Waste King L-8000TC Batch-Feed Garbage Disposal Review

Waste King L-8000TC 1HP Garbage Disposal
Waste King L-8000TC 1HP Garbage Disposal

When it comes to safety, the Waste King L-8000TC is one to take home without thinking twice.A lot of people come asking how safe a particular garbage disposer is – following that fact that they’ve had experiences with people losing their fingers or someone being moved to the hospital as a result of an accident with one home depot garbage disposal or the other.


This particular unit is different from most other reviewed units on this website because the mode of operation is quite different which aids the safety overall. The L-8000TC is a batch feed garbage disposer which reduces the chances of taking a household member to the hospital unlike continuous feed operating counterparts. This batch feed product will have you fill up the chamber and have a stopper placed over the top before it powers on. Another notable thing about this product is that the internal parts are less likely to get damaged as a result of a dropped kitchen utensil or sort. Trust me, this can be very unpleasant!


Worried about some tough waste you have in your kitchen? Quit it! The 1 horsepower motor that runs at a speed of 2800rpm will let you have a deep sigh of relief. Although batch feed disposers may take a while to process waste; this is exactly what Waste King has built this powerful machine to do your job effectively.


Waste King L-8000TC boasts to be a silent garbage disposal with the addition of latest technology to the parts. The inside is properly insulated to make sure that the kitchen is conducive for hearing and making a conversation.


It doesn’t just take quality products to make a company one of the best; customer service also matters. Although the internal components of this garbage disposal is protected at best against rust and sort, you still get a whopping 10-year warranty. They simply come to your home for fixing or replacement – should your garbage disposal develop any fault. This is such an expensive thing for any company which could only mean that they are confident in the products they make.