Top 9 Best Trash Recycle Combo

Trash is part of all humanity that you can’t avoid. As long as we live, we will always produce trash. With that said, we have always looked for ways to reduce waste. The easiest way is to recycle it no wonder, so many methods are coming up to recycle.

You can have a single trash can that you use to separate the food waste and the recyclables. Notice that the recyclables are not only plastic, bottles and papers but also food waste.

The only reason you separate them is that the food waste is wet and the bottles are dry with a different composition. The recycle bin combo makes it easy for you to sort the various wastes.

Thankfully, more people today want to participate in saving the environment. This means we might have a safe environment in the foreseeable future. In recycling, you reuse and save energy. Also, you reduce the toxic waste, thus keeping the landfills free.

What Is the Recycle Trash Combo

This is a can that has two or three compartments, and you use the chambers to keep the recyclables and trash. This is the easiest method to sort the recyclable from the regular garbage.

This is the best trash can to use when at home, although you can also use them at work and in the office. One reason you should buy this kind of cans if you want to begin recycling is that it saves space. They are further beautiful; thus, they will enhance the outlook of your home.

They are further easy to use even by the guests after you show them how they work. What’s more, it’s an easy way of organization. You will also become a friend of the universe in taking responsibility for your waste.

Everyone should use the trash cans because they make the sorting easy and recycling real.

Reasons Why You Need the Recycle Trash Combo


Most people today take responsibility for their environment. For this reason, they’ll do everything to take care of it so that it can serve them a little more. If this is you, then recycling is never new for you. You separate the waste to make it easy to recycle.


Some regions require you to separate the trash and recycle it. That means in the locality, no one is exempted. You all must separate the trash and recyclables. This is a perfect law that ensures you take care of your environment.


If you like being organized then this is something you will love since you keep one type of trash in one compartment and the other has the recyclables. They make it easy to maintain and sort everything.

If you are anything like me, I’m sure you dislike clutter so much you can’t stand it. With such garbage bins, you will avoid clutter that lies all over your surfaces.


We all love a clean and hygienic environment. Trash can be hazardous when not taken care of. So, in having this combo, you take care of your waste as you are cleaning, cooking, or eating.

It will lead you to keep the waste where it should be, thus leaving you with an ambient environment. Your home and office look appealing and safe to be at.

It eases the process

In having the combo unit, you will know what to keep where and that makes sure you take the recyclable in a single compartment. So, when you want to take the recycling process to the center, you will know which compartment to choose.

Saves on the space

Both the trash and the recyclables are placed in a single can with two compartments. This means that you no longer need two trash cans. You will use a single can for both purposes.

They are good looking

The kind of trash recycle combos we have today look good. This allows you to place it wherever you wish in the house. With every new waking moment, there are new kinds of trash combos being made to perfect the old style, and you can only see it getting better.

They are usually durable

The trash cans can stand a lot of abuse. If you drop them down kick or hit them, they won’t form a dent thanks to the material used to make it. If you used the regular plastic, then it wouldn’t last long.

What to Look For in a trash recycle combo?

The types of trash and recycle combo

What kind of can are you looking for? Is it one that is hands-free and you use your foot pedal to open the lid?

You can also have the ones that you handle manually.

You will realize that there are so many options available, but they are either manual or the foot pedal type. For such double-sided cans, the best option to go for is the foot pedal type. Also, you can choose the touchless ones since they keep you hygienically safe.

The size

Depending on the amount of waste you expect to produce, buy the right size. Be sure to check the size before adding to cart. You should never buy a smaller size than you need. It’s better to buy a larger one.

Therefore, check the gallons it can carry and confirm that they can carry equal sizes on both sides. If you want the different sizes, be sure to check the ratio differences and confirm that it’s all you want.

The cost

While the cost of buying the combo varies from shop to shop, you should have a set budget. The good quality ones are often above $100. Be prepped to spend this amount on a durable piece. Note that the price, in this case, determines what you get.

Does it have a removable inner bucket?

This will help when you need to clean the buckets. If its suck it will make it hard to clean, but if you buy the removable ones, it will be easy to move around. Also, you can clean all the parts of the bucket.

Distinct Features to Look For

If you have a spouse that hates taking the garbage out every time, you will need this combo more than anyone else. But before you go buying it here are some of the crucial features to go looking for.

The lid: more than anything, you need to have the lid perfectly closed. This is because you need to keep the odor within the can. Also, it won’t let intruders in the garbage. This will maintain a great and ambient environment.

The food pedal: most of the trash recycle combo will have a foot pedal. The traditional ones where you had to open them with your hands are slowly fading away. You can choose between those that open the compartments separately or a single one which opens both sides at ones.

Go for a food pedal is sturdy in construction to stand up to 20 steps a day.

Nonskid base: since you will step on the can to open it; you should make sure you don’t have to run after the can. Only choose those that have a non-skid base. The traction pads are often gentle on the surface and at the same time steady.

The liner bags: it has a removable liner bag that you put on the inside. Their role is to get a hold of spills and drips. They further come with easy to lift handles. They should be easy to lift out when you need to change the liner.

The surface: modern design has fingerprint-safe surfaces. While there are many with such technology, not all of them, have this technology. But those with it make it easier to maintain the shiny surface.

What of the warranty? buying anything without a clear warranty is rooting for a not so good a product Ensure it has a warranty to make sure you can take it back in case it’s not a good quality.

Product name Preview Capacity The dimension Price
Simplehuman Stainless Steel Rectangular Kitchen Dual Compartment   12.2 gallon 12.8 x 19.8 x 25.7 inches Check price
Organize It All 16 Gallon Stainless Steel Step-On Double Compartment Recycling Trash Can   16 gallons 13.5 x 23.1 x 25.5 inches Check price
iTouchless 16 Gallon Touchless Trash Can and Recycle Bin Combo Unit   16 gallons 23 x 14 x 22 inches Check price
Simplehuman Rectangular Kitchen Step Can Dual Compartment Recycler   15.3 gallon 14.2 x 22 x 25.8 inches Check price
Safco Products 9928BB Desk-Side Waste Recycling Trash Can   14 gallons 9.5 x 17.5 x 16.5 inches Check price
Joseph Joseph 30022 Intelligent Waste Totem Kitchen Trash Can and Recycle Bin   16 gallons 15.8 x 11.8 x 31.5 inches Check price
Joseph Joseph 30062 Intelligent Waste Totem Max Kitchen Trash Can and Recycle Unit   16 gallons 14.4 x 15.3 x 32 inches Check price
NINESTARS Automatic Touchless Infrared Motion Sensor Trash Can/Recycler   18 gallons 13 x 21.3 x 26.2 inches Check price
Simplehuman Under Counter Kitchen Pull-Out Recycler   9.3 gallons 18.2 x 9.8 x 19.1 inches Check price


Best Trash Recycle Combo

1. Simplehuman Stainless Steel Rectangular Kitchen Dual Compartment Step Trash Can Recycler


The kitchen is the section of the house that produces more waste than any other part of the house. This recycle trash combo is the best to use in the kitchen. Its appearance will wow anyone over.

It has a sturdy construction and it’s made using the stainless steel. The pedals are strong enough for you to step on them over and over again. Also, it’s wide to fit any size of feet.

The lid is made using plastic, but it has a dent-resistant feature. As you open the lid and close it, banging it is unheard of because of the Shox technology. Its liners are here to stay with the can.

They are custom fit, and they come in two different colors. They won’t leak or tear easily. They remain strong and durable for ages. But what makes me buy into the praises and positive reviews it has is that it has a five years warranty.

Moreover, it has a capacity of 46 liters in total. There’s a size difference with the two compartments.

2. Organize It All 16 Gallon Stainless Steel Step-On Double Compartment Recycling Trash Can


What makes this recycle trash can stand out for me is its vibrantly colored foot pedals. It further has two pedals that allow you to open one side and then the other side

This trash can is made using stainless steel on the outer part. The material is durable, and that keeps it long-lasting. So, for this, you need to wipe the surfaces.

Also, you may need to wipe the inner plastic part to clean it. If you wash it thoroughly, that’s okay. Often, the stainless steel exterior fits in any house. And considering this is meant for the kitchen area, it fits in perfectly.

You are free to place it under the sink or in the open. Since it has the two different compartments, you will use one side for recycling and the other for trash. Do not keep the bottles and cans together with the food waste.

The inner containers are removable for easy cleaning of the parts. They further have handles that make it easy to move the can from the trash can to the larger can. With a capacity of 16 gallons, you can handle all kinds of waste in the house.

3. iTouchless 16 Gallon Touchless Trash Can and Recycle Bin Combo Unit 


This is another one of the great combos in the market. The trash can has a unique lid status whereby the solid green means its open and the blinking red says that the lid is about to close. With such a status, it can never close on your hands.

The fact that it has brushed stainless steel and a fingerprint-free technology keeps it free from smudge. Its further easy to clean. The combo has a slim profile with the contoured lines. It will also fit in almost any space you have.

It further even has the opening coming in at 10.5 inches. This makes it easy to dispose of the milk cartons, pizza boxes together with other bulky trash. It’s a hands-free trash can, and the batteries will last up to 18 months when properly cared for.

iTouchless has the capacity of 16 gallons. The can is useful at home, in the office, and even when you have party evens in the backyard.

4. Simplehuman Rectangular Kitchen Step Can Dual Compartment Recycler


Another high-quality stainless steel dual recycle can. This one comes as a type with two sides of recycling, but you can easily change one side to trash can. This brand is one of the most trusted ones when it comes to trash cans.

They will even give you a warranty of 10 years because they know they made it to last. With its sturdy construction, it can stand all the different weather conditions. This means that you can use it in the backyard if you wish.

It has high-quality and robust trash bags that will fit any container. You will have a clean experience when using it. The can has nano silver finger-proof coating to keep microbes from reproducing. This means that it will maintain its shiny surfaces.

It has a capacity of 15.3 gallons that’s enough for family set up or your offices. Also, it has the liner rim which will flip down, thus securing the liner as you hide them.

Its wide steel pedals fit any feet size. What’s more, you can step on it for almost 20 times a day for the next 20 years. The lid is perfect with the right technology to make it silently close. Therefore, it will never bang on your hands.

5. Safco Products 9928BB Desk-Side Waste Recycling Trash Can



When simplicity is all you are after, go for this plastic desk-side trash can. It’s ideal for use in the office mailroom front desk or at home. But I would be reluctant to use it in the kitchen because of its design and lack of a lid.

If you wish, you can bring them together as they are or separate them to use one in another room. With it, you will keep trash on one can and the recyclables in another trash can. It has a capacity of 14 gallons in total which makes it one of the smallest kind of cans.

Even when you are in the office, you should maintain your practices of recycling if you care for the next generation. We all want a safe and clean environment over the coming years so we should all be a part of this movement.

6. Joseph Joseph 30022 Intelligent Waste Totem Kitchen Trash Can and Recycle Bin


This is one of the high-end trash recycle combo, and it’s all for a reason. It has a combination of the waste and recycling requirement without the need to occupy more space. This is a conventional kitchen bin.

Using its general compartment that has a capacity of 9.5 gallons, it can take on all the kitchen waste. This is regardless of how busy the kitchen is. Moreover, it has a removal bin to make cleaning it easy. It has the breather vents to aid its removal.

On the downer part, it has another drawer with 6.3-gallon capacity to take on either the trash or recyclables. You can easily remove the bin and the divider for cleaning. Furthermore, it comes with a compost bin for food waste.

Since the compost bin has only 1-gallon capacity, you can fit it in the multipurpose waste or the general waste compartment. This combo also has the carbon odor filter to ensure your house remains fresh. Its discreetly placed under the lid to keep it fresh.

The lid is perfect as it has powder-coated steel to keep it safe. With the compact waste system, you won’t need to dispose of often, and it can stay within the house. The carbon filters, charcoal order filter, will keep the waste smelling fresh.

7. Joseph Joseph 30062 Intelligent Waste Totem Max Kitchen Trash Can and Recycle Unit


This is one of the most creative units created for use in the different parts of your house, office, front desk, or mailroom. You will have two compartments to use. The first part is meant to keep your general waste while the second holds the different kinds of recyclables.

The general compartment is made accessible because you will produce more of the general waste. They both have removable inner buckets to make it easy to clean. Then you have the compost bin with a wide opening to make it easy to fill it.

You can fit it in the first or second compartment. Nevertheless, if you wish, you can even put it over the counter. It then has a hook to make its removal easy. The design is made in a vertical design to save of the space it occupies.

You can quickly fill or empty them. You can also have them situated on a stand for the safety of the steel compartments. It further has the carbon filter to maintain the good fresh air within the can. No more unpleasant odor that makes you want to throw it away.

You can have the liner accessories if you so wish. With a capacity of 16 gallons, it will take care of all the waste in the house.

8. NINESTARS Automatic Touchless Infrared Motion Sensor Trash Can/Recycler


The trash can feature the use of high-quality stainless steel. Its corrosion-resistant and durable. With its infrared motion sensor, no moisture and spills will ever damage the can. The brushed exterior surface is fingerprint sensitive.

It uses the delay sensing technology to keep the battery from damage. You won’t have it open from the accidental hitting by pets or kids that are passing by. The lid will retain the odor with the container. This keeps the room hygienic and safe.

It has the easy and removable ring liner that holds the trash bag in place. This makes the bag not to overhang, and therefore, it maintains a neat appearance. Its non-skid base will keep it safe as you are stepping on it.

9. Simplehuman 35 Liter / 9.3 gallon Under Counter Kitchen Pull-Out Recycler


Even if you like the pullout kind of trash cans, you can have it as trash and recycle combo. In having these two tins you then you sort the garbage yourself. Have the trash in one can and the recyclable on the other side.

It’s designed to glide out of the cabinets fully. This makes it easy to access both of the bins separately. The frame on which you glide the cans is sturdy, which makes the whole piece durable.

Moreover, it has a readily accessible handle that makes the trash can also easily reachable. The liners make it easy to collect the drips and eases the cleaning process. The 9.3 capacity is enough for you to cater to your home waste.


It’s essential to be a part of the recycling movement for us to take care of our environment. While you may not have the recycler in the house, you can improvise the recycle trash combo. This tins you will use to collect the waste in your home.

Once you have collected all the waste, then you can take them to the recycle center. Sometimes they may even pay you for the pieces.