Sew Fabric Tube Pumpkins for Fall-Tutorial

Are you ready for a craft show best-seller? These pumpkins practically flew out of my last craft show booth. Even if craft shows aren’t your thing, several of these fabric tube pumpkins will add that touch of fall to your home that you have been wanting. One pumpkin is quick to make, but if you make several using an assembly line technique for the steps, you can finish them in an afternoon.

Things You Will Need:

Measuring tape
Straight pins
Sewing machine
Embroidery needle
Crochet thread
Long soft-sculpture needle
Jig saw (optional)
Silk fall leaves
Hot glue gun

Cut a 15-inch-wide by 25-inch-long rectangle from fabric of your choice. I have used fabric of any color, design, texture and weight that I thought would make a cute pumpkin.

Fold the rectangle in half with the short ends together and the right sides facing. Pin the short ends together. Sew the pinned edge using a 1/2-inch seam allowance. You now have a tube. Do not turn right side out.

Thread an embroidery needle with a neutral crochet thread that coordinates with the pumpkin’s fabric. Sew a running stitch around one open end of the tube, 1/2 inch from the end. Cinch the opening closed. Hold the end while wrapping the remaining thread around the gathers (1/2 inch from the end) five times. Knot the end and cut the thread. Tip: Some fabrics may have fibers with a loose or open weave. To prevent the thread of the running stitch from pulling out of the fabric when gathered, knot the thread on the needle in two strands. When you have stitched the running stitches around the opening, insert the needle between the strands, just above the knot. Cinch the fabric and continue with wrapping the thread.

Turn the pumpkin right side out. Fill the pumpkin with stuffing. Sew a running stitch around the opening. Cinch to gather the opening closed. Knot and cut the thread.

Thread 3 yards of the crochet thread on a long soft-sculpture needle. Yes, that seems like a lot, but you don’t want to stop part way through making the pumpkin spines. Knot one end of the thread.

Insert the needle through the center of the gathers on the bottom of the pumpkin. Don’t worry, the knot will not show when finished. Pull the needle and the length of the thread out the top of the pumpkin. Pull the thread over the side of the pumpkin and reinsert the needle through the gathers on the bottom and back out the top. Cinch to squish the pumpkin and create a spine in the side of the pumpkin. Repeat, evenly spacing six spines around the pumpkin sides. Bring the needle out the top. Knot and cut the thread.

Gather a stick from your yard with a diameter approximately the size of your fingers. Break the stick to a length of approximately 4 inches long, or use a jig saw to cut the stick. Apply hot glue to the center top of the pumpkin. Stand the stick in the glue and press down. Hold until the glue has cooled.

Peel four fall leaves from a silk leaf floral stem. Apply hot glue to the back of the leaves and arrange them around the stem of the pumpkin.

If desired, finish the pumpkin with a few strands of raffia tied around the stem.