Common Garbage Disposal Problems & Solutions

Today, we find many homes in the U.S with garbage disposal installation in their kitchens alongside the usual stove and refrigerator. In short, there is hardly any home that doesn’t have this in place now and as with other home appliances; garburators (other name for this appliance) need proper care and attention to ensure their longevity as well as efficiency. Even if it’s the best garbage disposal overall!!

Here are frequently experienced problems with garbage disposal and how they can be fixed.

  1. FOOD

You may want to ask, how is food a problem to a disposer, isn’t that what it’s supposed to grind? True, it is; but there are exceptions such as coffee grinds, banana peels and egg shells. How so? When coffee grinds and shells find their way into the equipment, the fragments are capable of sticking to any form of sludge present in the pipe and as a result make for clogs in that tunnel. More of it will add up and become a complete blockage to other food waste. Fruit peels on the other hand can create clogs pretty quick in such that, when you begin to grind them using the disposer, they produce a mashed form of the fruit that also looks like a starchy paste which will eventually form a ‘beautiful mess’ in the pipe. By the way, you now know that food can be garbage disposal problem *winks*

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Always filter your waste off these things and avoid sticking bones down your garbage disposal. It is not in any way a substance meant for garburators.

  1. METAL

Metal pieces are dangerous to the health of your garbage disposal. They don’t clog your pipes or anything. Instead, any piece of metal silverware that goes into the disposal will make the machine generate annoying clanging sounds and eventually destroy the spoons, blades and dent parts of the garbage disposal. The fix however, is that you should get a piece of metal (don’t use your hand) and check through the inside of the disposer with it to see if there is anything that isn’t meant to be there then get it out.

  1. WATER

Lack of water is another major problem faced by disposals. Each time you want to make use of the equipment, ensure that your water supply is running at a good rate in order to avoid food waste getting stuck in the machine. Furthermore, endeavor to leave the water running for a few more seconds after you have turned the garbage disposal off so as to ascertain that every waste has been flushed away. The consequence of inadequate water supply is that waste will stop somewhere in the pipe and make residence right there until a quit notice comes. More stoppage will get the area congested and pipe gets clogged.



This is a weird inclusion but it is very essential. The kind of garbage disposal you get is also important – basically, there are two kinds (batch feed and continuous feed). If you have kids in your house, don’t go near the continuous feed operating disposer – this is because this kind does not wait for instructions to get it turned on (that’s a big garbage disposal problem if you ask me!). Anything at all that makes its way into the machine gets grinded immediately! Also avoid sticking your hands into the machine; it’s got blades in there! It doesn’t pretty know what difference is between finger and food.


Watch the video below for a quick fix…

So here are the common garbage disposal problems I’ve helped people fix in recent times. If you have any questions, do not hesitate to ask in the comments section.