Waste King 8000 Vs 9980, Which One Should You Choose

If you live in the US, Waste king is not a new terminology to you. This is a famous brand when it comes to a garbage disposal. They produce only the best types of garbage disposals, and thus most buyers have a problem choosing the one to buy.waste king 8000 vs 9980

But when you have sorted out, and you want to choose between the waste king 8000 vs. waste king 9980, we can help you decide.

Both the legend series 8000 and the legend series 9980 are great choices. Although they look almost the same, they have a few differences, as you will see below.

Waste King 8000Waste King 9980
InstallationEZ mount system3 bolt mount system
Power1HP, 2800RPM1HP, 2800RPM
Splash guardRemovablePermanent
Sink flangeReinforced polymerStainless steel
PriceCheck AmazonCheck Amazon

The Similarities

The fact that they are waste king disposal means that even though they are different, they have similarities too. Check out the following

They both offer you a lifetime warranty

The lifetime warranty is quite attractive to most clients, and that’s why they keep buying waste king. Well, both the L-8000 and L-9980 offer you a lifetime warranty. If you called the waste king brand to install it for you at first, then you can call them to fix it for you.

Whenever there’s a breakdown, they will offer their service free of charge, and that’s during its lifetime.

The power

Whenever you want a powerful tool to choose either of these gadgets. They both operate at 1HP and 2800rpm, which means it delivers a robust operation too. This tool will grind about anything, including the fibrous foods like the onion skin without damaging it. They also operate in the continuous feed method. This is, therefore, to say that you can add on food as you continue to prepare.

You will love the fact that they are powerful, yet they operate quietly. Notice that even though they will grind almost anything, they do it quietly. They have a sound seal technology to retain the sound within the garbage disposal.

They are heavy-duty

Well, both of these gadgets are powerful and only ideal if you do a lot of cooking. Also, if you have a large family, then this tool will work for you. On the contrary, if you have a small family, you will underuse it.

Both of them are durable, and they will serve you for more than ten years. The waste king built these two kinds of disposal to last. Well, if you want the healthiest options, you should buy these options.

Other similarities

The motor

They both have a permanent magnet motor for a swift operation. Remember, the motor is the powerhouse of any garbage disposal. The best part is further that the motor works fast to offer a power grind.

Let’s talk about the dimensions

Check out both of them and notice that they come in the same size and color. At 16 × 18½, the disposals are significant enough to handle all the different kinds of waste.

The cost

They come at a surprising low to mid-range price for most people. It’s affordable if you compare the fact that you are receiving a powerful and quality item.

Notice that the two types of garbage disposal are an improvement to the older garbage disposal. So they have some other new technologies to make its operation even swifter. The best part is that it’s easier to use these two tools.

What of the design

They are more significant and also more substantial than most other garbage disposals as you would expect. But the 9980 one is even heavier. Notice that it weighs between 12 -13 pounds. They have a chrome finish for the perfect color blend, and it also has a tube shape.


Both the disposers are great since they use corrosion-free materials. They feature the use of stainless steel blades.

The installation

Anyone who doesn’t mind taking a few hours to do the work will install this tool without the need to call the plumber. It follows an easy step by step process for the installation.

Now the differences

The two disposal units have several similarities, as you have seen above, but they also do have the differences as you are going to see below.

The mounting system

The significant difference is in the mounting system. The L-8000 uses the easiest to mount method called EZ mount system. The L-9980, on the other hand, uses the 3 bolt system. There’s no one method that’s better than the other. They all have their pros and cons.

So the significant difference is in the mounting method you are going to use. Well, the L-9980 may take you longer to install than the L-8000.

Also, even though the L-9980 mounting method will take longer, it’s more durable than the L-8000. The L-9980 mount is made using the premium quality stainless steel, while the L-8000 is made using aluminum. But they feature the use of stainless steel sink flange and the aluminum one respectively.

If you are often installing the garbage disposal, you will find that it’s easy to install the two options.

Splash guard

The only way to reduce the splash of food waste as you are grinding is in using the splash guard. Well, they both have splash guards that operate differently. So if you want one, then you should know that the L-8000 offers you a removable splash guard. On the other hand, L-9980 provides you a permanent splash guard such that you will need to disassemble it if you want to remove it.

That leaves the L-8000 one as the best choice since you may want to clean it thoroughly from time to time. Also, when you want to replace the splash guard, you will find the L-8000 being better.

What will you find in the package

So when you are ordering these two, there are things you expect in the package.

For the L-8000

The waste king 8000

The power cord

EZ mounting system

A removable splash guard

A plastic stopper.

For the L9980

Waste King 9980

Power cord

3 bolt mounting hardware

Plastic stopper

The performance

As we have said in the previous parts that these two gadgets are powerful, you can be sure it’s true. They operate to grind the toughest wastes as well as a lot more wastes, making them ideal for large families.

With a 1HP and 2800rpm, you won’t experience clogging and jams because it delivers a power grind.

The grinding chambers of these units, like most other waste disposal units, are made using the glass-filled nylon, which then means it will never get damaged easily because it doesn’t even destroy.

Moreover, the stainless steel impellers can reduce the jams ultimately.

Waste King L-8000

Waste King Legend Series 1 HP Continuous Feed Garbage Disposal with Power Cord - (L-8000)

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This is an amazon’s choice, and for a reason, it has all the best features anybody needs. Lets state that it has the durable components that will offer you a powerful grind while lasting longer. It has the polymer chambers together with the stainless steel grind units that are also corrosion-resistant.

It delivers a shorter run time yet giving you a power grind, and this will mostly reduce the use of electricity. With the high-speed motor, you can be sure the gadget jams less as it also has the stainless steel swivel impellers.

The EZ twist mount system makes it easy to install this gadget. It also uses the continuous feed method to make sure you can grind waste as soon as they come.

Do you have a septic tank? Well, you can use this gadget without clogging the pipes and the tank. At an affordable rate, you get a powerful tool that’s further durable. The best part is that it’s easy to use and clean. Although it may not be as quiet as the evolution series, this sound deadening feature makes it quieter.

Waste King 9980

Waste King 9980 Garbage Disposal with Power Cord, 1 HP,Metallic

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Like the one above, this is a powerful tool that will serve you for ages. Well, it uses the 3 bolt method for easy installation and mounting.

It does feature the durable internal components, which is why it will serve you for a long time. It has a polymer grind chamber and stainless steel grinding parts.

You can use it even if you have a septic tank system. The gadget will offer you a powerful grind. Mind you; unlike other garbage disposals that often jam, this one doesn’t. You can press the red button for a reset in case of an imminent jam. If you also want, you can attach it to your dishwasher, but you will need to buy the hooking components.

Although it’s cheaper you will get the value of the high-quality ones. It delivers quiet operation and can stand years of knocking it down.

The good thing is that all the customer reviews on this product are high, and that shows you that investing in it gives you a plus.

Which one is the best and therefore which one should I buy?

Well, both of these garbage disposals are great. You will notice that they have very few differences compared to similarities. So with that, you can choose the one you like based on what you are after.

For me, though, the L-8000 works just because more people rate it higher than the L-9980. Also, I love that I can remove the splash guard and clean it or even replace it if it’s worn out. But if it weren’t available, then I would choose the L-9980.