Vintage Bucket Planters

Amazing what a little paint can do!

This ice cream maker could be mine from my own childhood, but it isn’t. I picked it up recently at a yard sale for $1. It doesn’t work, and with as much rust as it had on it, I wouldn’t want to put food in it anyway. That’s okay. My vision was to make it into a planter.

I also had this wobbly bucket in my stash of junk treasures. The tole painting may have been kinda cute at one time, but it didn’t really have the dated look I was looking for. I decided since I was going to make a planter from the ice cream bucket, I would do the same with this bucket.

Time to get them ready for transformation. I removed the motor and canister from the ice cream bucket. I was going to take the handles off, but the screws and bolts were so rusted, I gave up after about an hour. Using a little muscle, I removed the top part of the handles. These pieces held the motor in place. I decided the rest of the handles wasn’t to bad, so they stayed.

The other wooden bucket required a lot of wood glue to tighten it up. I also removed the worn out rope handles.

Both buckets received a fresh coat of paint.

I made stencils with my Cricut.

I chose the words to match the original life of each bucket.

Sanding gave them the age I was looking for. I added braided twine handles to the smaller bucket.