Rustic Ruler Star

Rustic Ruler Star

I just love to repurpose, reuse and recycle ordinary items into something special. That’s why I got such a rush when I began cleaning out closets and realized I had an over abundance of wooden rulers. If you have kids, especially grown kids, school supplies seem to breed in the dark. A new year means new supplies, so you can’t reuse the old ones…even if they look identical to the year before…that’s the rule. ?

I took five wooden rulers and sanded off the shiny finish.

The rulers already had a hole in one end.

I think that’s for hanging, but I’ve never managed to be that organized. Don’t judge me.

I drilled a hole in the other end of each ruler.

Then I stained them with ordinary brown acrylic craft paint. I painted it on and wiped it off with a paper towel. Messy? Yes, but less messy than regular wood stain. Craft paint cleans up with soap and water and doesn’t smell.

Do you remember the stars your teacher used to put on a really good paper? That’s the same way these stars are made. Well, sorta…

I cut rusty baling wire and attached two sets of two rulers in the shape of a “V”.

With one “V” vertical and one horizontal, I attached the end of two touching legs with more baling wire.

Then the last ruler was placed across the star and attached to the two remaining legs.

Quick and simple! My favorite way to craft!