Waste King Vs. Insinkerator Garbage Disposal- Which Is Better

The thought of my drainage blocking at any time is never something I want to contemplate. Thankfully, with the high-quality garbage disposals today, drainage blocking is unheard of.

The garbage disposal breaks down the food waste to tiny little particles that can comfortably go down the drainage pipe. If you have ever used the garbage disposals, you will know that they have massive benefits to the kitchen and the ultimate environment.

They make it easy to get rid of food waste and thus reduce the landfills. It’s your dirty horse in the kitchen but also the reason you have an ambient environment.

Waste King Vs. Insinkerator

Between the waste king and Insinkerator are two successful brands when it comes to the garbage disposal. Often because they both have their pros and cons; you won’t know which one works best for you.

The battle between these two brands has made the buyer benefit. They keep making new most powerful and high-performance disposers. In the end, it’s a competition about who makes the best disposer.

Waste King

For over 50 years waste king has manufactured some of the best garbage disposals in the market. Additionally, the garbage disposals we had 50 years ago are not the same ones today. So much has improved to serve the market today.

Generally, the brand works to make the disposals efficient while making it cost-effective. Waste king products will help you reduce energy use.Waste King

Here you have the EZ mount system and the 3-bolt mount system. The latter is the older version, while the first one is the newest. The EZ mount system is the easiest to install a garbage disposal.

Also, you can have different garbage disposals ranging from the price difference and power performance.


John W. Hammes was the founder of garbage disposal. The brand began producing the garbage disposals back in 1927. Since then, they have worked to help cleaning in the kitchen easily.


Although they produce the best and high-quality garbage disposals, the prices are literary higher than all the others. Garbage disposals were further noisy, and the brand has over the years found a sound seal technology that contains the noise.

So, this brand has two of the most popular series, the evolution, and badger. The badger is the oldest, and it’s also budget-friendly. However, unlike evolution, the badger is noisy. The evolution series is the modern kind that has improved the old style of disposal.

The evolution series can even work with your septic tanks.

Waste King 9980 Vs. 8000

These two garbage disposals are too similar, you must be keen if you want to know the difference. For the most part, people think that the waste king 9980 is more powerful, but that is not necessarily true.

What are the similarities

  • They are both made by the waste king brand.
  • They both use the permanent magnet motor, 1HP, and 2800 RPM.
  • They also have the same product’s dimension (16×8½ inches).
  • You will receive the power cord, which is typical of waste king brand. They aren’t like other brands that don’t give you the power cord.
  • They have the noise insulation to reduce the noise to a bare minimum.
  • The grinding chambers are made using reinforced polymer, and the grinding component made using stainless steel. For this, they are durable because they will never erode quickly.
  • They further use the continuous feed method.

The differences

Product nameWaste King L-8000 Garbage Disposal with Power CordWaste King 9980 Garbage Disposal
MountingEZ mounting3-bolt


There’s a single major difference between the two and it’s in the installation process. Basically, the mounting in the waste king brand is what creates a difference in either type of garbage disposal.

You can have the EZ mounting and the 3-bolt mounting system.

The L8000 uses the EZ mounting method. If you are familiar with the brand, you will know that the EZ mounting is the easiest and quickest way to mount the garbage disposal. In fact, it’s the modern method today.

The L9980, on the other hand, uses the 3-bolt mounting. Even though it’s not as fast, its still an effective method.

The cost

The other difference is in the price. Although it doesn’t give you a wide gap price difference, there’s a $10. The L 8000 is cheaper coming in at $132, and the L 9980 comes in at $142.

Mounting system

The L8000 also uses the reinforced polymer sink flange mounting system while the L9980 uses stainless steel.

Ease of use

For those who have used it, it’s easy to remove the splash guard from the L 8000 than it is to remove it in L9980. This makes it way easier to use.

Waste King 1001 Vs. 2600

Like the brands above, these two are equally popular and mostly similar. But they two have a few differences as you will see below.


The power: they are both powered by the ½ HP, and they run at a speed of 2600 RPM. With this feature, it will easily grind the food. It also has reduced chances of jamming.

The feed: they use the continuous feed method for the grinding.

The installation: they both are installed using EZ mounting method. This means that the installation is quick and easy.

The chambers: unlike the ones above, they have the chambers being made using glass-filled nylon. For that rusting is unheard of.

The differences

Product nameWaste King L-2600 Garbage DisposalWaste King L-1001 Garbage Disposal
Product dimension6.75 x 6.75 x 13.5 in5.2 x 5.2 x 12.8 inches
Ginding chambersStainless steelGalvanized steel
Warranty5 years2 years


Here there’s a clear difference in the size. The L2600 is way larger than L1001. Since it’s larger, therefore, it can grind more food than the L1001. Nevertheless, if you are looking for a compact and space-saving design, go for L1001.

Grinding components

L2600, according to most buyers, has a better and sturdy construction, yet its chambers are made of stainless steel. L1001 has a proper construction but not as sturdy in comparison. Its grinding chambers are made using galvanized stainless steel.

The warranty

To know a quality item, you should confirm the warranty. If you have one with a prolonged warranty, you should know that the seller is confident about it.

L2600has a warranty of 5 years while L1001 has a warranty of 2 years.

Insinkerator Evolution Excel Vs. Prestige

When it comes to this brand, there are also very many right products, some of them include the following. The two kinds are similar, but they also do have their differences. They are further some of the most popular brands.


  • They are both made using high-quality stainless steel for enhanced durability.
  • Coming from Insinkerator brand, you expect that they have the sound seal technology that it has. They are powerful in operation, but it does so quietly. Insinkerator is the only brand that has made sure we have quieter garbage disposals.
  • They both grind with the power of 1HP motor.
  • They have the same silver color.
  • They both use the three-stage grinding technology to make sure you have a powerful grind. Everything will turn to liquid making it easy to dispose of in the septic tank.
  • Finally, they have the same capacity of 40 oz.

The differences

Product nameInsinkerator Prestige Evolution PrestigeInsinkerator Garbage Disposal, Evolution Excel, 1
Product dimension13 x 9 x 9 inches13 x 12 x 12 inches
JammingUses the powerful motor reduce the jamsIt has the jamming sensor to breakdown the jams before it begins.


The evolution excel is a little bit larger than the prestige one. It’s not too large though.

The jamming sensor

The major difference between the two is that evolution excel has the jamming sensor that will keep it safe from jamming. It works automatically to increase the torque which will break the jamming down.

The cost

The prices also vary with the evolution excel being a little expensive than the evolution prestige.

Insinkerator Evolution Excel Vs. Supreme

These two types also come with different names even though they are just almost similar. They have the same power, and capacity and this makes it hard to know which one will work best for you. Sometime you may think the differences are only created by the marketers.


For the design: they come in different colors, evolution supreme has the maroon color while the evolution excel has a silver color. However, they are both made using high-quality stainless steel.

The capacity: they have the same capacity of 40 oz.

Power: they are both powerful, giving you a grind of 1HP. Such power will make it easy to grind anything in the kitchen but most importantly, a lot of food in the kitchen.

Space: you shouldn’t use them if you have a smaller house. In fact, they won’t have enough space in such houses. Nonetheless, if you have a large kitchen and your family is big, you can use them.

Feed: they both use the continuous feed method. And notice that the feed is activated using the wall switch. They are durable and therefore, can work a long time without mechanically damaging it.

Cost: they are both costly, no wonder they have advanced features.

They use the multi-grinding technique to make sure you give the food waste a powerful grind. For this reason, you can use them even with your septic tanks.

Sound seal: they utilize the sound seal technology such that they may grind tough food waste and do so quietly.

Jamming: they also have the reverse grinding method, which will help them when there’s a jam.

The difference

Product nameInsinkerator evolution supremeInsinkerator evolution excel
ColorMaroon and greySilver
JamReverse grindingJamming sensor and reverse grinding

The difference

The color is used to create a clear difference where you have the maroon color and the silver and grey color.

There’s a difference in cost too between the two of them.

The major difference is in the jamming sensor. Evolution excel has a jamming sensor while the evolution supreme doesn’t. It uses the reverse grinding to shield the garbage disposals from jams.

The Waste King and Insinkerator Difference

The motor, power and performance-waste king wins

The only important reason that determines which brand you choose is in power. If the item has no power to grind your food waste, its useless.

Initially, most brands used the induction motors only. Today, with the emergence of the permanent magnets motor, we have seen most brands changing. Waste King was the first to introduce the Permanent Magnet Motors method.

The permanent magnet motors grind the wastes at a higher speed. For this, it reduces the chances of jams when using it. The waste king brand has motors that reach 2500 RPM on average while the Insinkerator one reaches 1725 RPM.

Notice that to cater to this inefficiency, Insinkerator offers multiple grinding stages. That will keep the food ground down regardless. However, the permanent magnet system is still there to win on this level.

With that said, both of the brands are powerful, and they offer high-quality performance regardless. Notice that if you have a large family, you might have to use the powerful brands.

Waste King has a powerful motor system that ensures it delivers a powerful grind.

Insinkerator has the multi grind stages to deliver a smooth end product.

The noise-Insinkerator

Clearly, the garbage disposals are effective for any households, but they are also the noisiest gadgets in the house. Although almost all brands are working towards making their garbage disposals a little loud than the previous ones, they still make too much noise.

If you even want quieter disposal, choose the evolution series. But more so the newer versions. It produces just a little humming sound during operation. Waste king sound insulation can’t be compared with the sound seal technology by Insinkerator.

The build quality-Insinkerator wins

I believe the major reason that would make a brand highly-priced is in the build quality. Remember the build quality will determine its durability as well.

The chambers feature different materials. The waste king chambers are often made using the corrosion-proof polymers while the Insinkerator uses the stainless steel for the chambers. The exterior surfaces are, however made using the plastic.

The plastic used in the Inskerator is of a high-quality kind.

The mounting flange: this is another important aspect of the build quality. Waste king uses either EZ mounting or the three-bolt system. Both of them have pros and cons. It further uses the plastic in most of its legend series.

Waste king only uses the metal mount on its legend 9000 series. On the other hand, Insinkerator only uses stainless steel on its mounting flange. The stainless steel is more durable.

The price- Waste King wins

Of course, the two above aspects are the most vital but then again, the price influences the popularity. The waste king has played this game well, having focused more on creating value at a reasonable price.

There’s a significant difference in price between Waste King and Insinkerator. If you do your homework, you will notice that for the same power, the Insinkerator sells at a higher rate than Waste King.

Nevertheless, if you take the waste king, be ready to compromise on the building capacity. You see the price set of the high-quality legend series is much lower than the lower quality badger series.

If I had a choice to buy between the EZ mount and the badger series I would choose the EZ mount. This is because the badger series has no sound shield and its exterior features the use of plastic.

Moreover, the EZ mount ones have the permanent magnet motor. This gives it an edge over Insinkerator badger series. Whenever you want good quality Insinkerator you have to give more money.

The smart pricing by Waste King has given it an edge because after all, they still offer too much value. The features they give you at a lower price are almost the same as the Insinkerator ones.

The power cord-Waste King

Unfortunately, although Insinkerator has some great features, the prices are quite high. In addition, you have to buy the power cord on the side. They never come with their power cord something that waste king has invested on. Waste King has the power cord in the package.

Pre-installed power cord also makes it easy to DIY, which makes waste king a better choice in the end.

Warranty- waste king

Another marketing strategy by the waste king brand is to offer a long-time warranty. If you check the two brands, you will notice that waste king even has a lifetime warranty whereas Insinkerator only has the longest warranty being at seven years.

Whenever you are unsure about the item, you should choose one with a longer warranty. It will not only assures you of the manufacturers confidence but also renders your safety.

The commercial level- its a tie

The both have developed the garbage disposal for the commercial setting as you would expect. They are both heavy-duty types with about five times power than the regular garbage disposals. The secret is in taking good care of them to prevent jams and maintenance needs.

The Conclusion-Which Is Better

It all depends on what you are looking for in a garbage disposal. You can have all the things you desire in a single kind of waste disposal. There’s no single one that we would say is better than the other.

Although, if you are looking for a cheaper model you can buy the waste king. However, if you don’t mind the cost and wish to have a more durable one goes for Insinkerator.