All Things About Barracuda Garbage Disposal

Barracuda is one of the few brands that offer almost all cheap disposers in the market. It’s the sole reason why you can’t say that you can’t afford a garbage disposal. They are of quality standard yet they are quite cheap.

Barracuda Garbage Disposal


The best part is that they design the disposer to be compatible with Insinkerator brand. Although it’s not made within America, Anaheim sells out the disposers together with other brands they have.

Often their disposal uses the 3-bolt mount system to mount it under your sink. It’s the easiest method to install the disposer.

But Who Makes The Barracuda Garbage Disposal?
We had mentioned earlier that the disposer is made overseas then Anaheim imports them before it supplies it amongst other brands like Waste King. If you have heard of Anaheim you should know that it makes other brands like vaunted GE brand.

The advantage of having Anaheim disposals include the fact that they are useful as most other brands across the globe. In fact, they offer you the value for your money.

On the downside, they don’t give you the bolt which you may use to unjam the disposer. Well, you can still unjam the disposer using the broomstick, but then it’s not as effective as when you use the Allen wrench.

One thing about the barracuda garbage disposal is that they aren’t easy to find online even though they come at a middle price range. They have however won people with a majority of those who buy from them convinced that they are the best choice

1. Barracuda 1/2 HP Mid Duty Food Waste Disposer
For a disposer with almost every feature you would find in a high-quality garbage disposal, this is a great item especially because you only must use very little money. Unlike other garbage disposals that have blades this one has sharp rings that grind the waste.

The balanced turntable

This is one other feature that the barracuda disposers have. It keeps the impellers and other grinding parts in place during the grinding process. It further prevents the possibility of grinding on each other, thus causing the noisy sound.

Stainless steel

Its grinding parts and internal parts are made using stainless steel. This keeps it from destroying quickly. It further prides itself of having a sturdy body construction. It works to shield the internal parts of the disposer.

The best part is that the disposer remains durable and thus you don’t have to worry about it corroding.


It then like most other garbage disposals today has a sound shield that makes it operate quietly.

Its internal parts have a sound shell. The way the grinding chambers work is such that they are often so noisy. However, when you have the insulators, you will rarely hear the screeching noise outside.


It’s easy clean since you can remove the splash guard and give it a thorough internal part cleaning. You can also easily clean the external parts of the disposer as well.

The installation

Like most other disposal units, it uses the 3-bolt system to install the garbage disposal. This is an easy method to install garbage disposal.

It even comes with the preinstalled power cord, which makes it easy to install the disposer. You don’t need any electrical expertise.

The power

At ½ HP and a high RPM, you can use it to grind so many food items. It then has the high torque permanent magnet motor.


Cleaning it is easy since you can remove splash guard.
The sound shell keeps it quiet as its grinding.
The internal parts use non-corrosive stainless steel.

It’s more significant than most of the disposers of its power level.
2. Barracuda 3/4 Hp Garbage Disposal
Here is another brand that is worthy of your investment. It’s not that cheap, but it’s worth every penny you spend on it because it serves you well.


It uses the 3-bolt mounting system that is easy to use even by a beginner. Here’s how it works: you only need to twist and lock it in place. It also comes with the pre-installed power cord. This means you won’t need an expert to handle your disposer.


It uses the ¾ HP and a high RPM to grind and clear the waste from the disposer. It further uses the high torque permanent magnet motor just like the one that the waste king brand uses for most of its brand disposers.

This is the powerful piece that you need if you are going to grind the hard food waste.

It uses the turntables

The turntable keeps the internal components grinding in balance. The parts will, therefore, not crush on each other as they have a controlled outlook. This often makes it easy to control the possible noise that the disposer makes.

Stainless steel components

It has the internal grinding components like stainless steel swivel impellers. It further has the grinding ring made using stainless steel all this makes it safe form corrosion. Mind you; it has no blades, yet it delivers a powerful grind.


The good thing about their disposer is that it has the removable splash guard which paves the way for easy cleaning.


It has the sound shield which lets you use it without it making to much noise. It works quietly compared to other disposals in the same category.


It gives you a more extended warranty than most other garbage disposals
Its sound shell is more advanced than other disposers. It produces no sound as you are grinding.

It’s an expensive model even though it has even better feature.
3. Barracuda 1/2 HP Economy Food Waste Disposer
This is an excellent option if money is your primary concern. It covers for anyone who feels that they need a disposer to grind some of the softest food items.

It uses the turntables

The turntables of this disposer are made using stainless steel, which means it will rarely corrode. It also keeps the grinding components in place to avoid the loud noise during the grinding.

The grinding components

It has powerful grinding components that use cold rolled regular steel instead of the ordinary stainless steel. It has a sharp laser ring without the blades, and it also uses the impellers as well as other cutting parts.

Its drain house and grinding chambers are free of corrosion.


Its installation takes such a short while since it uses the 3-bolt mounting method. Also, it uses the permanent magnet motor for the grinding like most other disposers.


Lastly, it also has the sound shield to contain the noise within the disposer.


If all you are after is the compact size, this disposer will work.
It’s budget-friendly.
Although it’s cheap, it operates quietly more than even the Insinkerator that’s popular for the sound seal technology.

Some people complain that it leaks.
Why Should You Buy The Barracuda Disposer And Not Another Brands?
This is a question we ask before buying the disposers. Here are the reasons why you need it.

They are less pricy
Most of the disposers come in at a little higher price but not this one. If you don’t want to spend a lot of money on the same, then you should buy a barracuda type of disposer. Even though it’s less pricey, it’s still of high quality.

They are quieter
Unlike most other brands that make their high-powered disposers quieter than the low powered ones, barracuda disposers are all quiet. They all have a sound shell that contains the grinding sound.

Nicely built
The disposers are built to last. Often most of the disposers have stainless steel materials for its internal parts. This makes it non-corrosive yet durable.

Power cord
You won’t have to buy the power cord on the side since the disposers come with its power cord. What’s even better is that it’s pre-installed therefore you won’t need a specialist for its installation.

Easy installation
It uses a similar method of installation that Insinkerator uses. It follows the use of 3 bolts mounting method. Even a beginner can easily install it.

Here‘S Your Buying Guide
The economy one
When you are looking to buy a disposer that’s cheap but with the great features too, buy the barracuda ½HP economy.

A little extra money for better features
When you wish to spend just a little more on the same, you can use choose the barracuda ½ HP mid duty. It requires you to have a little more space. It’s further durable and non-corrosive.

When the price is non-issue
This barracuda ¾HP is one of the most expensive models. But its all for the reason that it provides you all the needed features. It has a more powerful motor, and better yet it gives you ten years warranty.

I know this article has given you most of the vital information you need on the barracuda disposal. So, you see you have no excuse as to why you can’t buy one. With all the features we highlight you should find one disposer that suits you in here.