Waste King L-111 1/3HP Garbage Disposal Review

Waste King L-111 1/3HP
Waste King L-111 1/3HP Garbage Disposal

People love to have modern equipment that is easy to use and doesn’t cost a fortune. With full understanding of the current economic situation, many manufacturers of home depot garbage disposals are springing much effort in bringing various products that don’t cost much.

A very good example of such products is the Waste King L-111 continuous feed garbage disposal. From comparison and my genuine opinion, this unit appears to be the best cheap home depot garbage disposal the market today and Waste King did not curtail its quality and design as a result of making it budget appliance.


This product is a very compact unit hence, lets you keep extra space under your sink. Say the Waste King L-111 is a garbage disposal that won’t eat up space because it is designed neatly and compact. Also, Waste King has made this food waste disposer to be very easy to install. You may not even need the help of a professional in this regard.


In terms of power, this unit had 1/3 Horsepower engine motor driving inside and it runs at 1900rpm. The grinding chamber in this product is housed by corrosion free wall which is what prevents the unit to break down and eventually get knocked.


Going over to the warranty, Waste King attaches a 2 year in-home warranty with the unit which means that your garbage disposer will be fixed right in your home should anything go wrong at all.