Garbage Disposals Brands

We are living in a world where everyone needs to be concerned about the importance of keeping our environment clean. It’s indisputable that most of the waste comes from the kitchen, and long ago people used trash to dispose of their food waste which would go back to spoil the environment.

Fortunately, the rapid growth of technology has come to favor every aspect of our life. There are five brands out there that have committed themselves to inventing quality garbage disposals that grind food waste and pass through the drain as water with ease.
Equipping your kitchen with a modern garbage disposer is not optional it’s good for you and good for conserving the environment. If you have never bought yourself a waste disposal or if you are planning to replace one, pay attention to this article.
In this piece, we would wish to give a brief introduction of top 5 best brands that are manufacturing quality, versatile, reliable and high-tech garbage disposers.

InSinkErator Garbage Disposals

InSinkErator is a re-known brand for making quality and exceptional garbage disposers for more than 75 Years.The Company which is found in the United States with headquarters in Racine, Wisconsin have committed itself to offering nothing but the best when it comes to waste management. The world best waste disposals appliances come from this Mega Company.
For the company that has been in this industry for more than half a century, it will be close to impossible to name all the waste disposers that this company has manufactured.

However, it’s important noting that all of their waste disposers have this common features that lack in other brands advanced sound, anti-vibration, and anti-jam technologies and large capacity grinding chamber just to mention but a few.

Waste King Garbage Disposals

Waste King is a brand name for Anaheim Manufacturing Company located in California, United States. With more than 50 years of existence, it’s without a doubt that Waste King is the leading brand on the market to date for waste disposals.
Whenever you think of high-quality disposers, reliable, high-tech and durable you should picture any model from this giants. Over time they have built a strong brand reputation by manufacturing unique and durable products. This company caught the world by storm when they started manufacturing their legend series waste disposals. Their slogan has remained to be ‘No kitchen is complete without a waste king waste disposal.’
All of the waste king waste disposals are backed by 1- 15 years in-house service warranties simply because they are built to last longer. Additionally, Waste King has the best customer service support team out of all. Waste King continues to hold the title the King of garbage disposals till another more innovative company surpass their standards.

General Electric Garbage Disposals
General Electric Garbage Disposals is a brand name for GE Appliances a company that makes life better by building and designing world best garbage disposal appliances. Situated in Louisville, Kentucky, this company have been in the industry for more than a century, 125 years to be precise.
Over time they have manufactured state of the art garbage disposers that feature incredible features. Being part of the large global organization General Electric garbage disposers are sold internationally. Some of the popular features of their disposals are continuous feed feature, compact design, easy to use, and safety features just to mention.

KitchenAid Garbage Disposals

KitchenAid is a popular brand that boasts of manufacturing high-performance garbage disposals for nearly a century now. KitchenAid is headquartered in the United States no wonder their garbage disposals meets international standards. Each time you think of versatile technology, quality craftsmanship, timeless design and versatile technology that’s the true identification of Kitchen Aid garbage disposals.
What has made this brand to flourish in today’s competitive world of garbage disposals is because almost all of their disposers are designed with safety features, compact size and quality in mind. The brand is associated with many appliances varying in size and design.

Whirlpool Garbage Disposals

Whirlpool Garbage Disposals is a brand name for Whirlpool Corporation, a company that has been in the market for a century now. Whirlpool Corporation is situated in the Great United States.
Whirlpool Garbage Disposals is a brand name that has presented itself in the world of garbage disposals with all the reasons why customers should continue believing in them. The number 1 best-selling waste disposals on Amazon are from this re-known brand. Quality assurance, safety, unique design and the long warranty period is what represent Whirlpool garbage disposals in today’s market.

In conclusion:

The above-named brands are known to be the best of the best if you pick one of their waste disposers you will get to experience what high-quality at its best means. These are the only brands that we found that manufacture high quality, unique design and durable waste disposers that are there in today’s market after spending a lot of time researching the web.
As we have learned food waste disposed of in landfills will rot with time and produce methane gas which is a major issue to the environment. For this reason, you shouldn’t hesitate on getting one of the waste disposers from any of the above brands found on Amazon and enjoy the benefit of your kitchen looking clean always and making the planet healthier.