Witch Ornament Made From a Glass Christmas Ball

Witch Ornament

Glass Christmas balls seem to be available at every yard sale. Since the price is right, I can’t help but buy them. With a little creativity, I discovered they could be transformed into decorations for other holidays. Restyle your ornaments into Halloween witch ornaments. Hang them from a black spray painted branch, give to teachers as gifts, or sell them at fall craft shows.

Things You Will Need:

White tissue paper
Decoupage medium
2-inch glass Christmas ball ornament
Polymer clay
Craft glue
Lime green acrylic paint
Paper plate
Black felt
Hot glue gun
Blush and cotton swab
Black acrylic paint
White acrylic paint
Wooden skewer
Black permanent marker
Gray curly doll hair
Muslin scrap
Miniature spider
Embroidery needle and black floss

Tear small pieces of white tissue paper approximately 1-inch in diameter. I used old tissue paper patterns. Do not use colored paper as the dye may bleed.

Apply decoupage medium to the surface of a 2-inch glass Christmas ball ornament using a paintbrush. Place the tissue paper over the medium and press it down with the paintbrush. This will give the ball a wrinkly texture. Perfect for the face of a witch. Allow the medium to dry.

Roll a 1/2-inch ball of polymer clay for the witch’s nose. Form the ball into a 3/4-inch-long cone shape. Bend the point of the cone to make a crooked nose. Roll a tiny bit of clay about the size of a BB. Press the small ball onto the side of the nose. Bake the clay in the oven according to the package directions.

Lay the covered Christmas ball on its side, on a surface that will prevent it from rolling. I used a candle holder. The side facing up will be the front of the witch head. Apply craft glue to the center front of the ball. Place the nose on the glue with the hook of the nose positioned downward. Allow the glue to dry.

Paint the entire head and nose using lime green acrylic paint. Allow the paint to dry.

Cut a paper plate into quarter pie shapes. One pie shape is the pattern for the cone of the witch’s hat. Using the pattern cut one pie shape from black felt. Using a compass, trace a 3 1/4-inch circle on card stock. Cut out the shape. This is the pattern for the hat brim. Cut one brim from black felt.

Cut an “X” in the center of the hat brim. Apply hot glue around the neck of the hanger on the Christmas ball. Place the hat brim over the neck. Roll the pie-shaped felt into a cone. Overlap 1 inch along the edge of the cone and hot glue to secure. Apply hot glue to the inside opening of the cone. Center the cone on top of the brim. Squish the cone down to secure. Fold the tip of the cone down to the brim. Secure with hot glue.

Apply blush to the cheeks using a cotton swab. Dip the blunt end of a skewer into black acrylic paint. Dot two eyes. Allow the paint to dry. Dip the pointed end of the skewer into white acrylic paint. Apply a dot in each eye. Using a permanent marker, draw a crooked smile.

Apply hot glue to the head, just under the brim. Tuck gray curly doll hair under the brim.

Rip a 1/2-inch-wide by 3-inch-long strip of muslin. Tie a knot in the center of the strip. Hot glue the strip to the hat. Hot glue a miniature plastic spider to the knot.

Using black embroidery floss and an embroidery needle, stitch through the top of the hat. Bring the two ends of the floss together with 4 inches of floss extending from each end. Tie the ends in a knot, 1 inch from the end.