Restyled 9-Drawer Desk

Restyled 9-Drawer Desk

I found this little gem (ahem) on a recent junking weekend with my husband.

First off, the knobs had to go. They were obviously a replacement for missing handles…and they looked ridiculous in pairs on each drawer.

Next came sanding. It became very clear that all my sanding and patching techniques were not going to create a perfectly smooth surface. This desk had history it just wasn’t willing to give up. That’s okay. Even if I don’t know the life of my junking pieces, I kinda like them to have a few scars that can still tell a story…even if I have to imagine it.

The entire desk got a couple of coats of white paint. It really needed that fresh clean base. A lot of people probably would have stopped there, but it was boring. It also magnified every imperfection in the surface.

I decided on a layered, dry brushed technique. I dry brushed a layer of brown paint over the entire surface of the desk…and then I almost cried. It looked so ugly. I was sure I had made a mistake, but I continued. The next dry brushed layer was grey paint. Oh my! Did I lose my mind? I had to keep reminding myself it was just paint and could be painted over.

The next and final dry brushed layer was white paint. Woo Hoo!!! I could finally breathe. That final layer blended all the colors together and gave the surface a beautiful misty finish that I loved. I am so glad I didn’t turn back after adding the first layer. No guts, no glory!

I found some drawer handles in my hardware stash that fit perfectly. They were all sanded and got a makeover with the white paint.

Lining inserts cut from wallpaper provided the finishing touch for the drawers.