Waste King 9980 Legend Series Review

One of my favorite hobbies is cooking, and so I spend a substantial amount of my time in the kitchen.
I’m that type of a person who likes trying new things so almost every day I will try out a new recipe to cook for my large family. This means that I have to dispose of a lot of garbage and leftovers from my kitchen.

Over the past few years, I have interacted with dozens of garbage disposers from different companies, but my all-time favorite is Waste King manufacturer.

Waste King has a worldwide reputation that they have earned as a result of producing the best garbage disposals accessories for professional kitchens and homes alike.

One of my favorite that I wish to share with you today is the 9980 Legend Series garbage disposer. After so many years of buying garbage disposer from different manufacturers that left me disappointed like never before, I decided it’s time to seriously look for a disposer that will serve me for the longest as I had already become tired of shopping for them.

This right here from Waste King just came in as a great relief. Exactly what I have been aspiring to have, a great product for the price.

First and foremost, I bought this product 3 years ago, but from the look at it now you would tend to think that I bought it a few days ago as it has retained a good shape and still looks like its new. Having been made of heavy-duty stainless steel, this garbage disposer does not rust or tear.Waste King 9980 Legend Series

My kids have harassed it enough by rolling it over, putting in a dozen of potatoes peels all at once. Even after teaching them on how to use it, but kids are kids they just fail to follow simple instructions thanks to Waste King engineers because it’s like they knew what this product might be exposed to even before crafting it. The rust free grinding component is just another plus to this model, a feature that was lacking in many of my previous garbage disposers that I bought. Hence when it comes to durability I give it all the scores, this disposer seems like it will serve me till I get enough of having it.



Installing this thing was a breeze, though it’s three years ago since I bought it. I still remember the experience like it was yesterday my husband together with our eldest son took care of the installation part. I was right there reading the instructions for them which were very simple to read and understand. It only took them about 30 minutes and they were done. You can install it solo, only that we like teamwork in our home, although while attaching it to the bottom of the sink you may need an extra hand to help so that one person can hold it as the other one is tightening the neck to the collar.


If you one of your concerns is noise, then rest your worries with the 36-inches power cord and high speed of 2800 R.P.M, I thought this would be the noisiest garbage disposal I will ever have. To my surprise the operation is very low and conducive, the little sound that it produces is far much tolerable than the other brands that I had before. The only disturbing noise is a loud click when you turn on as the motor engages.

This unit chops up everything you throw in. I had a small party at home, and we gathered a lot of bones after the party. To my surprise, the unit did grind all the bones within a jiffy. It’s set for all work from soft things like tomatoes to hard elements like bones. I could not have asked for anything more from this brand.

Lifetime warranty

Sometimes when I read about lifetime warranty I don’t take it seriously, I perceive it as manufacturers just trying to persuade customers to buy the product, but I was proved wrong. My youngest girl tampered with this unit 3 months ago, and all over sudden it stopped grinding, I searched for my receipt and decided to ring the manufacturers using the toll-free number provided. After 24 hours they sent one of their servicemen, and I just had a knock on my door, he came in, fixed the problem and did not charge us even a dime. The guy was very friendly and asked me to call again in case I had similar or a different problem luckily. I have not experienced any other technical problem from this unit.

Many manufacturers fail to keep their words when it comes to warranty and defects, but Waste King are exempt I will buy many appliances from them again and again simply because they never disappoint. Also, the Amazon customer service was exceptional, and they delivered this unit straight to my doorstep after 24hours of placing the order. Also, they even gave a call later following up whether I received the unit as ordered and whether it’s functioning properly. What a great customer service!

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The only major drawback that I have experienced with this motor is when I am disposing of waste in large quantities because of the pressure some food particles will sit on the cutting wheel center failing to go down in the grinding chamber.When this happens I am forced to stop the operation and unclog the unit. However, this only happens when you put to the motor to much waste more than it can chew.

What a great garbage disposer that chews up every food. I would give this unit 5 STARS or more if it were provided. I also thank Waste King for being the kings when it comes to disposing of waste. I highly recommend this unit to anyone out there looking for quality, reliable, durable and affordable waste disposer. It’s only Waste King who seems to have gotten it all right while crafting a waste disposer. Thumbs up!