Best Waste King Garbage Disposals Reviews

The waste king brand is one of the two popular garbage disposal and for a reason. They deliver quality performance and mostly at a lower price than most other garbage disposals. No wonder, it has mostly positive reviews from its clients.

For over 50 years, the brand has served both the residential and commercial setting. Their disposals have evolved to become the best and most sufficient types. If you are concerned about energy efficiency, then maybe you should buy the waste king disposers.

Waste King Legend Series 1 HP Continuous Feed Garbage Disposal with Power Cord – (L-8000)
Waste King Legend Series 1 HP Continuous Feed Garbage Disposal with Power Cord – (L-8000)
HIGH-SPEED MOTOR: The 1 HP, 2800 RPM permanent magnet motor is sound-insulated and jams less. Drain Connection Size: 1 1/2 inches
EASY INSTALLATION AND CLEANING: EZ Mount for a quick and easy kitchen sink installation, removable splashguard for easy cleaning
LIFETIME PROTECTION: Lifetime Limited In-Home Warranty
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Aside from the garbage disposals, it does sell the hot water tanks and faucets.

Who Makes The Waste King Garbage Disposals?
Anaheim manufacturing company designs and manufactures the Waste King garbage disposal. AMC is one of the leading producers of garbage disposal. But it doesn’t only focus on Waste King instead it produces other brands like Whirlaway.

The brand is proud to be quite innovative. They have come up with concepts and ideas that make the disposer even more useful. They are the founders of the permanent magnet motors, which is corrosion resistant and more durable.

They further came up with a strategy to increase the speed of the disposers, thus offer a fine grinding to the food waste. What’s more, they offer the disposers with a lifetime warranty sometimes. They give you the most extended warranty not to mention the fair price.

Here Are Some Of The Best Garbage Disposers
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Waste King Legend Series 1 HP Continuous Feed Garbage Disposal with Power Cord – (L-8000) Waste King Legend Series 1 HP Continuous Feed Garbage Disposal with Power Cord – (L-8000) Buy on Amazon
Waste King 9980 Garbage Disposal with Power Cord, 1 HP,Metallic Waste King 9980 Garbage Disposal with Power Cord, 1 HP,Metallic Buy on Amazon
Waste King L-3200 Garbage Disposal with Power Cord, 3/4 HP Waste King L-3200 Garbage Disposal with Power Cord, 3/4 HP Buy on Amazon
Waste King L-3300 Garbage Disposal with Power Cord, 3/4 HP Waste King L-3300 Garbage Disposal with Power Cord, 3/4 HP Buy on Amazon
Waste King L-1001 Garbage Disposal with Power Cord, 1/2 HP Waste King L-1001 Garbage Disposal with Power Cord, 1/2 HP Buy on Amazon
Waste King Legend Series 1/2 HP Continuous Feed Garbage Disposal with Power Cord – (L-2600) Waste King Legend Series 1/2 HP Continuous Feed Garbage Disposal with Power Cord – (L-2600) Buy on Amazon
1. Waste King L-8000 Garbage Disposal
Waste King Legend Series 1 HP Continuous Feed Garbage Disposal with Power Cord – (L-8000)
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This is one of the best garbage disposals in the market today. Don’t take my word for it and instead check the positive review flooding its Amazon page.

You might say that Amazon is not the only shop you get it, so its reviews don’t matter. But check it around all other sites then you will understand what I’m saying. All this praise is for a reason; it’s quality, performance, and durability.

If you have a large family and you like to dispose of some few solid wastes you may need this disposer. At a speed of 2800RPM and 1 HP, it has you covered when grinding. Not only does it smoothly grind the waste but it does so fast.

The permanent magnet motor is one of the best options for a long-lasting grind. It never stops working. With all the best grinding features, you would expect it to be septic tank safe. It will never cause clogs to your pipes.

It comes with the removable splash guard. This is a plus since competitor brands like Insinkerator rarely have removable one. The removable splash guard makes it easy to clean in all parts of the disposer. You can fit the dishwasher using a hook up if you need to.

It has its other internal parts like the swivel impellers made using stainless steel. The disposer will handle a lot of waste which means that if you are 8+ people in your house, buying it is a win. It further is so easy to mount as you use the EZ mount system.

Lastly, it has the protective inner parts that make it operate powerfully but quietly. Just remember to use water as you are running it.


It’s powerful in that it will grind even the toughest waste, but it does so quietly.
It’s so easy to install even by a beginner. I like that it comes with a preinstalled cord.
You won’t have to think much about the amount of waste to grind since it has a high HP.
It’s durable since it’s made using stainless steel.
It’s also one of the quietest models from Waste King.

It’s a little pricey.
2. Waste King 9980 Garbage Disposal
Waste King 9980 Garbage Disposal with Power Cord, 1 HP,Metallic
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Here is another one of the best waste king disposers. This is for anyone looking for a big sized disposer. You know what that means you will need a large under sink space to use it. AMC never disappoints, they come up with something for everyone to use.

With it’s 1hp and 2800rpm you could use it to grind almost anything just like the L-8000. You see with such power; you will hear less of the frequent jams and clogs. It crushes your waste so fine that the waste doesn’t have room to form clogs.

It has permanent magnet motors and stainless steel grinding components. It’s further compact and slightly heavy than other brands. You, therefore, need an excellent sink to install it. You know what that means, it’s quite easy to install.

It comes with a pre-installed power cord which means that it needs no electrical expertise. It’s further easy to install using the 3-bolt mounting method. Unfortunately, its splash guard is non-removable and this means that cleaning the gadget may prove to be an issue of concern.

It, like the one above, has sound insulation which means that it delivers a powerful grind but quietly. You will have a lifetime warranty so why not buy it since you can call the waste king to come and repair it for you.


Most comfortable to mount with the 3-bolt method.
It’s durable since it has most of its parts being made using stainless steel.
It delivers a power grind with its 1hp and 2800rpm.
It operates quietly.
Who wouldn’t love the limited warranty?

Its splash guard is non-removable, making it hard to clean.
Waste King L-8000 Vs. L-9980
Most of the features of this disposers are similar except for the fact that they have a different mounting system.

EZ mount vs. 3-bolt system
These two brands have different sink mount methods. The L-8000uses the EZ mount method while the L-9980 uses the 3-bolt system.

The L-8000 is easier to install when you have the right tools and sink size. The mounting assembly is then made using the aluminum.

L-9980 uses the 3-bolt system to mount, and it’s more like a quick mount and lock method. It equally doesn’t take you long to install. 3 bolt method is the traditional method of mounting the disposers.

They both, however, have the stainless steel sink flange which keeps it corrosion-free.

The splash guards
The splash guard is quite essential especially if you have the continuous feed kind of disposer. Both of the units use the continuous feed disposal methods. Splash guard is often made using the rubber or plastic.

Though it looks and feels tiny, the part prevents the waste from backing into the sink and therefore causing a messy operation.

L-8000 has the splash guard being removable. This feature allows for thorough cleaning of the different parts of the disposer. What’s more, you won’t have gunk collecting on parts of the splashguard and being a reason for the bad odor.

Besides, since splash guard is made using rubber, it wears off sooner than the other parts of the disposer. Thankfully you can replace it and keep using it.

On the downside, L-9980 doesn’t have the removable splash guard. This makes it harder to clean. That means that getting rid of the bad odor is a problem after some time. Sadly, when the splash guard wears off completely, you may have to discard the disposer.

The package
Often the Waste King brand brings along all of the necessary items you need to install and have the disposer running. The two brands above are a little different when it comes to the installation. Thus, what you will get in the packages are different.

L-8000 for the EZ mounting

You will have the waste king L8000 garbage disposal
The power cord
EZ mounting assembly
A splashguard
Plastic stopper
L9980 for a 3-bolt mounting system

Waste King 9980 garbage disposer
Power cord
3 bolt mounting assembly
Plastic stopper.
Other than that, they have all other similar features

The warranty: they offer you a lifetime warranty which is a quick indication that you have a great product.

The noise: being powerful, they are equally quieter.

The design: they take on the shape of a tube, and they are a little heavy. So, for you to use them, make sure you have the right sink weight. This will keep it from vibrating.

So, which one is best between the two?

If you have a large family, then you will know the worth of either of the two. They grind a lot of waste compared to other disposers. Depending on how comfortable you are in mounting the disposer you can pick either of the two.

My only concern is with the splash guard, and that’s why I would rather buy L-8000. Otherwise, if I could replace the splash guard on either one then I wouldn’t mind taking any of the two.

3. Waste King L-3200 Garbage Disposal
Waste King L-3200 Garbage Disposal with Power Cord, 3/4 HP
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Do you want a smaller disposer that’s further lighter? This is the best choice to go by. Still it works at ¾ HP and 2700rpm to deliver a powerful grind to the waste. I like such a combination because jams and clogs are unheard of.

Well, this is particularly ideal for anyone with a small space under sink because it’s shorter and slimmer than the two above. It’s ideal to use if you have an average family, but you love to grind tough food waste.

When it comes to the installation, it uses the EZ mount method of installation to deliver a quick and easy installation. It further has the removable splash guard, which makes it easy to clean. It has all the stainless steel grinding components which makes it durable.

The reset button below it shuts it off in case there’s a jam or an overload to protect the motor. Well, this doesn’t mean that it jams frequently. Since it delivers a power grind you can use it even if you have a septic tank system.


It’s easy to clean with the removable splash guard; this keeps it free of gunk and bad odor.
It’s durable components inside makes it durable. The permanent magnet motor is corrosion resistant.
Its compact size even though it can work on a lot of waste at a time.
It works quietly since it has some form of sound insulation.
It’s cost-effective and a perfect buy.

It’s difficult to setup
4. Waste King L-3300 Garbage Disposal
Waste King L-3300 Garbage Disposal with Power Cord, 3/4 HP
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Another one of the big and strong disposers from Waste King is L-3300 that works to grind even your toughest food waste. A combination of ¾ HP and 2700rpm makes it one of the best grinders. It delivers a power grind, and you are free of constant jams and clogs.

Like other disposers above, this food disposers are not only powerful; rather it works quietly too. It has sound insulation to make it operate quietly. Just remember that it may not be as quiet as the brand perceives it to be.

Some reviewers say that it’s not quiet since its grinding teeth aren’t flung outwards. You can use the EZ mount system for the installation. This is easy to use if you know how to, but make sure your sink is strong enough.

It further comes with the preinstalled cord, which means that you don’t need electrical expertise to install it. You can activate it using the wall switch or even the air switch. Albeit, you should know that when a disposer has powerful motor, it will most likely shake the sink when grinding.


It’s easy to install since it comes with the power cord preinstalled. It further uses the EZ mount method.
It’s powerful with a ¾ HP, which means that it delivers a power grind to your food waste.
Its internal parts are made using the stainless steel material which keeps it durable.
Ten years warranty is long enough. In fact, it’s like a lifetime warranty.
It’s cost-effective.

It slightly heavy, so it needs you to have a durable sink.
Waste King L-3300 Vs. L-3200
These are the other two brands with almost the same features. You can use one in place of the other.

They both use the EZ mounting method. This is the latest garbage installation method for the brand.

It has the vital parts being made using stainless steel, and this keeps it free of corrosion. Its grinding chambers also feature the use of glass or nylon.

They deliver a powerful grinding ability with a noise shield in the disposer to give it a quieter performance.

The two like the previous sets give you a safety net with its long-term warranty. They will help to repair it when the need arises.

The difference L-3200 vs. L-3300

Sound insulation
While the disposers are relatively quiet, one of the two is quieter than the other. L-3200 is quiet when grinding but not as much as the L-3300.

They both have a more extended warranty which means they will take good care of the disposer for long life service. However, the L-3200 one has lesser warranty time of 8 years while the L-3300 one has a 10 years warranty.

They mostly cater to the grinding chambers to make sure that in case it errodes they can change it for you. So, for the crushing chambers they give you a lifetime warranty.

The size
They look similar to all the similar features, but they slightly differ in size. The L-3200 is somewhat smaller than the L-3300. So, you should confirm that it fits under your sink before you purchase it.

The cost

As you would expect, they have a difference in price. L-3300 is slightly expensive than the L-3200.

So, which one should you buy?

Between the two you will notice that even if there’s a difference, it may be a minimal difference. They will both serve you perfectly primarily since they both have ¾ hp and they grind at 2700RPM.

I can’t say you should buy either one because the differences to me aren’t that big. But if you want the best between the two and you have space under your sink, buy L-3300.

5. Waste King L-1001 Garbage Disposal
Waste King L-1001 Garbage Disposal with Power Cord, 1/2 HP
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Well when you don’t need such a big and powerful disposer, you can buy this L-1001. The disposer is utterly slim and compact which makes it fit in any small under-sink space. Even though it’s small, the disposer features a sturdy construction.

It grinds the waste at ½ HP and 2600rpm which delivers a power grind fast. It uses the EZ mount system which is easy to mount and don’t you worry as you don’t need the electrical expertise, the disposer comes with a pre-installed power cord.

Its internal grinding components are corrosion resistant. They are made using stainless steel while the motor is a permanent magnet motor which enhances its durability. The swivel impellers also help to reduce unnecessary jams.

You can use it even when you have a septic tank system. Its encased motors make it contain the noise by cutting down on the constant fluctuations. It keeps it balanced in place. Most of the disposers that come with the ½ hp are often noisy but not the L-1001.

When you are after a modest kind of disposer, buy this one as it delivers a powerful grind at a low cost. With two years warranty, you have more than enough to take care of the fundamental problems that may occur during use.


It’s so quiet for its horsepower thanks to the motor encasing.
It fits a tight space so for anyone who has limited apartment space; you may use this one.
Its durable and rust-resistant with most of its part made of stainless steel.

It has a slow speed of draining the waste once it finishes grinding.
6. Waste King L-2600 Garbage Disposal
Waste King Legend Series 1/2 HP Continuous Feed Garbage Disposal with Power Cord – (L-2600)
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This waste king disposer is meant for those who live alone or with an extra 2 or 3 people. It has all the best reviews which tell you that it’s a convenient and efficient piece to buy. It comes with the high-speed magnet motor.

If you are going to grind only the soft foods and just a little bit of food waste at a time, the disposer will serve you. With 1/2 hp and 2600rpm, you can deliver a power grind with lesser jamming possibilities.

It’s easy to install as you only use the EZ mount system remember the key is to have a strong kitchen sink and make sure that the disposer neck fits on the sink. It also comes to you with the stainless steel grind components.

It fits under the tiniest space, thus if space is an issue for you, consider using this disposer. Its further one of the cheapest options we have. It also has a longer power cord than most other disposers.


It’s easy to use by anyone.
It can fit onto any tight space you have
It works with a septic tank system.

Not ideal if you need it for heavy use.
Waste King L-1001 Vs. L-2600
As you will have noticed, there’s so much more similarities between this two. They both use the ½HP and 2600RPM, which is a reasonable power for anyone not looking to grind a lot of waste.

They also use the EZ mount system to install them. Let’s say that’s the easiest and the modern mounting method.

It has grinding chambers that are resistant to rust and corrosion. They are glass-filled nylon chambers. Other parts are made using steel to keep it durable.


The size
Size is the major difference between the two brands. The L-2600(6.75 x 6.75 x 13.5 in) is larger than the L1001(5.25 x 5.25 x 12.75 in). So, with its larger size it can grind more waste than the L-1001. However, if all you are after is the slimmest and short disposer you can choose L-1001.

The build quality
As you would expect, L-2600 has a better build quality. Its parts are made using the stainless steel while the L-1001 is made using the galvanized steel. So, while they are both durable, the L-2600 may last a little longer.

The warranties
Of course, Waste King gives the most extended warranties even to the lowest powerful disposers. With L-1001, you have 2 years warranty while the L-2600 has 5 years warranty. For this reason, you can rest assured that it offers one of the best qualities in the market.

Which is the best to buy

Like I have said in the previous similar questions, both disposers are great. It’s only a question of what you are after. For anyone looking to get a disposer that si compact, you can choose either of the two, but the L1001 is smaller.

However, if you want better quality and features, then maybe the L-2600 would work for you. No need to spend a lot on the disposer when it works almost the same.

Where Should You Buy The Disposer?
There are so many stores where you can buy the disposer. But I love that Amazon offers a competitive price. You can also go to home depot or Of course, make sure you check the reviews to see if it’s worth the investment.