, thus place it in position. Next, run some water to cover the cup of the plunger or to the ¾ mark. Now let’s start pumping it up and down. Also, keep the rapid movement. This will get rid of more clog than if you keep stopping.

Moreover, don’t get rid of the seal during the process. You will know when you are thrusting. If you are keen, you will see when the clog has eventually loosened.

Check to confirm

Thrust it a number of times then remove the plunger to check if the water is draining. If it’s still blocked, try pumping once again. But if the water is flowing it means you have loosened the clog.

Run the water

Now you need to run more water to clean and clear the clog further. It will clean any other debris that was hanging in the drainage, making it pave the way.

Can You Use the Plunger in The Kitchen Sink?

Of course, you can. The kitchen sink is a sink like most other sinks in the house, and you expect to clog some times.

How to Unclog the Garbage Disposal with Plunger

It appears that the garbage disposal clogs more often than some sinks. But the plunger can help you get rid of the clogs if you know how to do it.

Unplug it off power

For your safety, always unplug the garbage disposal from the power when you need to work on it. This will make you safe because the garbage disposal is often attached to power.

Next, if the clog is on the surface of the garbage disposal, use the pliers and tongs to try and push it down. And then recheck it to find out if the clog is still there. Nevertheless, never put your fingers into the disposer just in case some knives will cut you.

Plunge it

Once you are sure it has nothing to do with the appliances that have dropped in the garbage disposal, it’s time to unclog it using the plunger.

Stick the plunger on the sink surface so that you can make it create the suction. Use the suction to cover the whole drainage then run the water to cover the plunger before you can begin the process. Plunge it in and out for the next 30 seconds.

Remove it to check if it has unclogged. Run the water and check if it’s flowing with ease now. If it still doesn’t, plunge it again checking whether the water is flowing or not.

If the water keeps running, then it has unclogged, let the hot water run on to clean the garbage disposal further.

Clean it

Once you have unclogged the garbage disposal, clean it to get rid of the grease and clogs completely. For this, you can use the baking soda for the cleaning.

Let boiling water into the garbage disposal then add a half cup of baking soda. Turn off the water and let the solution sit on for a few minutes. Let it flow and rinse it with the apple cider vinegar for a final cleansing.

How to Unclog the Kitchen Sink with A Plunger